6 Options For Your Beard Oil Substitute

Looking for a great beard oil substitute? There are a couple different options at your disposal when looking for alternatives to beard oil. You know you should be taking care of your beard but for one reason or another you need something different.

Below you'll find what I've come across to be the very best options for beard oil alternatives. It's important to take care of your beard in all stages of its growth so here's what you should do when you need a beard oil that well... isn't beard oil.

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Why Use A Beard Oil Substitute?

Before we jump into a list of beard oil substitutes lets talk about why even bother finding one. In general beard oil is a simple product created with 2-3 core ingredient types. Beard oil consists of a carrier oil, essential oil, and optionally vitamin oil.

Carrier oils are your cornerstone oil in the recipe and it does the bulk of the work. Quite often you'll see Argan oil or Jojoba oil in popular beard oil recipes and bottles being sold online. These carrier oils provide the most benefit to your hair and technically you would receive the same amount of benefits using pure carrier oils making them a beard oil substitute all on there own.

Essential oils is where many of your fragrances come in. These oils help mold a beard oil into different types or names. Common essential oils for beard oils are the wood scents like sandalwood or cedar. A couple drops of that with your carrier oil and you've began developing a unique beard oil. The essential oil scent is what brings people back again and again to buy a beard oil but you could in fact make your own at home or go with essential oil all together.

Vitamin oils are none essential but they do have an added benefit if used. The most popular of which would be Vitamin E that repairs damaged hair. You often don't see vitamin oils in beard oils because it makes them more expensive and since it isn't 100% needed the maker often goes without them.

Now that you know the recipe makeup of 99% of beard oils its easier to see why you may want to find a beard oil substitute. All the ingredients are very easy to come by and can easily be made at home or you can use Jojoba oil by itself and get the same benefit but I've more substitutes option you could use.

6 Great Beard Oil Substitutes

Below I've put together a list of beard oil substitutes that you could use. You'll find a brief description and the pro's and cons of using the substitute compared to using a beard oil someone or a company has put together.

#1 Carrier Oils

I've talked briefly about how carrier oils are the core of every beard oil product you see. There are several different types of carrier oils you could choose from (here's a list). Some carrier oils are known to have direct benefits to hair such as Argan and Jojoba oil but feel free to research the other oils and you may find another one with a natural scent or other benefits you like.

Here's the pro's and cons of using only a base carrier oil Vs beard oils.

Pro's: You're getting the core benefits any beard oil would have while being able to pay a fraction of the cost. You can pick up larger bottles of Argan oil for a much cheaper price per ounce.

Cons: You're missing out on the essential oil and vitamin oil blend. There can be added benefits to this depending on the oils in the beard oil mixture. You're also going to miss out on the scented side of bead oil which often can replace the need for a cologne.

#2 Beard Balms

Beard balm's are the best beard oil substitute if you're looking for something very similar to beard oil but in a none oil format. Beard balm is a waxed based product that has all the benefits of beard oil. It's basically beard oil in an entirely different format.

The main ingredient added to balms to change its form are butters and beeswax. Beard balms have a very buttery consistency which also allow it to provide your beard with a light hold. Think of it as a weaker pomade for its bonus side effect but the main benefits are a healthier beard.

Pro's: You're getting the same beard oil benefits in an entirely different format. On top of that beard balms give you a light amount of hold which lets you style your beard to some degree or actually have it stay in place.

Cons: There aren't any real downside to using beard balms when compared to beard oils. You're getting everything in beard oils just in a different state. I don't see where you would lose out anywhere by using beard balms.

#3 Mineral Oils

Baby oil is a good mineral oil product that can be used in place of beard oil. However I only recommend doing this when you're in a pinch because mineral oil is made largely from synthetic material.

Baby oils helps absorb water to your skin which is great for staying moisturized but the other synthetic ingredients in baby oil aren't great for your beard. So use it sparingly if you do use it and try to get yourself one of the other alternative substitutes.

Pro's: It's great in a pinch or when you've run out of your other beard products. If you have children you likely always have this around so it would readily available.

Cons: It's made up of plenty of synthetic materials. Long term usage can cause adverse effects to your beard.

#4 The DIY Route for Beard Oil

Ok, so maybe this isn't a real substitute to beard oil but making your own beard oil can be a good route to go. Since you're looking for alternatives to beard oil you're likely unhappy with what's currently out there or the price of what's available out there.

