Beard Balm vs Beard Oil: Which One Should You Use?

Beard Balm vs Beard Oil has been a long discussed topic. We know we should be using a beard product to help keep our beards healthy, but which of these two products should we be using?

Each one actually serves a slightly different purpose while still having some of the same traits as the other. Our goal is to best explain what each one truly does and to help you understand which might be the better option for you.​

Defining Beard Balm

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The key trait that makes Beard Balm different is its styling and hold capabilities. The main function of beard balm is to shape the beard and style it. If you see a guy with a very well shaped beard it's likely a beard balm he's using.

It's more common to use beard balm once your beard reaches a certain length. This length will vary depending on the individual. Once your beard becomes harder to manage is when you should consider picking some up.​

One of our favorite beard balms is the Honest Amish Beard Balm.​ They've been in this business for a very long time and make the best beard balm on the market. Some even credit them with being the first ones to really start the trend.

Some of the benefits you would get with Honest Amish are as follows. It softens coarse and rogue hairs, stops beard itch, and eliminates beard dandruff.​ This product is also very affordable when compared to some other beard balms.

Ideally a good beard balm is also going to moisturize your facial hair and make your beard appear thicker. Beard balms with all natural ingredients such as shea butter or beeswax work best.​ Shea butter is especially good at making beard hair look thicker.

We recommend avoiding beard balms that include synthetic ingredients. Sealants like petroleum jelly can cause skin irritation and damage your facial hair. You're much less likely to have skin irritation with the natural ingredient product.

Key Traits: Provides your beard with style & hold while providing a method of moisturizing your facial hairs. Side note: aim to choose the all natural ingredient beard balms.

Defining Beard Oil

Beard oil is a moisturizer for your beard. They usually come in a bottle and sometimes in a pump form. Beard oils create the healthy condition you and your beard needs for multiple reasons.

Beard oil is best at relieving a lot of the problems with growing a beard. It helps with beard itch, dandruff, and overall creates the best environment for your beard. For superior results we recommend using a beard oil with jojoba or argan based oils. These oils are the best facial moisturizers and last much longer on the shelf.

Beard oil also makes a great fragrance product. When the oil is made it can be mixed very easily with a wide selection of fragrance. That's where the great cedar wood or citrus smelling beard oils come in.

While fragrances are great they're also synthetic. The makeup of the fragrances isn't good for your beard hairs. If possible seek out an unscented beard oil.

Our favorite beard oil is the Gentlemen's Beard Oil. It's a 100% unscented beard oil that's completely natural and organic. There's absolutely no additives or other harmful ingredients that might cause you irritation.

The Gentlemen's Beard Oil also works as a beard conditioner and softener. It's complete with Vitamin E and safe to use all day long. If you're in the market for beard oil we would highly recommend this brand.

Key Traits: Prevents beard issues such as dandruff, itchiness, and irritation. Creates a healthy environment for continued beard growth.

The Ideal Candidate

You now know a little about Beard Balm vs Beard Oil. As you might can tell from the key traits of the products, beard oil is something all beardsmen should own. If you already have a beard or you're trying to grow more of one, beard oil will help you 100% of the way.

Your beard balm is better suited for those who already have a beard. It's a good practice to always continue using beard oil. It's only going to help your beard remain healthy. Add beard balm to the mix when your beard gets more difficult to manage.

It's completely safe to use both products on your beard. Using beard balm once you have a little length will give you ultimate control. Bad beard days definitely exist and I like to think of beard balm being the answer to that problem.

How to Apply Beard Balm & Oil

The amount of beard oil you'll require depends on how much beard you've got. Smaller beards can get away with 2 or 3 drops while larger beards can take more than twice that amount.

For beard oil I like to place the drops in the palm of my hand. Then rubbing my hands together and applying the oil to my facial hair. For larger beards it's important to make sure the oil reaches under the beard to the skin.

Beard oil is most effective when it gets deep into the beard. Making sure it moisturizes the skin will reduce any irritation and itching you have.​ It's a very simple process overall and one bottle of beard oil will last you quite some time.

For beard balm you want to make sure you're applying it when your beard is completely dry. Unlike beard oil which can be applied right after the shower, it's best to wait to apply beard balm.

When you're ready to apply the product you'll scoop some on the top of your thumb nail. It should only be a small dab of product around the size of a dime or less. From here you'll place it in your hand and begin warming the product. Just rub your hands together and it'll basically melt.​

Now you can begin applying it to your beard. Remember that beard balm is a styling product. It'll hold those loose beard hairs down and make everything match up nicely.​

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Here's a great demonstration video to give you the best example:​

Should You Use Both?

We mentioned earlier that you can use both Beard Balm and Beard Oil at the same time. There's really no reason not to use both products together as they're quite different in what they perform. You can easily include these both in your beard routine.

As your beard gets bigger it's going to get more difficult to groom without some sort of product. Think of the mornings you wake up and your beard is facing all different directions. The quick application of beard balm would solve that bed beard.​

Plus both products last you a fairly long amount of time with regular usage. On top of that they're not very expensive to reload on when you need more.​

Commonly Asked Questions

beard balm vs beard oil

When's the best time to use beard balm? - The best time is just going to be in the morning. This is when your beard is usually at its worst. Anytime your beard gets out of place or crazy makes a good time to use beard balm. Windy areas might be a good example where you'll require the product mid day.

When's the best time to use beard oil? - Right after taking a shower is an ideal time to apply beard oil. Hot water can dry your skin out and if you're not using beard shampoo for your facial hair your situation could be worse. Beard oil will moisturize the dry skin and keep your beard looking healthy.

Should I use beard oil before bed? - It's actually a good idea to apply a small amount of beard oil before bed. This keeps your beard in good condition through the night. It can results in not needing to use beard balm the next morning, but that would depend on what kind of sleeper you are.

Do you use fragrance beard oil? - Beard oil with a fragrance has synthetic ingredients as we mentioned earlier. However, I personally make an exception if I'm going on a date or just want a little extra "smell good" for that day. The woodsy smells are terrific and my woman really likes it so yours might too.

How long should my beard be for beard balm? - Technically you begin using beard balm whenever you'd like. I find the best time to begin adding beard balm to your routine is when your hairs can hang off your face. If you've got enough hair length to be able to stroke your beard even slightly, then you can begin using beard balm.

Beard Balm vs Beard Oil: Pick One!

By now you're becoming a beard balm vs beard oil master. It's relevant that both products have different benefits. While you don't have to use both, we highly encourage you to use one of these two products. If you're unsure still... then go with beard oil.

Hopefully this guide was able to help you determine which product you need now. We hope you enjoyed and if you would like to share your own experiences with these products please leave a comment below.​

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