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Over 50,000 Views Per Month!

  • 85% Male Audience
  • Ages 18 - 24 Make Up 27%
  • Ages 25 - 34 Make Up 35%
  • Ages 35 - 44 Make Up 20%
  • Ages 45+ for Remaining 18%

90% Organic Traffic from Google!

60 %
Monthly Growth!

Rapid Growth Advantage!

We're growing at an amazing rate! Just from November to December 2016 iManscape saw an overall increase of more than 60% in traffic.

We expect to triple this number by December 2017.​ Putting iManscape at 150,000 views per month!

Get to Know Our Audience

  • Seeking: Body Grooming Tips & Service
  • Seeking: Body Grooming Products
  • Seeking: Beard Products

Top Affiliate Sales: Electric Shavers & Beard Care Products

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Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts must be written by the business buying the post. The content must be between 500 - 1,500 words. It must be unique original content and cannot use any abusive SEO tactics. A sponsored post is currently $100.

You're allowed up to 3 links to any section of your website. You're also allowed an additional business bio at the bottom to include ending details, discount codes, and a business logo. Your content will be edited to fit our personal style and to make sure we agree with what you're saying in the post. Content can be re-worded to be made our own and to fit our language.

After our editing process you will be able to review the content before it's published.​

Please note to follow FTC Guidelines we will state at the beginning of the post "This is a sponsored post by <company>. All opinions are our own." Additionally all links pointing to your website will be no-follow to adhere to Google's guidelines.

Send us an email and we'll review your company to make sure it's a good fit for our audience.

Have a Physical Location?

Our viewers are looking for all sorts of businesses. Their into laser hair removal, waxing, good barbers, getting a tattoo or having one removed, spa's and massage, fitness, and tanning. If you have a physical location that's performing a service then you may be interested in our local services listing.

​Just take a quick moment and Google: manscaping services. I bet we show up #1.

We​ rank for many search terms that your potential customers are looking for. Not only do we display the "services near you" in our main navigation for your future customers to find, but we also display the interactive map right inside many posts. Here's an example.

If you're interested in listing your business on our interactive map please email: <email>.​ All other inquiries please view our contact page.

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