Arm Waxing For Men

arm waxing for men

One of the lesser talked about manscaping regions is the arms, specifically waxing them. Arm waxing may not be the go-to arrow in your manscaping quiver, but hear us out on this one.

Arm waxing can be a great addition to your manscaping routine and it has its benefits. Before long you may wonder how you ever manscaped without it.

Show off them guns

If you’ve got the muscles to back it up, arm waxing is a great way to accentuate your bulk and definition. Nearly all male bodybuilders and many male actors wax their arms to make their muscles pop.

Did you really think Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were naturally hairless? Hell no, they waxed.

Let’s keep it consistent

If you’re already an experienced and dedicated manscaper, don’t stop at the arms. Leaving hairy arms against an otherwise smooth canvas is more than a little eyebrow raising. The contrast will be comically noticeable, especially when you’re naked. In case it wasn’t clear, “comically” and “naked” are not things you want to go together.

And speaking of  canvases, tattoos will be more noticeable with clean arms. If you don’t have tattoos on your arms, congratulations, now you have a clean canvas to work with. In case you’re wondering if waxing (or shaving) can damage your tats, relax. Neither method of hair removal penetrates your skin deep enough (where the ink is) to damage your tattoos.

It’s Easy!

If you’re already waxing other parts of your body, arm waxing is by far the easiest area you’ll encounter. Your balls or back might require extra planning or a trip to the spa to take care of. On the other hand, you can wax your arms at home as part of your normal manscaping routine.

Let’s get some sun!

You should always be careful about exposing freshly waxed skin to direct sunlight. This is why it’s recommended to wax your arms at night before bed. This allows the skin time to heal and recover from the waxing. However, after that you can enjoy a nice, even tan on your newly waxed arms.

Women are down on hair

Women are increasingly looking down on male body hair, especially if it’s excessive. More and more women are liking their men smooth and hairless these days so why not give them what they want? One of the biggest complaints about us men is that we’re not very clean and hygienic. Arm waxing helps with that.

One of the biggest pro arm waxing arguments is a reminder to take care of your pits! Thick, overgrown armpits are unsightly and a major turnoff for a lot of ladies. As we’ve previously discussed, bacteria and odor love dark, moist, hairy places. Your underarms fit all three of these criteria.

Let’s wax on

Or wax off. (Sorry, had to).

Arm waxing can be a great addition to your manscaping routine. It takes less time than waxing other parts of your body and will leave your arms feeling fresh and smooth like never before. If your goal is total hair removal, arm waxing is preferable to shaving which doesn’t last nearly as long. As a bonus, when your arm hair does grow back it will be noticeably smoother and softer.

So give arm waxing a try the next time you settle in for your manscaping ritual. We’re confident you’ll wonder how you ever went this long without it.

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