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If you have problems growing a full beard that's where beard growth spray comes in. A full beard fills us with confidence, looks masculine, and really boosts self-esteem when you're able to grow a full one. What about those of us that can't grow a full beard on our own?

For some of us that can't grow our own beard it can lower our self-esteem and make us feel less manly. Fortunately in today's world we're able to make solutions to these problems.  You'll still have to put in a little work. You're going to have to survive the itchy phase of growing a beard, typically the first 4  weeks.

Let's talk about some beard growth spray.​

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Is Beard Growth Spray for You?

Just because a product like beard growth spray exists doesn't mean you should be using it. Give beard growing a real try and see if you get any natural results. I always recommend doing it naturally if you can. Even if the natural path will take you a little longer it's still the path you should go down if you're able to.

If you've got a patchy beard you can still fill those spots in with time. If you've done your due diligence and have given your beard at least 6 months to see decent results, but you just aren't seeing the results. Then you may want to go for the beard growth spray.​

If facial hair is extremely hard to grow for you there may be a testosterone ​issue. Here's some natural ways to boost testosterone and aid in beard growth. I would consider seeing which of these you're able to add to your routine to use in conjunction with beard growth spray. Always consult your Doctor before hand as I'm not a medical professional.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone:​

1. Chopping Wood - Studies show that chopping wood actually increases testosterone levels more than playing sports. It's also a great physical activity that you can get outside and get some fresh air with too.

2. Losing Weight - Exercising and losing weight will boost your natural testosterone levels. Extra body fat can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and many other health problems that also lower testosterone.

​3. The Right Foods - Eating a diet rich in protein & iron increases testosterone and hair growth. There's medical proof linked to low iron levels and hair loss. Luckily if you get back to healthy levels your hair will return in thickness.

Introducing Maxx Beard for Beard Growth

I know what you're thinking, this isn't a "beard growth spray". It's actually a dropper instead. Just a different method of delivering the liquid inside. However if you take a deep look online into other beard sprays you'll notice there aren't any really good options.

That's why we ended up landing on Maxx Beard being the best applicable ​beard growth spray. Out of all other products this one has actually delivered results for more people. While other products claim they can help you grow a beard, this one has real customer reviews backed with images.

There's several mentions of people using this product for more than their beard. Customers have used this on their hair & eyebrows and also saw great results. The only complaint I see is that the product does have a strong smell. A lot of customers keep it in a zip-lock ​bag.

The Pros:

  • Works Really Well
  • Comes with Dropper
  • Works on More than Beards

The Con's:

  • Not an Actual Spray
  • Strong Smell
  • Beard Might Become to Mighty

Video Review of Maxx Beard

Works On All Hair

If you have a problem growing a beard plus hair on your head you'll like to know this product has seen results filling in head hair. There was even mention of someone's wife using it on her eyebrows, but we're not recommending females pick this product up. Might be some mustache accidents if you're not careful!

maxxbeard review
maxxbeard review 2

Beard Growth XL Beard Growth Vitamins

While beard growth spray is a wonderful product I recommend you combine it with a good vitamin for hair growth. Most the vitamin's we've seen have been below standard results, but after scouring the web for reviews and real results we found Beard Growth XL to be the real deal.

Beard growth spray is an external use product that works from the outside in. It stimulates hair growth and provides nutrients to the roots of your hairs. If you combine that with these vitamins you're going to see results like you've never experienced before.​

Keep in mind that neither of these is an overnight solution. In fact there are NO overnight solutions out there and if claims to be they're telling you a lie.​

The Pros:

  • Real Proof it Works
  • Fairly Priced
  • Long lasting results

The Con's:

  • Must remember to take them
  • Not a beard growth spray
  • Doesn't taste good

What are The Customers Saying?

We've looked all over for real reviews on these two products. We've found people claiming it works and some that it doesn't. We looked deeper into the people claiming it didn't work and found most of them didn't wait very long to give accurate results. It seems they might of been to impatient to see the results of these products.

Most of the reviews we found that claimed the products work great also had proof of their results. These were images from real people and the average Joe next door. That's what we like to see when looking for honest reviews.

Alternatives to Beard Growth Sprays

If MaxxBeard and Beard Growth XL aren't products you want to take then you may be disappointed to know there's not many great choices out there. A lot of the other products may have good reviews, but if you look all around and real deep you'll discover they're not as great as they claim to be.

​You can use a good beard oil to keep your beard healthy. This will prevent split ends, brittle beard, and keep your beard looking great. It's not however going to initiate additional growth the same way these products will. If you're in need of a more subtle solution however beard oil could be what you need.

​That's about it for your other options. We've found most other vitamins and beard growth sprays to not live up to their expectations. We don't want you to waste money on something that isn't going to work like it should.

  • Once you're growing a beard you might consider investing in a beard comb.

Summing Up Facial Hair Growth

We all want the manly mane that's full, thick, and looks great. With a beard growth product like MaxxBeard and Beard Growth XL you can hopefully achieve that dream or get as close as possible. It's like the phrase "aim for the moon, if you miss... you'll land among the stars" except for our world of beards.

​That's it for our beard growth spray review and while neither one of the products are a spray they are your best option to see great results. Try them out and leave us a comment with your results. I love to hear how we've helped someone out.

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