At Home Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin

Unfortunately at home laser hair removal for dark skin is nearly impossible. It's been a huge struggle for dark complexions to find any type of laser hair removal that will work. If this was years ago I would be telling you you're out of luck but that's no longer the case.

You now have some hope of doing laser hair removal right at home. As this technology continues to grow it will only get better. Thankfully there's now hope out there for everyone born with dark skin.

Know Which Skin Tone You're In

Before you can find a home laser hair removal device that'll work for you you'll need to know your skin type. Your skin type is where you should begin you journey for laser hair removal. So let's start there with this chart below.

skin tone chart

Most home laser hair removal devices begin struggling on the darkest side of the warm column. This is where you'll begin noticing weaker results and you'll require more sessions to have similar results as lighter skin tones.

A lot of newer laser hair removal tools have began to work better up into the tan column. However, the toughest column is going to be the dark column. Many devices aren't able to work at all on these skin tones.

I'm not going to falsely lead you into thinking there's a device out there that can easily conquer hair removal for your darker tones. I've noticed other websites misleading people into buying tools that under deliver.

Here's the reality of the situation. There's a device that will work for the first three tones in the dark column but if you fall into the darkest two tones of the dark column there isn't a very efficient device for you.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news if you're in that skin tone category. However, I rather not mislead anyone into getting a product that isn't going to work. Instead you should seek out a licensed professional laser hair removal expert with medical grade equipment. It's more expensive overall but you can achieve permanent hair removal this way.

As for the lighter three shades in the dark column home laser hair removal can work but it's going to be difficult. Don't go into this expecting it to be easy. You're going to require several additional treatments to achieve similar results to that of lighter skin tones.

Laser Hair Removal For Dark Skin

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There's only one product on the market I feel comfortable recommending. The Me Chic Targeted Hair Removal Device is the one product that is capable of helping dark skinned individuals.

My word of warning is that these products don't work the same for everyone. Your skin tone will play a huge role in how well this product works. After around three months of treatments you'll notice significant improvements to your hair growth.

This particular product is also quite affordable compared to other laser hair removal devices that claim to work on dark skin. It also has a better reputation than the competition.

What About Tria Hair Removal?

Does Tria work on dark skin? Tria seems to be a popular brand in the laser hair removal category. However it doesn't work well on medium brown or darker skin. Your body hair color also plays a role on how effective Tria will be.

You can use there confirmation tool to see if Tria will work for you. If your skin is to dark for Tria you may still see results with the Me Chic tool I've recommended above.

Unfortunately poorly written reviews have led people into buying products like Tria when it won't work for them. It's important to really get to know your skin tone, body hair color, and even the level of irritation you're able to handle for these at home devices.

What To Know About Laser Hair Removal At Home

If you're going to tackle laser hair removal from your house then there's some things you should know about. It's the same as waxing when it comes to doing it yourself. You wouldn't want to go into waxing blindly and the same goes for laser hair removal.

You'll Save Lots Of Money

When you buy your own laser hair remover you can spend between $100 and $500 but that's nothing compared to the roughly $150 per visit you can spend at a professional office. If you pick up a quality home device they'll work just as good if not better than the professionals tools.

Your home device may take more sessions overall but it's in the comfort of your home and as the sub-title states it's a lot more affordable.

Specific To Skin Color

As we've discussed throughout this article skin tone is important. Some laser hair removal devices won't work on certain skin tones. It's not only dark skin tones that have issues like this. Even blonde hair people have this issue because the device can't detect the hairs.

Always check the devices manufacturer instructions to make sure it will work for you.

It's Not As Fast As You Think

It can take five to eight sessions to begin seeing results. You have to wait for new hairs to grow to continue doing new sessions. Some devices also recommend waiting two weeks between uses.

This can add up to months and months before you begin seeing real results. With anything in life worth having it always seems to take time to achieve.

There's Pain Involved

Going through laser hair removal requires you to tolerate a level of discomfort. The best way to describe the discomfort is as pinching that happens over and over until the device is turned off.

Some devices have higher settings that do hurt more but also require fewer total sessions. So you can choose your poison and go with less pain more sessions or more pain fewer sessions.

Don't Laser Your Privates

The skin surrounding your privates is more sensitive than other areas. Removing this hair at home should be done with a razor or waxing. If you want permanent hair removal down below the belt then you should seek a professional laser hair removal expert.

Shave First

Unlike waxing you should shave first before a laser hair removal session. These lasers work by targeting the top layer of skin and the root hair follicles. Shaving first gives direct exposure to the target area while having hairs would get in the way.

So as you can tell, at home laser hair removal for dark skin can be quite a challenge. With a little luck and the right tool a lot of you should be able to get it to work. If you find yourself on the darkest skin tones you can always seek a professional and speak with your dermatologist to find what may be best for you.

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