What is Manscaping?

What is manscaping? Manscaping is “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect“. That’s the quick and easy answer, but there’s really a lot more to learning what manscaping really is. Gentlemen of all shapes and sizes have really gotten into manscaping. It’s an art that can change your appearance drastically or depend on what you prefer.. maybe only a subtle change. What we really know… woman love it!

A Detailed Look at Manscaping

While most associate manscaping with below the belt shaving that doesn’t define manscaping as a whole. Shaving your chest, stomach, armpits, back, etc.. all fall under the manscaping definition. It’s essentially everything you shave on a man that’s below the neck.

Hopefully, this clears some confusion now ​and gives you a better understanding of some of the posts you’ll see here on iManscape.com. We cover many different shaving topics in all the areas of your body. Yes, we cover how to shave your balls as well! We also love talking about other things manly such as manscaping tools, beads, and things that make you manly.

Being a manscaper means you take care of your personal hygiene and appearance. It means you care enough about yourself to stay well groomed, sharp looking and particularly well looking in your birthday suit. Your special other will most definitely appreciate the time you take in your manscaping efforts.

We hope to make known that manscaping isn’t only below the belt. This way people can realize it’s more a way of life. It’s not just the men who choose to shave bare either. A manscaper can have a rugged look, chest hair, and a massive beard. It’s the art of taming the hair to make it do as you wish.

Should you Manscape? Where to begin?

Every guy can benefit from manscaping. It isn’t a hard habit to pick up and actually will come quite naturally. You already shave or groom your facial hair so why not the body hair? There are so many reasons as to why you should manscape, but I believe our little infographic will probably explain it best. Take a second to look it over and we’ll continue with where to begin below.

what is manscaping infographic

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We’ve answered the what is manscaping question so where do you really begin? Well, we recommend starting by standing naked in front of a mirror. A good body length mirror if possible. You know.. the one that hangs on the back of the door?

With anything new, you want to take your time and not rush. Your first time ever manscaping we recommend only going for a trim. Make sure to have your manscaping tools ready to go and only trim the hair. Always begin with a higher (longer) guard setting. You can cut more hair off if needed but if you go short to soon you can’t add it back.

The beginner areas we recommend trimming are the armpits, chest, and back. Using only an electric trimmer on these areas. When going below the belt you also want to use the electric trimmer, but only for the pubic region. Trust us. you don’t want to take an electric trimmer to your balls and if you have you know exactly how difficult that process is.

We’ll cover manscaping different areas a little later but, for now, keep it just a trim.

What is Manscaping? Is it uncomfortable?

​We get asked this question time to time. What we’ve noticed is it comes in different contexts. Some mean if it’s uncomfortable on the skin “down below” or is public acknowledgment uncomfortable. Let’s break down both questions and hopefully clear this up.

When you start getting into manscaping your family jewels it’s a refreshing feeling most are somewhat surprised by the first time. It’s one of the moments in life where they feel like “why haven’t I done this before”. However, if done wrong you may have a complete opposite outlook so, make sure to read our guide here.

The skin around your groin is shockingly tougher than most people think. So it’s unlikely you’ll have skin irritation or bumps from manscaping below the belt. However, everyone is different and what is true for the majority isn’t true for everyone. It wouldn’t hurt to pick up a good cream for after the shave your first time. You may not need it, but it is your first time so you never know.

The pubic region is typically more sensitive than the skin on your testicles. Most don’t know this but it’s very true. The hardest thing about the testicles is keeping the skin flat when you’re shaving. However, the pubic region is the one typically more sensitive.

Now about being uncomfortable in public. I suppose this could greatly depend on the individual. Truth is no one’s going to know unless you’re at a nude beach. From what I’ve seen most people at the nude beach could use some manscaping anyhow!

For most guys manscaping makes them feel more confident, outgoing, and happier. When you’re clean with better hygiene you tend to smile more. So to be blunt it’s the opposite of uncomfortable in public.

You’re most definitely going to see a positive change in your sex life and no one likes pubes in their teeth. There’s really no downside to manscaping!

