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manscaped guyiManscape is about changing the view on manscaping and men’s hygiene. When most people think of manscaping they think of one thing. That would be shaving below the belt, your groin, and family jewels.

The problem with this train of thought is manscaping is more than shaving your bush. It’s shaving hair anywhere on a mans body for cosmetic effect. This could be your stomach, arms, chest, or anywhere else you shave.

Something similar goes with men’s hygiene. People don’t see it in the same light as a woman’s hygiene. Men and their hygiene are utterly important and knowing more about it can make your life much easier.

We share a lot of tips, quick steps, and awesome tid-bits that will make your life better. You could call them manscaping hacks even. Who wants to do things the hard way right?

Our Mission

Our mission at iManscape is to provide highly helpful and engaging content. We want to help you be a better you by encouraging and educating you on things which are in your control. These are the topics we discuss such as manscaping, beards, and hygiene.

Our Dream

Our dream at iManscape is to become the go to source for men’s hygiene. When someone starts to wonder if they should shave for a vasectomy, grow a beard, or how to begin shaving below the belt we want to be the first place they think of.

As we grow we want to develop our own line of manscaping products. Products designed to make shaving below the belt much easier along with things that go hand in hand such as essential oils for your beard or our own line of razors.

To accomplish this we first want to completely establish ourselves as the #1 choice for manscaping and men’s hygiene knowledge. While there’s other places on the web which discuss the topic lightly. There’s no where which tackles it head on and covers every in and out you can think to ask of. Allow us to be your go to source.

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