5 Great Black Men Beard Styles

We’ve got five great black men beard styles that I think you’ll really like. Beards and facial hair are a very important part of anyone’s overall look. Changing your facial hair can give you an entirely different look. Since you’re probably looking for an option to grow into or shave into I decided to put this great source together for you.

Black men beard styles are similar to the rest with a few exceptions. This is because of the texture of the hair. The hair is usually thicker and curlier than Caucasian males. This means Black men are able to grow fuller beards easier and similar thick beard styles are also easier to obtain. Don’t worry though! If you’re not looking for a thick beard we have some options that you’ll still like.

Black Men Beard Styles

black men beard styles
The first style is a (1) full & thick beard style. This is an easy to obtain style that’s very natural looking and pleasing to the eye. This style’s great for any occasion and any time of the year.

The full and thick beard looks great with pretty much every haircut and with the right clippers it’s also easy to maintain.

Overall just a great starter beard or classic to keep. You can’t really go wrong with medium sized full beard.

black men beard styles
One of the growing popularity Black men beard styles is the (2) low strap beard. This style usually has a longer beard. Long enough to hang off the chin at minimum. Some like to sport the style with an even longer beard but, at least a inch off the chin is typical.

This style has a lower beard line on the cheek. Hints the name “low strap beard”. The beard line will usually run a line from the bottom lip up to the sideburns. This style does take a little more time to grow but, it won’t take forever so don’t worry.

black men beard styles
The (3) modern long beard style is a great beard! This is probably my favorite out of the five. The long beard required a bit of length from the jaw line down.

It will take some time to grow this beard out (supplements can help speed up growth) but, it can transition from a full & thick beard very easily. The length is personal preference but, the one I’ve pictured here is a recommended length. If you achieve this length you’re doing great!

It just takes a bit of patience as with most beards. A problem a lot of guys have is being impatient and they change the beard before it has a chance to prosper.

black men beard styles
The (4) thin and trimmed beard is very easy to maintain with the right clippers and razor. Keeping your facial hair cut with a low guard will do the trick. Experiment with different guard settings to see what works best for you.

Just remember you can always cut more off if you need to but, if you cut to much in the beginning you’ll have to wait to grow it back. This style is timeless and will always look good no matter what fad is currently in.

black men beard styles
The last on our list of Black men beard styles is the (5) chin puff beard. This styles a little different but, at the same time amazing! It’s easy to achieve & maintain as well.

It’s basically a full beard with a thick goatee. Looks great in a suite as you can see from our image. This is a very modern beard and goes well with almost anyone’s personal style.

That’s our 5 great Black men beard styles. We chose the more recently popular and modern styles. Some of which are from the past but, are still amazing timeless styles which you cannot go wrong with!

Need More Inspiration?

There are lots and lots of great inspirational beard websites, videos, and images online. I’ve shared a video above that will help you if you need a thicker beard. It’s a common question and problem for a lot of guys and this will help you get that thick beard look you desire and if you love a good mustache check this out.

I’ll share some other great sources with you that maybe you haven’t found before. The Black Men with Beards Instagram is a great little spot to check out. The images above came from there and it’s a great source for Black men beard styles.

Pinterest also has some good Black beard styles to choose from but, I find Instagram to be a little better for this sort of thing. One last source I highly recommend is Beardbrand! Beardbrand covers a lot of different beard related topics on YouTube.

If you have questions about patchy beards, thicker beards, or anything under the sun about beards they probably have a video for it.

As always leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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