10 Best Long Beard Styles for Men

There are many things to consider before we dive off into long beard styles for men. The first thing is that some men are not destined to have a long beard. One must take a realistic assessment and answer that question before he commits to growing one. It’s a long process that takes patience and commitment. Long beards are not easy to maintain if you intend to keep them neat and fashionable. Of course, if you live in isolation and have minimal public contact with people, you can grow whatever you want. There would be no need to shape it or trim it and you could let it become what nature decides it should be.

We will focus on the most conservative end of things and make the assumption that the beard is being grown to emphasize masculinity, style, and sophistication and not just to scare women and small children out of the room. The feature image is a good example of a long beard being worn as a proud symbol of man’s masculinity.

When is a Long Beard to Long?

long beard styles for men
Given the subjectivity of the question, I’m sure the answer will be both far-ranging and eclectic. But, it has to be asked. Our friends at BeardBoard.com asked that specific question although with a bit more embellishment and guidance. “What dictates when your beard is long? Is it a spouse, boss, or friends opinion? Is it when it comes past your Adams apple, touches your chest, belt, or knees?”

One common frame of reference revolves around whether you can see it or not without the benefit of using a mirror. If you think about that for just a minute, long beard styles for men tend to be very full and don’t hug the contours of the face. As it thickens up, fills in and grows longer from the cheeks down, the hair on the cheeks can come into full view just by looking down. Beyond that, as the hair goes down from the chin to lengths unknown, it will come into view with a downward look as well.

Another good measure of length is to grab the bottom of the beard and lift it up over your face.  If you have to part it to be able to see, you have a long beard. Your opinion doesn’t count because you’re biased and have rationalized the whole controversy into meaningless chatter.

Then, there’s the official measuring stick kind of determination. Work policy states that facial hair can be no longer than three inches long measured from its tip to root of the hair follicle it originated from. A tape measure is called for and used to ensure compliance. The beard Nazi’s strike again.

Of course, there will be the smart guys that say, when I trip over it, I’ll consider it to be long. When I close the car door and my beard is flapping in the breeze while I’m  driving, I’ll think it’s long. Then, there are the practically minded opinions. Beards are long if the neck is not visible. Then, there’s the old standby; beards can’t be too long!

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10 Best Long Beard Styles for Men

You knew this was coming. Yeah, they all have names. Well, at least in more sophisticated circles they do. There are ten distinct styles whose common characteristic is that the length extends beyond the chin far enough to obscure the jawline to become the defining shape of the face.


There are  many options out there and yes, there are more long beard styles for men than what I’ve covered here. The 10 above are a great mix of forever classics and modern designs. For any beard lover and especially long beard owners it’s important to take care of your beard. Use proper grooming tools, oils, and such to make sure your beard remains healthy.

If you got a favorite long beard style for men and we didn’t mention it then please leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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