Why Your Beard Bald Patch Appeared Out of the Blue

Having a beard bald patch sucks. It's basically the missing piece to your perfect manly mane. For some men, beard patchiness is just a genetic issue. It's not something you can really avoid for those men but it can be fixed with something like Minoxidil.

However, that isn't the issue we're talking about right now. We're talking about the men who have had a beard for a while and a beard bald patch develops. It's an event that happens out of the blue and can be concerning for any beardsmen.​

What Caused Your Spontaneous Patch

beard bald patch

If you've had a beard for some time and have never had trouble growing one but now you've developed a beard bald spot there could be something going on. It could be a bald spot on your chin or cheeks. Sometimes the location of the bald spot is a telling sign.

You may have the medical condition known as alopecia areata barbae.​

Alopecia areata hasn't been studied in great depth. What we do know is it's received by heredity and not through a form of contagion. Additionally, it's slightly more likely to happen to people with relatives with the autoimmune disease.

A​lopecia aerata is thought to be an autoimmune disorder where the body attacks its own hair follicles. Outside influences such as stress or a pathogen combined with the heredity factors are thought to cause the condition.

Tooth Infection

I know this one sounds a little far fetched but bare with me. One study suggests there's a connection between infected teeth and hair loss.

The study claims that these beard bald patches can appear on a line projected from the dental infection. "It will be located on the face at the level of the maxillary teeth, above a line through the lip-angle to the scalp, beard, or even the eyebrow.​"

Can Your Beard Bald Patch be Fixed?

The good news is this condition typically resolves itself. The bad news is you can't determine exactly how long it might take. It could only last a week or it could last months to years.

It's a sign of your body being in stress. It's not normal for a healthy beard to all of the sudden develop a beard bald patch. Go see a medical professional to get their opinion.​

On your end of things, you can help by trying to stress less. Take time to relax and don't let the thought of these beard bald spots add to your stress levels. You can also combat these effects with Minoxidil, a hair growth product.​

Naturally Helping Beard Growth

You should be taking steps to combat your condition immediately. Simple things like proper dieting are huge factors in the overall health of your beard. Eat a diet rich in proteins from fish, eggs, and nuts. Giving your body the right nutrients will help your beard growth.

Exercise is also a great way to have a better beard. When you exercise your body produces more testosterone and this hormone plays a major role in hair growth.​

If you're looking for something a little easier you may want to consider taking Biotin. It's a natural supplement that aids in hair growth.​ Another option would be beard supplements but these supplements and biotin take more time to see results.

The only "quick fix" which still takes a little time is the Minoxidil we mentioned earlier.​

Before You Go!

We know having a beard bald spot appear out of nowhere sucks. I hope this article shed a little light on your situation and maybe you're not quite as nervous about it now. It usually resolves itself in time so don't stress too much.

Don't forget to break bad habits like brushing your beard too much and touching your beard frequently. These kind of habits can also cause reduced growth and weaker spots.

If you've experienced this or something similar please share it in a comment below. Did you take any action to combat the beard bald spot or did you let it run its course? Thanks for reading.​

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how can i grow beard i resendly shave my beard but in the prosses of growing back my beard i got three spots that i got no hair everything else i do what can i do

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