That can be rectified by making your own beard oil and it's probably much easier than you think it is. I've written a similar article on DIY pre-shave oil and the process for beard oils is nearly the same.

Creating your own beard oil is much cheaper and gives you full control over what you can do. You can make something completely unique that you love and something you haven't been able to find online. Who knows maybe you'll make something you can begin selling yourself.

Pro's: Much cheaper than buying beard oils online. You have full control over the product you're making and have the ability to be a mad scientist and experiment with different combinations.

Cons: Requires more of your personal time. Getting started requires you to purchase kits for essential oils and bottles etc.. but once you have these items around the cost drops significantly.

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Early Beard Growth Substitutes

If you didn't know already using a beard oil is great even when you're in the stubble stages of beard growth. It helps you beard come in healthy and relieves some common growing pains like beard itch.

When it comes to beard oil substitutes there are different recommendations if you're in the earlier stages of beard growth. Here's what I've got for you if you're under a month of beard growth.

#5 Light Lotion

Lotion can be used as a temporary substitute when you're in the earlier stages of beard growth. It'll help keep your skin moisturized and prevent beard dandruff and reduce itchiness.

You shouldn't use lotion once you've grown some beard because it's only going to apply to the hairs and its benefits are for the skin underneath. So once your beard grows out using lotion becomes more useless and you should swap to a alternative I've mentioned above.

Pro's: You likely already have some lotion laying around the house so you can begin using it today. It helps soothe your skin during the earlier phases of beard growth.

Cons: The main downside is you're unable to use it for a long time. Your beard will quickly grow to thick to get the skin benefits from using lotion.

#6 Face Creams and Scrubs

You know those facial creams with the small scrub beads in them? Those or other types of exfoliating facial creams are great during your early beard growth stages. Exfoliating creams help remove dead skin cells and expose tiny hairs trapped under your skin.

Exposing these newly growing hairs prevents ingrown hairs and helps your beard grow in fuller quicker. Plus they make your skin feel absolutely amazing. I recommend exfoliating frequently either way because there's so many healthy benefits to doing so.

Pro's: Exfoliating is great for your skin. It removes dead skin cells, excess oils, and exposes newly growing hairs from under the skin.

Cons: You won't be able to exfoliate the skin underneath your beard very well once your beard begins to grow in. Look to use one of the other methods above once you have some beard growth.

Any Other Beard Oil Substitutes?

Well yes, there are some other substitutes out there but not really ones we would recommend to a friend. Some of them include coconut butter, fish oil masks, and even grocery store peanut butter. So for one reason or another I've chosen not to include them. Imagine the smell of a fish oil mask lingering around.

Leaving them out is doing both of us a favor. The 6 options I've presented above should hopefully be more than enough to satisfy our search for a good substitute. When you boil it all down you're just looking for what is best for your facial hair.

If you're still on the fence about what to do then I suggest experimenting with creating your own beard oils. It can be quite a fun experience and there are plenty of other uses of the skill. Not only would you be able to find a suitable oil for yourself but they can make great birthday or holiday gifts.

Commonly Asked Questions

From what I've been able to gather there are still some frequently asked questions people want to know surrounding this topic. Below you'll find those questions and my answer for them. If you have any lingering thoughts check below to see if I've already answered a question you might have.

Can you use olive oil for beard oil?

Yes, olive oil actually makes a great carrier oil for your beard. I would recommend using it with a recipe mixed with essential oils for added benefit. A few drops of olive oil will give your beard a soft shine and nourish your hairs.

Using olive oil or any carrier oil in general will help with beard itch, skin irritation, and hair growth. The one thing you have to look out for is acne. If you get acne easily or already have very oily skin then you want to use carrier oils very sparingly until you have a larger beard.

Can you use Brylcreem as beard oil?

Brylcreem has some ingredients which are good for your beard such as mineral oil and beeswax. However there are to many other ingredients which are bad for your beard including mineral oil not being superior to call Brylcreem a beard oil substitute.

So my verdict is to not use it as a beard oil replacement. Look for something else.

Will baby oil help your beard grow?

While baby oil can have some benefits for your beard. It keeps your skin moisturized, fights off beard dandruff, and can relieve beard itch it isn't going to help your beard grow quicker. In the areas it does help apart of that side effect may assist in growth but baby oil doesn't directly effect your beards ability to grow.

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