10 Best Long Beard Styles for Men

There are many things to consider before we dive off into long beard styles for men. The first thing is that some men are not destined to have a long beard. One must take a realistic assessment and answer that question before he commits to growing one. It’s a long process that takes patience and commitment. Long beards are not easy to maintain if you intend to keep them neat and fashionable. Of course, if you live in isolation and have minimal public contact with people, you can grow whatever you want. There would be no need to shape it or trim it and you could let it become what nature decides it should be.

We will focus on the most conservative end of things and make the assumption that the beard is being grown to emphasize masculinity, style, and sophistication and not just to scare women and small children out of the room. The feature image is a good example of a long beard being worn as a proud symbol of man’s masculinity.

When is a Long Beard to Long?

long beard styles for menGiven the subjectivity of the question, I’m sure the answer will be both far-ranging and eclectic. But, it has to be asked. Our friends at BeardBoard.com asked that specific question although with a bit more embellishment and guidance. “What dictates when your beard is long? Is it a spouse, boss, or friends opinion? Is it when it comes past your Adams apple, touches your chest, belt, or knees?”

One common frame of reference revolves around whether you can see it or not without the benefit of using a mirror. If you think about that for just a minute, long beard styles for men tend to be very full and don’t hug the contours of the face. As it thickens up, fills in and grows longer from the cheeks down, the hair on the cheeks can come into full view just by looking down. Beyond that, as the hair goes down from the chin to lengths unknown, it will come into view with a downward look as well.

Another good measure of length is to grab the bottom of the beard and lift it up over your face.  If you have to part it to be able to see, you have a long beard. Your opinion doesn’t count because you’re biased and have rationalized the whole controversy into meaningless chatter.

Then, there’s the official measuring stick kind of determination. Work policy states that facial hair can be no longer than three inches long measured from its tip to root of the hair follicle it originated from. A tape measure is called for and used to ensure compliance. The beard Nazi’s strike again.

Of course, there will be the smart guys that say, when I trip over it, I’ll consider it to be long. When I close the car door and my beard is flapping in the breeze while I’m  driving, I’ll think it’s long. Then, there are the practically minded opinions. Beards are long if the neck is not visible. Then, there’s the old standby; beards can’t be too long!

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10 Best Long Beard Styles for Men

You knew this was coming. Yeah, they all have names. Well, at least in more sophisticated circles they do. There are ten distinct styles whose common characteristic is that the length extends beyond the chin far enough to obscure the jawline to become the defining shape of the face.

aFull Beard - this beard covers the entire landscape of the face. A mustache usually accompanies the beard and they meet at the level of the nose. You can see in the image that the jawline is redefined giving the face a fuller appearance. Many times, this type of beard is grown to strengthen a weak jaw of a man who might have a slight overbite.
mutton chopsMutton Chops - A versatile beard when it comes to length. You can keep it short or grow it long. Mutton Chops are best defined by the shaved chin. It's essentially a full beard and then you shave your chin. A very easy style to achieve and maintain. Grow it out to your hearts desire but, make sure to remove those chin hairs!
old dutch beardOld Dutch Beard – this one is considered an old style beard. The classic lines usually does not include a mustache and is connected up to the sideburns. The defining feature is to lbs5allow the beard to flare outward at the bottom and then be squared off across the width of the face to create a box style with a little soul patch feature under the lower lip. This type of long beard is normally well-groomed and trimmed and not permitted to run free and wild like the Amish beard
Garibaldi BeardGaribaldi Beard – the Garibaldi style goes well for men with naturally curly facial hair that just won’t straighten no matter how much beard oil and conditioners you use. The answer to that is to grow a beard that takes advantage of the natural state of the facial hair. The Garibaldi is well suited to be nicely shaped and sophisticated in appearance even while being long. The fullness of the beard gives it a controlled puffiness that can only be described as nice to look at. It’s somewhat related to the Old Dutch with the mustache restored. It’s hard not to notice the resemblance to a classic Santa Claus beard.
Spade BeardSpade Beard – yes, it looks similar to the Garibaldi but with more defined shaping and narrowing down the length. It isn’t allowed to extend outward and does away with the roundness effect. Rather it makes the face look longer and thinner as it comes to a point under the chin. It is a highly stylized kind of beard and requires quite a bit of attention to keep its unique appearance. Otherwise, it will morph into a Garibaldi or Old Dutch if mustaches aren’t your thing. So, where does it get its name? Well, if you look at it in profile, the beard is undercut away from the neck. That gives the appearance of a type of shovellbs8 called a spade. Yeah, like the one you use to turn dirt in your garden.
hollywoodian beardHollywoodian - The name as you can probably guess comes from Hollywood. The defining characteristic of this style is it does not connect to any sideburns. Often the sides go back to the jawline with no upward formation. The one pictured isn't as long but, shows the shape nicely. You can grow this style out to a longer degree just as many actors have in Hollywood.
Verdi BeardVerdi Beard – the focus on a Verdi beard is not the beard but rather the mustache. In any case, both the beard and the mustache are impeccably groomed and maintained. It brings the elegance and style of the opera to mind. It was named after the operatic composer Giuseppe Verdi. You can see in the image that the beard itself is a standard full beard with some shaping to keep it narrow to extend the lines of the face but the mustache gets a touch of elegance with a handlebar flip, sometimes with a flair of eccentricity. The touch of a pipe puts the man at ease and comfortable in his appearance.
Ducktail BeardDucktail Beard – this beard is really a spade style beard but with a more pronounced narrowing to a point just below the chin. Its name comes from the obvious comparison to the tail of a duck although were talking about feathers and not hair. But, it is what it is. People are much more visual when looking for ways to describe things. As you can see, the variations can take on different lengths to suit your taste. Also, noticlbs12e that the beard itself follows the shape of the face as it is narrowed to the point under the chin. For that reason, this style isn’t for every man. Iflbs13 your normal face shape is long and narrow, this style beard will accentuate that. That may not be to your benefit.
french forkFrench Fork Beard – also known as ducktail times two. The distinguishing feature is the double point under the chin. It’s a full beard style with a unique styling. In the case of some men, the beard grows this way naturally if their facial hair grows better in some areas of the face and not so full in others. The styling methods are a bit tricky requiring the use of beard wax to create the distinct points but it will be a conversation piece once you get it right. It’s not an easy task. It’s better to show it as an artist’s rendition since the look is so difficult to pull off. Starting from a mature ducktail is the best method to get this beard looking good.
standard long beardStandard Longbeard - This is your good ol' classic longbeard. Not to much to discuss here. The goal is to keep the sides of the beard within reason and keep the length growing. It's a long & skinny beard that pairs well with any mustache!


There are  many options out there and yes, there are more long beard styles for men than what I’ve covered here. The 10 above are a great mix of forever classics and modern designs. For any beard lover and especially long beard owners it’s important to take care of your beard. Use proper grooming tools, oils, and such to make sure your beard remains healthy.

If you got a favorite long beard style for men and we didn’t mention it then please leave us a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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