A Couple Guides to Manscaping

We’re the experts on manscaping and our guides will help you learn how to shave anywhere on your body. We have guides on how to manscaping the stomach, chest, butt, & balls. We cover many ranging topics like how to shave for a vasectomy and a lot more here on our website.

We would like to recommend the following to you for getting started:

There’s a lot of other really great posts on the site and we keep everything updated regularly. However, the four articles we just linked are a highly recommended read to those just joining in on the manscaping world. You’ll learn a lot and be dominating your personal appearance and hygiene in no time.

A Better Sex Life for Both Parties

There’s really something to the whole “short the bush the taller the tree” thing that rings true. Either way, you look at it a hairy genital area is much less appealing. Some hair can be OK if it’s well groomed & maintained. So, if need be go with the trimmed style but make sure you give your jewels a shaved opportunity to try it at least once.

​Manscaping is known to greatly improve your sex life. These improvements come in many shapes and forms. With the visual improvement of your male member looking 2 inches larger you’re going to be a lot more confident in bed. Confidence is something  a lot of. Don’t get it wrong and look cocky, pun not intended, but a good level of confidence can go a long way.

Without the untamed bush, you’re going to produce less sweat. This means you’re going to smell better! Your other partner doesn’t want to smell some weird funk and now you don’t have to worry about it as much. We still recommend a shower before sex but, if you’re clean and don’t have the time now you won’t smell either. No smell is better than even a natural smell when it comes to the groin.

The person doing you that amazing action with their mouth will no longer get pubes in their teeth. How embarrassing for both parties is it when something like that happens? Now the situation is totally void and you no longer have to worry. Isn’t that some stress off your chest?

How often should I Manscape?

Ask yourself again, what is manscaping? Well like other shaving tasks it’ll depend on the individual. I’ve known guys who manscape as much as once per week and some who said they only required a manscaping session once per month.

Your skin sensitivity will play a factor as well. If your skin is easily irritated take longer breaks between manscaping sessions. However the move you do it the quicker your skin will get used to the process and toughen up to not be an issue as much later down the road.

As a beginner, I would go for a shave once every 3 weeks. Then adapt your schedule as needed to fit your personal needs.

What tools do I need?

You don’t need a whole lot to get started manscaping. The core tool we recommend is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100. It’s the best body groomer on the market and the one we own and use when we manscape. It’s a dual-sided electric shaver made specifically for the body. One end is a foil shaver and the other a guarded end which can be set to different lengths.

image via: Best Advisor

It’s been our go-to electric body groomer since it was released and we haven’t looked back since. It’s great for all areas below the neck. The only complaint we’ve seen is some purchasers have said the battery requires recharging after each use after about 6 months. Not a major flaw but still something to note.

Some other tools that are very helpful to have will be a disposable razor. There’s a really good one by Gillette that’s made for body shaving. There’s an argument on which is better for body shaving a disposable or reload razor. I feel the disposable is better because you’re going to go through these faster. There’s a lot more hair to shave on the body so a disposable razor that’s cheaper to replace each time is better on the wallet. The reload razors end up costing a lot more and there are fewer options available for body shavers.

Lastly just your favorite shaving cream. We do recommend using a non-smelling cream for manscaping. Especially nothing minty. You don’t want to have that tingly mint feeling on your pubic region. When you’re shaving the balls we recommend using a good hand soap instead. It applies a thin layer that’s better for this surface.


Now that we’ve answered your question, “what is manscaping?”. You should feel very comfortable and prepared to jump into this world of men’s hygiene. Yes, it’s a little different when you start shaving your balls but, it’s worth it. We’ve covered many benefits of the whole manscaping process and the positive things it can bring to your life.

Hopefully, nothing holds you back from the beginning. The manscaping tools aren’t expensive so you can begin soon than later. If you have any recommendations for this post on something to add to our readers can learn more please feel free to share that in a comment below.

Thanks for reading 

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    Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.

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    I went to a lady for manscaping in West Palm Beach. I was naked and accidentally got an erection. I did apologize and she told me it was perfectly natural. The session went fine. I felt a lot smoother afterward.

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