Bald Eagle Shaver Review: The Skull Shaver

Our bald eagle shaver review dives deep into the details on this device. As those of you shaving your head know it can be difficult to get a slick shave from an electric head shaver.

Other shavers are hard to shave with due to the angle you're cutting at. They take a lot more time and cause you to twist and turn to get the job done. That's why you need a solution designed just for head shaving.

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Why Normal Shavers Won't Work

Your normal everyday shaver is exactly what you don't want to use to shave your head. You'll spend much more time trying to get your hair cut. They just aren't designed to self shave your head with ease.

Now obviously you can still shave your head with those trimmers. It's just less convenient and there's a better way. If you're keeping your hair short you're shaving your hair more often. If you're going to be doing something over and over why not do it the easiest way?​

​Our bald eagle shaver review will make you realize how much you'll want this skull shaver. It fits in the palm of your hand, very simple to use, and gets the job done.

How Our Review Works

Our reviews are based in very in depth research. We're not just looking at reviews on retailers sites. We go deeper and search forums, blog comments, reddit, and everywhere possible.

By doing this we're getting a collection of the most brutally honest reviews. Plus you find out details you wouldn't otherwise. People express their issues openly and we get to uncover any issues a product really has.​

If we were to find skull shaver reviews ​or bald eagle shaver reviews that were overwhelming negative we're going to make sure you know about it. We want you to get the best overall product. We define a price to quality ratio in our reviews as well which sums up how effective an item is compared to what it costs.

Our goal is to make sure you're getting a great price to quality ratio and we make sure you know what you're getting before you get it.​

Complete Bald Eagle Shaver Review

The Bald Eagle Shaver is a unique skull shaver that is held between your fingers when operating. It's a rotary electric design that includes a small LCD display.

The shaver is simplistic in design. It's just the rotary blades attached to a motor. It's held between the fingers so it can shave as if you're rubbing your head with your hand.

There's 5 total rotary blades on the skull shaver and a single power button next to the LCD display on top.

Rotary Cutting Power

There's two main types of blades for electric shavers. There's foil shavers and rotary shavers. Rotary shavers are better for thicker hair and curly hair. Using rotary blades on a skull shaver is ideal and works well.

Additionally, you can use the Bald Eagle Shaver to shave your face. Giving you even length all over your head and face.

Long Shave Time

You'll have 90 minutes of shave time per charge. Unless you're just a really slow shaver or just leave your Bald Eagle Shaver on you'll get multiple shaves without recharging.

Ease of Use

The Bald Eagle Shaver slides right onto your hand and fits very comfortably. Shaving is as easy as running your hands over your head. The design is very ergonomic and firm.

I like the way it's designed to be used because you're able to feel any spots you miss while you're shaving. You're feeling your hair as you shave and it makes it very easy to know if you're missing any spots.

Easy for Travel

If you travel you know the more things you have to lug around the worse it is. Mark this one off your checklist because it's very easy to travel with.

The entire shaver is about 3" inches tall. Throw it in with your clothes and you're ready to go.

Easy to Clean

One of the absolute easiest shavers to clean. Turn the shaver on and submerge the shaver head in a bowl of warm water. It'll clean itself right up!


I really like the flexibility of this shaver. You're able to shave your head, beard, and neck all at the same time.

A lot of men use the same length shave for their head and beard. You can literally shave from your head to your chin in a single stroke. You'll get to save a lot of time using a versatile shaver like this.

What Others are Saying

There's a mixture of reviews on this product. The negative reviews seem to be mixed and none of them line up on a particular issue.

However, there are enough negative reviews to warrant granting them consideration. We'll list more about the con's in our bald eagle shaver review below.

Overall Value

The overall value of the bald eagle shaver is decent. The quality of the product is fine but in all honesty it should be priced a little lower. It's over $100 at most major retailers and I would recommend it more if it was priced $25 cheaper.

If you purchase it you're still going to get great use out of it. Being the unique product that it is you can somewhat justify the higher purchase price.

Alternative Skull Shavers

Remington HC4250 Head Shaver

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The Remington HC4250 is a hand held shaver like the bald eagle shaver. It has a curved shave head system to contour to your head.

It's designed to fit into the palm of your hand, it's easy to clean, and gives a really good shave. It's also more affordable compared to the bald eagle shaver.

Overall value is really good. It's arguably better overall value than the bald eagle shaver.​

TurnRaise Electric Head Shaver

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The TurnRaise head shaver is closer to a traditional shaver but with a head designed for shaving heads. If you don't like the idea of shavers that fit in your palm this is a great alternative.

It's a wired shaver so you never have to charge it. It has a standard length handle like traditional shavers.​ It's also priced better than the bald eagle head shaver.

Overall it looks to have great value and the reviews are pretty solid. Should be a good alternative option to the bald eagle shaver.​

Remington XR1410 Head Shaver

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The Remington XR1410 is a powerful hand held shaver that comes with multiple attachments. You'll a rotary shaver, trimmer, and scrubbing brushes.

Each brush has a different function such as cleaning, scrubbing, and preparing your skin for shaving.​ The shaver is mostly advertised for face shaving but will make a great skull shaver all the same.

It's a high quality and great overall value purchase.​ It's around the price point of where I would like to see the bald eagle shaver.

The Bald Look

If you're going for the bald look you've got 2 main options. One is to shave your head only using the bald eagle shaver which will give you a very low length hair cut. Option 2 is to go back over your head after shaving with a normal razor and shave it fully bald.

If you don't have hair loss problems I would recommend sticking with option one. The electric shaver will shave it so low that you'll get a very similar look. Plus you'll still have a little hair to protect your skin.​

Make sure to check out our how to look good bald article.​ We've got a lot of information there for those experiencing hair loss or just want to get that bald masculine look.

If you're experiencing hair loss here's another article you should check out.​

Before You Go!

I hope our bald eagle shaver review was able to shed some light onto the quality of the shaver. If you found the bald eagle skull shaver not suitable for you make sure to check out the 3 alternatives we provided.

If you own the bald eagle shaver please let us know your opinion on the shaver. With the mixed reviews we've come across I would love to hear more on the shaver. Thanks for reading!​

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