Beard Waxing for Men: Should You Do It?

Beard waxing for men is a practice that is picking up speed both in the manscaping community and men in general. If you’re a manscaper you’ve no doubt wondered whether or not waxing is right for you. As a manscaper, you are always looking for ways to up your manscaping game and waxing your face might be one of those ways. We’ve done some research for you and put together a quick guide on beard waxing for men to help you. Consider these pros and cons of beard waxing to decide which method is best for removing your facial hair.

12 Things to Consider About Waxing Your Beard

Here’s our rundown of things you should consider before waxing your beard. There’s the good, bad, and our complete honest review of this practice. Keep in mind it’s obviously going to be a little painful as beard hairs have thicker roots. Waxing these roots and pulling them out hurts a little more than other areas of the body.

Of Course There’s A Little Pain

Remember in “The 40 Year Old Virgin” when Steve Carrel gets his chest hair waxed and screams bloody murder? That’s just part of his chest. Women all over the world wax all parts of their body, including their face so obviously it isn’t quite that bad. However there’s no arguing it’s more painful than shaving.

Takes a little longer

Waxing will certainly take you more time than jumping in the shower and shaving your face will. Waxing requires heating the wax, allowing it to cool slightly, applying it, and ripping it off. The whole process may take you up to an hour or more. Shaving, of course, takes you less time and effort and can be done all at once. Waxing takes longer and you would typically wax in sections, one at a time.

Red Skin

Waxing makes your skin sensitive and can cause irritation, redness, blotching, or rashes. It can also be made up of a variety of ingredients so the possibility of an allergic reaction is present as well. Due to this make sure to check or ask about the product for those with skin allergies. The redness is to be expected. You are pulling hairs out after all, but this is normal and nothing to worry about. Also if you’re going for the at home option, check out this list of do’s and don’ts.

Multiple Sessions

Waxing needs to be done several times for you to truly see the best results. Think of waxing almost like painting, where several coats may be needed to yield the best look. Likewise, your first time waxing might be a lengthy, ouch-inducing process depending on your hair type. Trimming your beard down with a pair of scissors and/or shaving first is a good option for you to consider. Subsequent waxes will go more smoothly (pun intended) for you, as the hair will be shorter and not as thick!

Use a Professional

If done poorly, waxing can lead to ingrown hairs which can be painful and unsightly. These can also turn into whiteheads and potentially become infected. Typically something you will find from an inexperienced user. That’s why we recommend using a professional. A professional will let you know what to do & not do to keep the waxed area healthy. Once you’ve used a professional the first couple times at your local spa you may want to venture out to home waxing options. Home waxing will save you some money and you’ll know more about what you’re doing at this point.


Beard waxing for men is not as precise as shaving with a blade or beard edger. If you style your facial hair as opposed to shaving it completely this makes waxing less ideal. We don’t recommend waxing just to keep your beard lined up. If you’re a beardsman than stick to normal shaving practices.

It’s not THAT bad

Obviously there’s not a huge risk of all of the above or no one, man or woman, would ever do it. Many of the downsides of waxing, while possible, are about as likely to occur as you cutting yourself while shaving.

It helps keep the hair soft

You’ve heard the tale that shaving your hair causes it to grow back thicker? That’s not exactly true but it does have some effect on the hair itself. Shaving your facial hair cuts the hair at an angle which causes the stubble effect we men are used to. Waxing pulls the hair out by the root so that when it does grow back, it’s noticeably softer

The effects last longer

If you’re serious about staying smooth you may be shaving every day, sometimes more. Waxing is a more long-term solution that may take more time but the effects last longer. How long the effects of waxing last will depend greatly on your hair type. Waxing may last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month.

beard waxing for men

It’s economical

Shaving doesn’t exactly break your bank but neither does waxing. Waxing strips cost less than replacement razor blades and a canister of facial wax costs less than a mid-range razor blade. Both options can be cost-effective depending on how often you need to buy them.

It’s more precise… in a different way

Beard waxing for men isn’t as fine as shaving in terms of shaping and sculpting the hair you’re leaving behind. If your manscaping goal is that of total hair removal than waxing is far more precise. Waxing works by lifting and removing the hairs completely whereas shaving just cuts them off at the skin line. Waxing is a far superior option for you if your goal is to keep your entire face smooth.

Over time it can slow your hair growth completely

If your goal is total hair removal, it may help to know that over time waxing can slow down hair growth and in some cases stop it completely. Plus, you don’t ever have to deal with razor burn.

To Wax or Not to Wax?

Hamlet was probably not talking about beard waxing, but if he were alive today he might consider it as an option. If the cons have you raising a bushy, wax-worthy eyebrow, consider the all of the news stories you’ve heard about a waxing incident gone wrong.

If you can’t think of any that’s because while there are some risks, waxing is generally a safe and extremely common practice that is done in spas as well as at home millions of times a year without incident.

Bottom Line? Beard waxing for men is a more effective way of removing your facial hair especially if your goal is total hair removal. While the process may be off putting for some, there are a variety of products available that were designed specifically for facial application.

Waxing in all forms is a practice that is picking up momentum in the manscaping community and men in general. If you want a longer lasting solution to a clean, smooth face and body than waxing might be the way for you to go! It’s also a long-term solution for those with a patchy beard instead of shaving random spots every other day.

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