What’s The Best Aftershave? Top 3 Revealed

Not all aftershaves are created equal. Some are still incredibly pungent and seemingly strong enough to burn the paint off of your car. Does anyone remember poor Kevin in Home Alone when he applies his father’s aftershave?
That resulting need to scream and immediate hands to the face is a feeling that so many of us have had after applying the post-shave liquid anywhere near our faces.

To many, this application after shaving is a kind of a rite of passage. It’s a necessary pain that one must endure at some point in order to truly feel like a man. Well, we’re here to tell you that that pain is not only completely unnecessary but is also part of a dying breed in terms of skin care.

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 Your Father’s Aftershave 

Your father’s aftershave was based on pure functionality. Its base was most likely a type of harsh denatured alcohol that worked as an antiseptic to kill any possible infection that could be contracted from the shaving process.

After all, the process of shaving rips apart your skin even if you manage to make it through the session without any nicks or cuts.

The alcohol also worked as an astringent to immediately shock your pores into closing the second the blend made its way onto the face. Its astringent capabilities would work to cut off surrounding blood vessels from letting out blood, effectively cutting them and your pores off from the outside world.

Along with your pores and facial blood vessels, the astringent alcohol would also shunt the pain receptors in your face, reducing noticeable irritation.

With the alcohol base, there was probably some type of mentholated compound included that worked to numb damaged skin. This numbing effect would do wonders to mask the resulting razor burn.


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The producers of aftershave truly had the best intentions for their consumers.

It would clean any wounds and would numb any resulting pain felt from shaving. Unfortunately, the harshness of these products was undeniable.

While the alcohol and menthol would do exactly what it was supposed to do in terms of reducing irritation, it had devastating effects to the health of the skin over time.

If you look closely at the skin of your father or another older male member of your family, they most likely don’t have the best skin in the world. If they do, they probably have adopted some sort of skin care regimen to remedy the effects of years of volatile aftershave application.

 Not Your Father’s Aftershave 

Luckily, we live in a time where skin care is becoming fully acceptable for men to use. There are countless aftershaves available now that not only work immediately to reverse the harsh effects of shaving, but also work long after the process to repair your skin, hydrate it, and keep it healthy.

Shaving is an incredibly irritating ordeal to your skin. The bandaids of traditional aftershaves are just not practical anymore.

The following are the best aftershaves that will work to treat your face after shaving and will also repair and protect your skin, so it looks healthy and great. With any of these aftershaves, you can feel confident that they will keep your skin looking young and fresh and much less like Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

 How We Chose Our Ratings 

The following list of the best aftershaves has been established based on quality ingredients, effectiveness of the product, and overall reputation of the brands that put the offerings together. We also take real customer testimonials and reviews into account.

Each of the following products has overall great consumer reviews and an established track record that can give you peace of mind while protecting your skin after shaving.

 The Top 3 Best Aftershaves

 Neutrogena Triple Protect Men’s Daily Face Lotion 

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Neutrogena is a brand that truly speaks for itself. It is one of the most popular brands of skin care available in the world and is trusted by millions to keep their skin healthy and fresh.

Triple Protect provides a patented technology known as Pro-Soothe that works to shield your skin from the damage of shaving. This invisible layer of protection will take the brunt of the forces brought on by your razor, leaving your underlying skin virtually free from damage. 

Triple Protect is also 100% free of cosmetics, so you won’t have to worry about this shielding layer clogging your pores or leading to acne outbreaks.

If you happen to have existing acne, added salicylic acid will work to unclog your pores by removing trapped in dirt and oil.

All acne outbreaks are the result of oil or dirt building up in your pores.

Your body’s response to this buildup is to form pimples of the whitehead variety to try and remove the substance from your body. The salicylic acid will get deep down into your pores to remove the substance from its source.

Once the substance has been removed, the acne will no longer serve its purpose and will gradually begin to dissipate.

While the Pro-Soothe technology will work to protect your skin from irritation, and the salicylic acid will work to protect your skin from acne outbreaks, the third layer of protection just may be the most important.

Utilizing its patented Helioplex technology, Triple Protect will effectively protect your skin against harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

To use Triple Protect from Neutrogena as it is intended, apply liberally to the face immediately after shaving each and every morning. Even if you skip a few days of shaving, you should still apply the aftershave to cleanse your skin of acne-causing debris and protect it against the sun.


Neutrogena Triple Protect is a perfect example of the technological advances that men’s skincare has evolved into in recent years. It will deliver an unmatched 3-part functionality that will keep your skin free from pain, acne, and sun damage. 

