Beard Dye Made Simple: How to Guide for Average Joe

So you've got some grey hairs and you want to know if beard dye and coloring is the route you should take. Beard dye is a great way to cover them pesky gray hairs and keep you looking youthful.

There's a couple nuggets of knowledge you want to know before going down this path. I'll make this whole process as simple & easy as possible to save you a headache in the future. Just follow along and I'll have you prepared to use beard dye with confidence.

The Right Beard Dye & Coloring for You

There's a trick to picking out and applying the right beard dye. You want the end result to be when someone see's you to notice you look younger without knowing your dyed your beard. That's the tricky part, but we're going to make it simple for you.

​You've got 2 options for hair color. You want to choose either a shade lighter or a shade darker than your natural or current color. If you're very nervous about this process I recommend going with the lighter shade.

Option 1) The Lighter Shade

​Going with a lighter shade will let you re-apply the beard dye a second time if the first application isn't coloring enough for you. This being your first time I recommend buying multiple boxes of a lighter shade in case you need to do the re-apply process.

Option 2) The Darker Shade

Going with a shade darker is recommended if you've got a little experience with beard dye or know someone who has some experience that can help you dye your beard.​ This is also a more frugal route to take. With a darker shade you want to apply HALF the dye and let it sit for HALF the recommended time. Usually letting it sit for around 2.5 minutes.

You'll get a lighter color out of the darker shade that should match up to your natural or current color. You'll also have half the package left to re-apply when your beard grows out or after time has passed and the color eventually washes from your beard.​

Option 3) Salon Professionals

Going to a salon professional is an option if you want a hands down great job that takes the worry out of your hands. However, I don't recommend going to a professional but I'll give some reasons why you it could be good for you.

​The reason I don't recommend a salon for beard dyeing is because the level of dedication it takes to keep coming back to that salon. Every time your beard grows out and you need the roots colored you'll have to go to the salon. It's just going to be a lot more expensive and time consuming in the long run.

A salon might be for you if you don't mind taking the extra time to make those trips and have the extra money in your pocket. It does take the stress and worry out of the equation and that might be enough for a salon to win you over.

Picking a Beard Dye & Coloring Brand

There's not a lot of options on the market for choosing beard dye. The one you most likely know is Just for Men and it's a good option that provides its famous "cover the gray" product selection. Your other option that I recommend is RefectoCil. It's a very good alternative option to Just for Men and we'll dive into more detail in our breakdown below.

Just for Men Beard Dye Review

Just for Men is a great option for removing the gray from your beard. It only takes around 5 minutes of sit time for the color to take hold. Being affordable, quick to use, easy to apply, and having a wide variety of color options make it a very good choice.

You can find this product in most major retail stores, but you can most likely find a wider variety of colors in online retailers like Amazon.​ The product has many reviews among each of its different colored boxes and the average review tends to be around 4.3 of 5 stars.

Possible Cons: If you have sensitive skin this product might cause you some irritation. Just for Men is made of different chemicals which you might consider harsh. There's reports of redness, itchy skin, rash, and even a burning or tingling sensation from guys with sensitive skin.​

RefectoCil Beard Dye Review

RefectoCil is a popular alternative to the Just for Men brand. It's application time is 10 minutes which is twice the time as Just for Men, but the color tends to last a whole lot longer. You can get 6 weeks or more of color out of your beard dye application without needing to touch up.

If Just for Men is harsh for your skin and you need something to replace it, RefectoCil is the best choice.​ You'll find it on online retailers like Amazon and the average review out of all their products looks to be around 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Possible Cons: You'll need to purchase the Beard Dye and the ​developer separately, but there are combination kits available now like this one.

Prepping for Your 1st Beard Dye Application

Before you do any actual beard dyeing there's a couple things to tackle first. These preliminary steps will make sure you have a great experience and get the best results out of your beard coloring product.

The day before you're going to dye your beard do not wash your hair.​ Shampoo and conditioner will linger on the hairs and prevent the dye from soaking into the hairs effectively. Which might the color work well in some spots and not others or cause it to not be very effective at all.

If you're worried about using the product due to sensitive skin I recommend applying a small amount to the inside crease of your arm. Let it sit for 5 minutes and wipe it away. Wait a couple days and if there's no reaction you should be good to go.​

When you're ready to dye your beard​ make sure to mark these off your checklist to be fully prepared for the process. Sometimes it's the little things that save you the most headache.

  • Wear an old rag shirt that you don't mind getting permanent stains on.
  • Have a junk hand towel or two on hand to cover your sink and surrounding areas.
  • Paper towels will come in handy. Grab a roll and go ahead and rip off a couple pieces. Have about 5 laying near you to wipe away any splats or spills quickly.
  • Latex Gloves to prevent staining your hands and making more of a mess. Use them for the entire process. Even if you're using an applicator comb.

To wrap things up in the prepping process you want to get a new shampoo, but not just any shampoo. You want a color treatment shampoo. These shampoo's are built to not tear away the color you've done to your beard.

A lot of beard coloring lasts around 2 weeks but with a​ color treatment shampoo you can extend that about another week between applications. So, overall you're saving a lot of time and money with these shampoo's and it's way worth it.

