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Men have an off-and-on relationship with beards. Sometimes, they’re a nuisance that must be continuously shaved and shaved again. Nonetheless, the beard always comes back, seemingly stronger than ever.

At other times, such as the modern era, beards are very much in fashion. This means that a different approach is taken to the beard. Instead of pushing it away, men have decided to tame it.But this can be a confusing process, particularly for men who aren’t used to hair products.

Thankfully, there are beard care kits, which compile everything you need to tame your beard in one simple package. Not all beard care kits are created equally, however.

How We Chose Our Ratings

Using only the most accurate and honest appraisals, we took into account a wide swatch of attributes when looking at the many beard kits on the market.

While our criteria were vast, these are just a few of the features we looked most closely at: price, ease of use, comprehensiveness, and durability. We did not employ any equation of such variables, as true value cannot be arrived by such a reductive means.

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Instead, we took each product and weighed its worth on its own individual basis. As such, sometimes the total package will be more than the sum of its parts, or vice-versa.Perhaps, the most important aspect of a beard care kit is the ingredients that go into the oil and other substances. These ingredients can make or break a product, either in terms of its efficiency or its unwanted side effects.

We also paid close attention to the peripherals that were added. Some might products might be highly effective, yet were lacking in total content.

Top 4 Beard Care Kits for the Average Guy

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After applying our complex appraisal system, we were able to pinpoint which beard care kits were truly total package, and which were jumping on the bandwagon of the beard resurgence.

While this list is ordered from best to worst, it’s important to remember that these products are the top 4 out of the entire market. This means that even number 5 is a top-shelf choice. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Now for the main event.

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Coming in a burlap bag, the Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit comes with a 2 oz bottle of beard oil, a 2oz tin of beard balm, a 4 oz bottle of beard wash and an oval, “military-style” brush.

Other than the classy, old-fashioned packaging, which looks straight out of the 19th century, the products are notable for being all-natural. There are no chemicals or artificial ingredients in any of the products.

If you find that hard to believe, let’s go into specifics. The beard oil is scented with fir needle and cedar wood, which gives it a rustic smell, perfect for men who would like to stay well-groomed while retaining a manly scent.The beard balm, likewise, is also scented with fir needle, but that’s not all. Grapefruit and lime are also used. As for the beard wash, it’s made using Castile soap and lathers.

For the brush, Mountaineer has opted away from using boar’s hair, which is something of a standard. This was done out of humanitarian reasons, as they did not wish to harm any animals in the making of their products. The burlap bag is also a nice touch, as it allows men to easily transport their products in something that doesn’t look remotely like a purse. 

This is all fine, but what do the people have to say? On Amazon, a whopping 71% of users gave the beard care kit a perfect score. As anyone who regularly uses the internet knows, this kind of overwhelming positivity is unusual. Specifically, users praise the scent and the resulting softness of their beard. They also point out Mountaineering’s excellent customer service. 

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Arriving in a stylishly simplistic cardboard box with “dedicated to manliness” written on the side, the Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set contains beard oil, beard shampoo and a beard brush. The English company takes pride in not offering any sample sizes or “cheesy promotions.” They’re confident in the merit of their product and aren’t looking to sell out in any way.

You are getting full-sized products, much larger than the average beard kit contains. Most beard kits are essentially a variety pack of half-sized versions of a company’s beard products.

Their beard oil is designed to soften, eradicate itchiness and prevent dandruff. It’s largely made of natural ingredients, such as jojoba, apricot kernel and almond. It also contains vitamin E, which is said to promote hair growth.

As for the brush, it’s made of 100% boar hair. While you might not get the beard wash and beard balm that the Mountaineer beard kit comes with, you’re getting larger products, so in some sense, it evens out. Beard balm and wash can be purchases separately from Seven Potions.

Reviewers have reacted kindly to the Seven Potions Beard Grooming Set, pointing out its accessibility to first-time beard care users. Men also like that the scene of the beard oil is faint and not too obtrusive.