Consumer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, Kentwood001, says, “My skin tone has been getting back to light brown from being pale. Also, the dryness has gone down noticeably. I was always skeptic on using anything on my face, but now I feel confident in this lotion just by 2 days.”
 5 out of 5 stars.

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm

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Another trusted brand in men’s skincare is the skin-protection powerhouse, Nivea. This particular aftershave will do wonders in terms of protecting, nurturing, and healing your face after shaving. It is loaded with vitamin E that will work to reestablish that natural oils of your skin to optimal levels that will lead to less breakouts and other skin irritation. 

While the rudimentary alcohol and menthol combo of aftershaves’ past worked to sterilize any and all wounds from shaving and numb any resulting pain. Nivea is fully aware of this. Instead, they have chosen to combine a blend of chamomile and a light splash of witch hazel to do the same as its predecessors, allowing it to do so while actually improving the health of your skin.

If you hear the word camomile, you are most likely thinking about it as a component of a soothing tea that works to reduce stress and calm you down at night.

When applied topically, it does the same to reduce the stresses put on your skin cells and surrounding blood vessels.

Chamomile is a powerful antioxidant that works to reduce damage brought on by free radical damage. It will do wonders to help reverse the damage done by shaving as well any harm done by other outside sources. The key extract also greatly helped restore circulation to your pores, allowing blood and nutrients to make its way to the cells of your face without being impeded.

It works as a natural antiseptic as well by surrounding bacteria and rendering them ineffective. Chamomile will also work to reestablish the natural oils of your skin, giving it the tools necessary to combat future imbalances.

Witch hazel works as a light astringent much like the outdated alcohol would do with much less in terms of drying out of the skin to which it is applied to. This witch hazel and chamomile blend provides a pleasant and mild aroma instead of the pungent and offensive odors that so many outdated aftershaves can leave behind.

We have all been forced to sit next to someone that is wearing too much aftershave. It is not a pleasant experience. With this great blend from

Nivea, you can protect your skin while keeping everyone’s noses that come in contact with your path happy and may even make people that smell you a little less stressed.


This awesome offering from Nivea is tailor made for those with sensitive skin. It does a fantastic job of protecting and repair your skin and can quickly become your go to tool for your post-shave ritual.

Consumer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, Vi, says, “After a few days of using it was very noticeable that the redness and bumps were going away. Smells great. Not greasy. Reasonably price. Highly recommend.”
 4.8 out of 5 stars.

L'Oréal Paris Skincare Men Expert Hydra Energetic Aftershave Balm

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The third and final aftershave product comes from the beloved and world-renowned L’Oréal.

Men Expert offers everything you need to combat the 5 main detrimental effects of shaving which include razor burn, tightness, irritation, redness, and excessive drying. 

Immediately after using the product for the very first time, 80% of men said they saw noticeable results in terms of softer, smoother, and soothes skin.

After 4 weeks of continued use, 80% of men said they saw tremendous results of more hydrated, less irritated, and healthy skin. L’Oréal is able to accomplish all of this by utilizing vitamin E as one of its main components. The emphasis of vitamin E that is displayed in this blend is enough on its own to treat and prevent those top 5 most common results of shaving.

This fantastic offering from L’Oréal also includes a powerful SPF 15 that is capable of absorbing all of those harmful rays of radiation brought to your face from the sun. This sunscreen component is so effective that it can be used just as a blocker of the sun if you’re not one to really ever shave your face completely.

Thankfully, L’Oréal has left the straight menthol behind and instead utilizes a unique and natural peppermint blend that works to weaken the pain of shaving while working to reinvigorate your skin.

Not only will the peppermint leave your skin feeling fresh, it will also work to increase the circulation of blood and nutrients to your pores and hair follicles, optimizing the flow of essential vitamins and minerals to your face.


L’Oréal is a trusted brand that only releases the very best products to help keep your skin in working order. You can now purchase Men Expert Hydra Energetic 

Consumer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, John Michael Kohler II, says, “I feel like I haven't aged since i started using this. I'm 40 with only very faint wrinkles under my eyes and the rest of my skin feels great.”
 4.6 out of 5 stars

 Buyer’s Guide for Aftershave 

You can feel confident in purchasing any of these 3 products because they all come from companies that are world-renowned and trusted by millions around the world.

Neutrogena, Nivea, and L’Oréal are now fully cemented in the lines of skincare for men. Try any or all of these aftershaves and let your predecessors know that aftershave application doesn’t have to be a painful experience.

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