Beard Supplements: Should you be using them?

Beard supplements can be a great way to complete your beard. If you're having problems with patchiness, mustache not connecting, or little to no beard growth then supplements might be what you need.

Ideally supplements are best for those who don't want to apply a facial product or have sensitive skin. We'll cover the details, price, and facts on beard supplements so you'll know if they're something you might want to use.​

What's in Beard Supplements?

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Beard supplements are simply a vitamin that's formulated to boost hair growth. You'll see a mixture of different vitamins and other ingredients depending on the brand. In this example we're going to take a look at VitaBeard Supplements.

VitaBeard supplements are vegan, non-GMO, and promises to grow a fuller thicker beard. You'll get a total of 90 capsules which a 30 day supply. The daily recommendation is 3 pills.

Supplement Facts

beard supplement facts

The supplement facts in VitaBeard are similar to most other beard supplements on the market. As you can see from the image above that you can get most of this from any multivitamin.

Don't let the percentage of the daily value confuse you either. Your body is very good at using what it needs and getting rid of the rest when it comes to vitamins.​ Your body will take in what it needs that day and the rest will come out through urine.

They key ingredient to promote your hair growth is Biotin.​ There's still a debate if Biotin is a major factor in growing hair, but the general notion is it does help. One study states that Biotin may help prevent hair loss instead of promoting new hair growth.

The one sure thing that's hard to deny is the people seeing real results. You can't turn a blind eye to someone who's patchy beard filled in 2 months after using VitaBeard. There's other examples like this that give us all a lot of faith in the product.

​Is the Cost Worth It?

There's a decent range gap on the price of beard supplements. You'll see them priced between $25 to $50 typically. That price is based on a 30 day supply of the supplements.

To see results using beard supplements it's going to take some time. Most people don't see results for 1-2 months. The very fortunate see results in the first 2 weeks, but this isn't the norm.

If it takes 2 months on average to see results you're looking at $50 - $100. It's for you to decide if $100 is worth boosting your beard growth or not. It's also a patience game and not everyone is willing to wait 2 months or more to see results.

If you want to make sure you're getting the best results, take a look at Beard Grow XL. It's the highest rated beard supplement on the market right now. There's lots of guys seeing results an we believe it's the best option at this time.

Beard Grow XL is also one of the more expensive supplements. The real boiling point here is that a lot of the supplements of similar ingredients. So how one can outperform the other is beyond my chemist abilities, but the proof is in the pudding. Well, in this case the consumer reviews which we'll show later.​

Social Opinion & Real Results

There's a mix of results with the outcome of using beard supplements. It's important to know that not everyone is going to experience similar results and your mileage will vary. Hopefully you're on the good end of the spectrum and receive amazing results quicker.

If you're not in the good graces of the beard gods then don't worry. It may take you 3-6 months in a worst case scenario. If you don't receive any results beyond 6 months I would discontinue using supplements and dry different methods.​

That leads us to some of the positive reviews we've come across to show you this stuff works.​

The above two reviews are rather impressive. A major problem I've had myself is getting my mustache and beard to connect. The guy leaving the first review said it was able to help him connect the gap. If Beard Grow XL can do that then I recommend anyone give it a shot.

Here's a more detailed review from someone very enthusiastic about this beard supplement.​

My fellow Americans, long story short, buy the product. I was hesitant at first since it wasn't FDA approved but then I asked myself, "How many things have I bought in the past that were not FDA approved?" The answer is every day. That being said, I was convinced to give it a try after spending a good hour reading the customer reviews. Here is my review after 2 months:
1. I was on a strict routine of 3 pills everyday. I did not skip one day during the duration. (I still take it).
2. The last time I grew my beard out, my hairs fell out of their follicles every time I brushed them or simply ran my hands through my beard. My beard health then was very poor. It looked healthy, but the hairs were very weak. After taking Beard Grow XL, I cannot shed any hairs from brushing or running my fingers through it, even if my life depended on it. The vitamins have left my hairs extremely strong.
3. It filled in all the areas that used to always look not as filled-in and filled the areas at a faster than expected rate, as those areas used to take much longer to grow than other areas on my beard.
4. I did NOT experience any type of "conditioning", as some of the other customer reviews have stated.
Conclusion: my beard grew in very fast. My beard grew thicker, stronger, fuller and filled areas that used to always be patchy. It did not condition my beard (soften texture of hair). Wife noticed how fast and full my beard grew (she was unaware that I purchased or was using Beard Grow XL. This product is perfect for guys like me who don't have a Healthy and balanced diet (because Taco Bell) and want a healthy beard. Shut up and give them your money.
beard growth products

Thoughts on Beard Supplements

Beard supplements are a great way to promote beard growth. However they do require a bit of patience. Just know you need to allow 2-3 months at minimum to see any results. That's a generous standard to go by and you shouldn't get discouraged if you don't see quick results.

Supplements can be the more expensive option to grow your beard. Due to the original ticket price and having to buy a couple months supply it can really add up.​ There's cheaper alternatives which we'll talk about a little later.

Overall beard supplements are a good way to go. They're ideal if you have sensitive skin or don't like to apply product to your face.​

Alternatives to Beard Supplements

If beard supplements turn out not to be a good option for you there's other options available. One of which we really like is Minoxidil. Minoxidil is a liquid/oil based product that uses a dropper to apply to your face.

We've written a complete detailed review on the product. It's a very strong and actually more affordable alternative to beard supplements. It's the essential ingredient in Rogaine, but buying it directly in this form is better in my opinion.

It's around $30 for an entire 6 month supply. It still requires some time to work. If you choose to try it make sure to use it for the complete 6 months. Our review has more detailed information if you're interested. Click the Minoxidil link above to view it.

Also, don't forget to continue using your facial hair oils to maintain a healthy beard. Lastly, if you live in a cold environment or maybe it's just winter... do these things to save your beard.

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