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Proudly made in Brooklyn, NY, the Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit sports a sleek, minimalist design. While this might seem inconsequential and superficial, it’s evidence of the amount of care and attention that the company gives to ever facet of their product.

Each kit comes with a 9 oz bottle of beard shampoo, a 1 oz bottle of beard oil, a 2 oz tin of beard balm and a 100% boar bristle bear brush. Boy, that’s some impressive alliteration. Not only does the brush allow you to keep your beard smooth, but also to shape it.

With the large bottle of shampoo and the four products. As with the other products, Big Forest is all natural and organic, which means you don’t have to worry about rubbing strange chemicals into your pores. Not only are they all natural, but they’re also stuffed with vitamins and antioxidants to promote healthy hair.

For the beard shampoo, specifically, it’s made with coconut oil, jojoba and fir needle oils. These will remove unwanted odors and reduce itchiness. The beard oil contains both vitamin A and E, as well as alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols.

The beard balm should be the final step in your beard process, as will utilize shea butter, lanolin and coconut oil to keep all of your beard’s moisture intact. This is what makes it ultimately look thick and healthy.As for any scents, there’s only a woodsy, cedar and pine smell, much like the other choices.

On the review front, the Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit has faired well. Reviewers are impressed with the packaging, the scent and its ability to tame. One woman even claimed that it turned her husband’s “conspiracy theorist” beard into a “lumberjack chic” beard within days.

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Cheeky name aside, the Beardsley in the Box Care Set includes larger portions of its products than most other beard kits. You’ll get a 4 oz. bottle of Beardsley Lotion, a 4 oz. bottle of Beardsley Oil and a tin of beard balm, for which the size is not specified.

Unlike the other kits, which include a brush, this kit includes a styling comb. This would provide as strong a tool as the others, but it will be more effective when it comes to styling.

As Beardsley themselves put it, all four of these products serve to compliment each other as a “hydrator, volumizer, detangler, and styler.”Unlike the woodsy scene of the other beard kits, this kit’s beard lotion has a Bay Rum scent, which is a great alternative for men who don’t want to smell like a tree.

One strike against this kit is that while it contains many natural ingredients, such as herbal extracts and oils, it’s not completely organic. Despite this, consumers still tend to be relatively happy with the product, specifically praising the softness of their beards and the large bottles, which last a long time. Some customers even appreciate the leaflet included with the kit, with detailed directions for each product.

Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Buying Beard Care Kits

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While are many considerations that one should have when shopping for a beard care kit, the most important is ingredients. In this way, it’s similar to shopping for food.

You want to see an ingredient list that is fairly small and simple. If you see strange words, usually ending in “ine” or “ide,” that could mean they’re synthetic chemical and probably not for your hair or skin.

Of course, there are some out there who don’t care about a product being organic and for those, the most important aspect of a beard care kit you’ll want to focus on is total value.

How big are the sizes and how many products are you getting?

One of the reasons we determined the Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit to be the clear victor is due to its large selection of materials, in addition to its organic construction.

Even though the sizes are not as big as some of the other kits, you’re getting several different products, as well as a burlap bag, which doesn’t come with any other kit.

Lastly, you should also consider the scent. Not only will other people be smelling it, but in case you forgot, your beard is located directly under your nose, so get something you like.

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A Tamed Beard is a Healthy Beard

Now that beards are so fashionable, many men might feel compelled to grow theirs out.However, they might not be fully prepared for what it takes to maintain a happy, healthy beard. It’s similar to when a child badly wants a puppy, but isn’t fully cognizant of accompanying responsibilities.

This is why a beard care kit can mean the different between a scraggly, mountain man beard and a smooth, fluffy beard.As with any product, beard care kits are not all created equally. Some are better than others, and some are just different.Depending on your own personal preferences, you want a little bit of everything, or a lot of a few things.

When taking into account every possible preference, we can come to the conclusion that Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit covers the most bases. It’s especially appealing to first-time beard handlers, as there’s a wide variety of products included.

If you’re going to give in to the fad of growing out your bread, make sure you grow it responsibly.

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