Essentials for First Time Success

Of course you want to have your first time experience be an amazing one. Let's recap some of the previous tips to make sure you're on the right track:

  • Don't shower for a day or two before applying beard dye.
  • Wear an old shirt that you don't mind getting stained.
  • Use junk hand towels to cover your work area.
  • Have a roll of paper towels and rip off 5 pieces to have nearby for spills & splats.
  • Use latex gloves during the entire process.
  • Have a color treatment shampoo to lock in your hair color for a longer time.

You're now ready to dye your beard. Open your box and following the instructions to a T. Don't navigate away from any of the instructions. Your box typically will come with the coloring and an activator.

Don't worry if the color doesn't look exactly the same after you've mixed the ingredients. The color will usually look a lot lighter when you first mix it, but it will darken up to the appropriate color once you begin applying it.​

Don't worry if you have ingredients left in the tubes after following the instructions. A lot of products give you enough product for more than one color application.​

Once your mixture is together make sure to apply it quickly. You don't want to wait and let the mixture sit. Applying it quickly will insure you get equal coloring on all of your beard. Also, go for the gray areas first and then work your way to the natural areas of your beard.

Always: Color the entire beard and not just the gray areas!​

Once you've applied the mixture start your timer immediately. Wait the recommended time which is usually 5 minutes. If you think the color is going to be to dark then give it 2.5 minutes to get a lighter shade. You can always re-apply if need be for another shade darker.

Prepare to jump in the shower right after your time is up.​ You don't want to leave the dye in any longer to avoid skin irritation.

Maintaining Your Colored Beard

Alright so you now have a colored beard and you either love it or hate it. If you hate it it's probably because you've got a shade that doesn't match closely to your natural beard color. If that's you then don't throw the idea of beard dye out the window. Give it another try next time to correct the mistake and I'm sure you'll love it.

If you love the outcome of your beard coloring you'll need to make sure to take care of it. You'll need to re-apply color every 3-4 weeks depending on different factors. Just watch your color and beard growth for when to re-apply. Not everyone will have to do it as frequent as someone else.

Make sure to use the color treatment shampoo to get longer lasting results. There's no reason not to and you'll save yourself money in the long run since your color will stay longer.​ Avoid using regular soap or shampoo as it will remove the coloring much quicker.

It's also a good idea to pick up some beard oil.​ Beard oil will keep your beard looking healthy and it'll apply a coat of oil that will also aid in your facial hair coloring.

Again if you hate the outcome you'll only need to wait around a month to see it wash out. You can quicken the removal by using normal shampoo's or even trimming your beard. Your natural beard growth will aid in getting rid of the coloring, but I encourage you to try again and attempt to correct your mistake in shade.​

Common Questions About Dyeing a Beard

Where can I buy beard dye? - You can pick up beard dye from any major retailer. The Just for Men brand is what you're typically going to find in these stores. If you want to see alternatives you'll need to check online & you'll get more options for Just for Men online Vs. a major retailer.​

How can I remove the dye stain from my skin? - If things got a little messy don't worry it's normal for non-professionals. You can remove the coloring from your skin quicker using nail polish remover. Otherwise it'll remove from soap, water, and scrubbing with time and effort. Without using nail polish remover it may take a day or two. Be careful not to get any nail polish remover on your beard though!

When's the best time to color my beard? - There's no best time to apply beard dye that's going to result in a better outcome. You should be however following some of the tips we mentioned before applying beard coloring. Try to avoid showering a day before and don't dye your beard the day before any major event like a wedding. You're likely going to have some dye on your skin that'll need removed the day after.

Should I test my allergies before dyeing my beard? - Definitely! Test a small patch of your skin 48 hours before dyeing your beard. I recommend using the inside crease of your arm as the testing area. If you get any irritation from it you can expect the same level of discomfort when dyeing your beard. If it's a major discomfort you may want to try a Natural Organic Beard Dye.

My beard dyed to dark. What can I do? - After the initial dye process if you feel it's to dark and would be happier with a lighter shade just jump into the shower quickly and use a bar of soap & washcloth to scrub your beard a little. It'll lighten the shade up for you. Any further washing I recommend sticking to the color treatment shampoo's we mentioned earlier.

Can I use hair color on my beard? - The quick answer is no. Hair dye has a different chemical makeup compared to beard dye. The hair on your head is a lot different than your facial hair. There's different thickness and textures which the dyes have to penetrate which require different makeup in your coloring product.

How can I get the most out of my coloring? - Make sure to follow the tips we've covered through this article. Always use the color treatment shampoo, use a beard oil, and re-coloring should occur every 3-4 weeks. Practice a little getting the shade just right and you'll have a very long lasting beard dye experience.​

When Its All Said and Done

As you've discovered by now there's quite a bit of work to make sure your beard dye comes out good. I hope this guide made the process simple enough for you to follow and gave you enough tips to get the most out of your coloring.

Make sure to share this guide with friends and help them in their beard coloring journey. If you think we left something out please leave us a comment below and feel free to share your own personal experience with beard dye.​

If it's done right it can really shed years off your age and give you a youthful appearance.​

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