Beard Maintenance 101: 7 Tips To Help You Achieve The Perfect Look

Your beard is a reflection of who you are.

Making the first impression is extremely important, so when you show up with an unkempt beard and introduce yourself to someone, it leaves a perception about you.

That may not be fair or recommended, but such is life.

If you’re planning on growing a beard, then you should take some pride in your appearance. It’s too easy to be lazy and let what could be a handsome accessory degrade your appearance.

Taking pride in your beard means you have to do maintenance on it. You have to trim it, clean it, comb it, and overall ensure that you’re presenting the best version of yourself.

Beard maintenance is like any other grooming or hygiene routine you have in the day. How you look leaves a remarkable impact on how you feel about yourself, your self-confidence, and your love for your own body.

Benefits of a Well-Kept Beard

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Taking care of a beard helps establish a sense of responsibility for your own body. If you aren’t a very active person, that’s perfectly within your wheelhouse, but sometimes it becomes easy to lose track of your own appearance. The necessity that comes with having something to take care of that you enjoy builds your own motivations to improve yourself, even if all that encompasses is a great beard.

If you are a particularly active person, then that’s all the more reason to keep a healthy look. Beards, like any other part of the body, are prone to gathering dirt, dandruff, and various bits of debris that end up wrecking your hygiene.

Without proper beard maintenance, you’ll find that the beard becomes a deterrent to your own happiness. No one wants that. Beards are in vogue now, and you don’t want to lose that simply because you don’t take care of it.

Chances are you already know this: beard hygiene is good. However, there’s more to it than just that. Keeping a clean beard is the minimum, but you want to go a step further.

Like we said, a beard is a reflection of who you are. You want your beard to be ideal, to complement your style, your aesthetic, and the vibe of your character.

You want to achieve the perfect look.

Beard Maintenance: Tips to Help Achieve the Perfect Look

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There’s plenty that you can do regarding beard maintenance to capture that picturesque image you have of yourself. It’ll take a little bit of habitual effort to maintain it, but those are all a means to the end. Even the routine of keeping your beard styled can become something zen-like. It’s like hedge-trimming really.

Wait It Out

Here’s the first semi-contradictory step toward forming the perfect look: give it time to grow. That means no shaving, trimming, or general shaping for while a while. That’s not to say you can neglect the health of your beard, it just means you’ll have a bit of a wild man look to start off with.

Every man’s beard is a little bit different in how they grow, and while you may have a friend who grows an enormous beard, yours may turn out a bit smaller, thinner, or thicker.

The first part of the process toward engineering your look is having a good grasp on what sort of beard you have. That means letting it naturally grow out into its shape gives you time to figure out what fits best with it. After a month or two, you should begin to have an idea of what sort of shape your beard is heading toward. Once you’ve been a little patient with it, you can then decide whether to start grooming it then or letting it grow out even more.

Arm Yourself With Grooming Accessories

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The very basics of a man’s grooming toolbox can be boiled down to two things: a razor and shaving cream. While those can suffice for most men, they’re little more than the bottom line of what you need. They lack the utility and versatility required to sculpt a good look out of your facial hair.

If you want to achieve the perfect look, your beard maintenance kit is going to need an overhaul.If you’re looking to care for a large beard, then you need to get some scissors. You won’t need these for much more than pruning the edges of your beard, but you’ll need that eventually.

Long beards can tend to gravitate towards split ends, tangles, and uneven growth, so you’ll need something to keep that in check. Your upper lift is going to need attention as well, so clippers are ideal for handling that situation.

You’ll want something a little bit better than a razor to properly shape your beard as well. Purchasing a beard trimmer will help you with options involving precision and accurate shaping. A beard trimmer is likely going to end up being your bread and butter when it comes to perfecting your beard growth. For extra help, you may want to look into purchasing a beard shaper to help with your edges.

There’s nothing better than a good comb and brush to achieve top-tier beard maintenance. For larger beards, a comb is going to be more your speed. Consistent attention to your beard will ensure it will look and feel nicer, resulting in a shinier, healthier appearance.

Shorter beards work better with brushes, allowing you to shape the direction, grain, and uniformness of your look.

Revitalize Your Beard’s Health

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There’s more to ensuring your look beyond trimming and shaping your hair. Mastering your particular style is an admirable start, but even well-shaped beards can still fall short of what you’re going for.

A lot of that has to do with varying health factors that your beard can suffer from: dryness, tangles, patchiness, and more. A beard trimmer isn’t going to fix those.

It’s time to invest in a good beard conditioner. If your beard ends up growing out to be coarse and scratch, then it’s probably not going to be a very comfortable look. It’s not something you have to suffer for either, as long as you maintain proper beard maintenance. Beard conditioner helps ensure that your beard stays healthy, clean, and soft.

Beard oil can complement your hygiene. Bringing the shine and cleanliness back to your appearance improves not only your own mood but the overall positive reception of your appearance.

Coming in both fragrant and non-fragrant varieties gives you options toward the sensual perception your beard can bring. If you appreciate a nice woodsy smell accompanying your beard, then that can help augment your style.

The important part of maintaining your beard is ensuring that the entirety of your face is healthy. The simple act of even having a beard brings with it several health benefits.

