Advantages & Disadvantages of Wet & Dry Shaving

There are several advantages and disadvantages to wet and dry shaving. There are also some factors that should decide if you should wet or dry shave each morning. You've likely noticed the skin on your face doesn't feel the same every single morning. We go through periods of time where our skin can be sensitive and it's key to understand when this happens.

I'm not only going to cover the advantages and disadvantages of wet and dry shaving, but my goal is to give you a better understanding when to choose one over the other.

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The Advantages

Both wet and dry shaving have great advantages for there own. The goal here isn't to decide the one you want to do forever but to know which one to do and when. Through your life you'll find yourself needing to both wet and dry shave to give your skin what it needs on a daily basis.

Wet Shaving

Wet shaving is the classic form of shaving even though it has changed quite a bit over time. We use to spend more time maintaining our razors and learning to lather shaving cream. In today's world we have canned cream and disposable razors that make shaving more convenient.

The advantages of wet shaving are the quality of shave you're going to get. Nothing is going to give you the silky smooth shave a razor to skin gives you. There's no real alternative to getting the same shave. I would recommend trying safety razor shaving if you've never experienced it. It's one way to improve on your wet shaving efforts.

Wet shaving also helps remove dead skin cells and helps give you a younger look. Your skin will always have a fresher glow to it after shaving.

Dry Shaving

Dry shaving requires an electric shaver but it's one of the quickest and most convenient shaves. Electric shavers were designed to give a dry shave that is super quick and sufficient enough to walk out the door and not have your workplace question their facial hair policy.

The advantages of dry shaving are the speed and convenience. When you dry shave you cut the facial hair low enough to where it isn't noticeable to the eye but you can still feel it with your hand. Another great thing about dry shaving is you experience less shaving related issues.

You'll experience fewer ingrown hairs, less skin irritation, and never have razor burn. That's because there's no razor blade making direct contact to your skin. The very short hairs dry shaving leaves behind prevents a lot of the issues related to wet shaving.

You also have the option to wet shave with an electric shaver. It'll still leave behind very short hairs but wet shaving gives you additional moisturizer and other benefits for your skin. If you have sensitive or dry skin you'll enjoy wet shaving with an electric shaver.

dry shaving

The Disadvantages

While there are plenty advantages to both wet and dry shaving there are nearly as many disadvantages. Unfortunately, shaving can be a double edged sword and something a lot of us are required to do for work or other reasons.

Wet Shaving

If you have sensitive skin you likely dread the act of shaving. Wet shaving requires you to buy replacement material on a more regular basis. Having to buy replacement cartridges alone can add up quickly and cost a lot of money through a single year.

As for the more direct disadvantages of wet shaving you're going to experience more ingrown hairs, razor burn, and skin irritation. This is because the razor shaves the hairs so close to the skin that they often grow back under the skin.

If you have mild acne wet shaving in general can be difficult. Plus the added oils from shaving cream can make acne worse. You're also more prone to nicks and cuts from the razor blade.

Wet shaving also takes a lot more time. You don't always have the luxury in the morning to be able to wet shave. Life isn't perfect and your mornings have to be going good to have time to wet shave. That's why I always recommend owning an electric shaver as well.

Dry Shaving

While you won't experience shaving issues such as ingrown hairs, razor burn, etc.. with an electric shaver and dry shaving they still have some drawbacks.

The disadvantages of dry shaving are not being able to get a close smooth shave. It's much harder to get a silky smooth shave with an electric shaver and you're out of luck if you want one while dry shaving.

You may also experience skin dryness from dry shaving. You're rubbing bare materials against your skin while shaving with no lubrication or buffer between your skin and the shaver. You can combat this with a quick moisturizer after shaving.

There You Have It!

So as you can see there are advantages and disadvantages to both wet and dry shaving. If I had to boil everything down into one statement it would be this.

Wet shave when you have the time and your skin isn't feeling sensitive if it isn't already irritated. If you need a quick shave or don't need a very close shave then dry shaving is the way to go. Overall dry shaving as more complete benefits and is the most convenient option.

If you have any tips or suggestions for someone that may read this article please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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