Astra Razor Blades Review: Should You Use Them?

A major determining factor in what kind of shave you'll get out of a safety razor depends on the blades you use. Our Astra Razor Blades review aims to help you decide if these will be good blades for you.

As you may already know each brand of blades tends to fall into different levels of aggression. The more aggressive a blade is combined with the razor it's in the fewer passes it should take to cut hairs. The downside is it's more prone to nicking and cutting if it's very aggressive.​

About Astra Razor Blades

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Astra razor blades are arguably one of the most popular options right now. You can pick up a box of 100 blades very cheaply and they're quality blades. Astra razor blades tend to be long lasting, durable, and sharp.

While people experience aggression differently based on the sensitivity of their skin, Astra blades​ are commonly considered a mild to a higher level of aggression. You can also use them in any double edge safety razor without a problem.

Brief History of Astra Blades

Astra blades were made in the Czech Republic for 20 years before being purchased by Gillette in 1996. The original name was Czech Astra Company.

After Gillette purchased the company they moved production to Russia. In 2005 Gillette merged with a company called Proctor & Gamble. After the merge, they chose to continue with Astra Razor Blades as the double edge razor blade of choice.

There's a lot of safety razor blades out there but with Astra's history and high level of quality, it's a hard option to just pass over.

Detailed Astra Razor Blades Review

First off, these razor blades are very affordable. You'll find 100 blades costing around $10 at most retailers. Each blade is steel coated with platinum and each one wrapped individually.

The blades have been considered mild to high aggression. With the majority of opinions leaning towards high aggression. People often compare them with Feather razor blades when judging aggressiveness.

The blades are great for both beginners and experienced wet shavers. They're aggressive enough that an experienced hand will love the smooth shave but at the same time a step down from Feather which makes them more forgiving to beginners.

Your shaving equipment will have a big effect on your shave. It isn't only the razor blade that makes a difference in the shave. If you're using something like the Merkur 180 with the Astra razor blades it would make a great beginner set.

At the same time, you could use a very aggressive razor like the Feather AS-D2 and be happy from an experienced shaver point of view. Either way, I think you'll be quite satisfied with these razor blades.

If you have average facial hair thickness the blades tend to last around 7-8 shaves. You'll need to take into account your own hair to know if you'll get more or less. However, the middle ground at 7-8 is pretty good.

What's Everyone Else Saying?

We've searched around the web, forums, and asked shavers what they think of these blades for our Astra razor blades review. The general consensus is very positive. Who better to get honest feedback from than the people shaving with these blades today?

A lot of the comments are about the sharpness of the blades. Some experience 2-3 days of shaves on each blade and others around 7. It will ultimately boil down to your facial hair.

I would recommend picking up a smaller box if this concerns you. They're very cheap so it would be a good idea to at least test them on your own facial hair.​

Compared to Other Blades

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There's a lot of options when talking about safety razor blades. Many different brands, price points, and shaving aggression. When you're new to wet shaving it can be confusing on what to use.

If you're new or just wanting to try out more blades try this Variety Pack.​ There's also other variety packs available with different sets of blades. These are perfect for exploring and discovering what may work best for you.

Compared to all other blades we've reviewed you're getting the most bang for the buck with Astra razor blades. They're also purely the overall best. The only reason to use a different blade is if you're looking for something on an extreme.

Either a blade extremely aggressive or much much softer. Most people aren't looking for something on the extreme ends of the spectrum. That's why you should probably just get Astra razor blades.​ Here's one guys experience going from a mild to aggressive shave.

Before You Go!

I hope this Astra razor blades review gave you some insight into the quality of these blades. There's obviously a lot of options out there but you're likely to not be disappointed with Astra. It's one of the most widely used razor blades available.

Leave a comment below and let us know what your experiences are. Do you have a recommendation that's different or an opinion on Astra razor blades? Thanks for reading!​

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