However, if not properly cared for, your beard has drawbacks. The use of oils, balms, and conditioners will not only result in your overall health but will kick the attractive nature of your beard up a few notches.

Ensure Your Skin’s Health

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It’s important to keep the skin hidden beneath your skin healthy to ensure your beard’s best performance. Beard maintenance covers everything on your face, not just the hair. If your pores and follicles are disrupted, blocked, or left uncared for, your perfect look will suffer for it.

If we’re starting with the basics, then this can’t be stated enough: wash yourself. Keeping a clean body ensures that dirt, bacteria, and other harmful products don’t degrade your beard. Keeping a consistent cleaning regimen, while already a good thing to have whether you have a beard or not, will keep your facial hair in tip-top shape on a day-to-day basis.

If you don’t already have a bottle, find a good brand of face moisturizer to keep on hand. The basic reason to keep your face hydrated is to ensure your skin and beard don’t dry out, but there are plenty of other benefits that complement your look that comes with it. There’s more than one brand that infuses your skin with various vitamins and minerals, promoting your overall health and improving your complexion.

The cleaner, healthier, and more hydrated your face is, the better your complexion and beard will be. While natural oils are your body’s way of keeping your beard maintained, excess oil will do more harm than good. A good face moisturizer ensures the long-term prosperity of your beard by starting at the foundation.

Format Your Beard to Your Face

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The reality is that not everyone can grow a beard like ZZ Top. Chances are many people aren’t interested in that sort of beard style, but your takeaway needs to be that not every style will be suited to your face. Hopefully, while letting your beard grow out, you would have come to the conclusion of what your best beard style will be. That doesn’t mean you still won’t struggle with it.

Facial structure has just about everything to do with what sort of beard will work for you. While you may be interested in one type of beard, and we still recommend you try and aim for it, there’s a chance that it simply won’t mesh with your structure. Don’t let that dishearten you, because there are still plenty of options that will end up being your perfect look.

Dealing With Patchiness

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This tip won’t be for everyone, but it is for one sector of plighted men looking to grow a nice beard. No matter how many beard maintenance tips you get, the supposed inability to grow an even, thick beard can be disappointing. Believe me, I sympathize. However, you’re still in the dugout, and there are still options for you to maximize on your beard growing efforts.

Though it may be a long-term endeavor, age usually comes with the benefit of a thicker beard. There are parts of the body that continue to grow as the years go by, like your nose and ears. Though it might be a few years before you start noticing a thicker growth on your chin, you can look forward to that as you age. But how about the short term?

The first tip is to have a little bit of patience. It may simply be that your beard takes longer to evenly grow in with the rest of your beard. During the period you’re waiting for your facial hair to grow out, give yourself more time to let your beard develop.

Alternatively, beard oils can help promote the speed and growth thickness that your beard can experience. If you start your beard maintenance early, you can help your beard grow thicker with consistent application of various beard oils. Make sure that the brand you’re using is intended to help with that sort of problem first.

Now, here’s an interesting consideration: you might not have a patchy beard. If you happen to have lighter hair, then your beard will match that tone of color. That means that, while you may easily see the darker parts of your beard that has grown in, you might not be able to see it all. Here’s our suggestion: dye your beard. It shouldn’t be an extreme change, but find a dye that’s similar to your current hair tone and apply it. You might just see a startling change in your own perception of your beard.

Adjust Your Diet

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Professional athletes, actors, and multiple other fields require a moderated diet to ensure they’re in excellent shape. Keeping track of what types of food go into your body goes a long way toward ensuring your overall health. When you’re growing a beard, what you consume contributes to how you look as well. That means the better foods you eat result in higher-quality beard maintenance.

Focus on what sorts of vitamins you’re absorbing into your body. Like any health-focused diet, vitamins and minerals play a central position in your overall health. When it comes to specifically benefit beard health, however, there are three you want to pay attention to: Vitamins A, C, and E. Each of these contribute to the fullness, shine, and strength of your facial hair.

Don’t forget to get your full-on zinc and protein. These vital nutrients ensure thicker beard growth and healthier skin to support it. An altered diet to include a healthy dose of both of these affects the long-term sustainability of your beard while also benefiting the rest of your body.

Water is vital to all life on Earth. Keeping yourself hydrated is the obvious thing to do in any walks of life, but when it comes to beard maintenance it’s especially crucial. Water supports your circulatory system, which supports the overall health of your beard growth in turn. While any sort of liquid, like soda or beer, can help ensure you stay hydrated, nothing can beat pure, plain water.

Your diet should, in the end, feature plenty of vegetables. While veggies may not be the most exciting food group to eat, they’re packed with the essentials you need for good beard maintenance. Other foods, like eggs, dairy, and meat, are still well within your suggested diet, so you shouldn’t cut those out either. Just try to make sure what you’re eating isn’t sourced solely from the local McDonald’s.

Caring for Your Beard Is Caring for Yourself

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Respect for your beard is respect for your body. That’s not narcissistic, that’s simply ensuring that you’re taking care of what’s yours.

Respect and love for what gives you life are vital for a positive and healthy outlook on life in general.

Coming down to your beard, your facial hair is a vital part of that perception. So long as you try and care for your beard, you’re ensuring a proper approach to life itself.

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