Bentonite Clay for Dandruff Hair Treatment (Before and After)

Does bentonite clay for dandruff really work? Are you super frustrated with your dandruff and it seems that no matter what you do it always tends to come back? Unfortunately for some people dandruff can be a huge problem.

It's a little embarrassing because it makes you seem like a dirty person to someone uneducated on the topic but you and I know that isn't the case. Either way, dandruff is one issue you want to rid yourself of and bentonite clay will be your ticket out.

Will it Work? Bentonite Clay for Dandruff

Bentonite clay will aid in your removal of dandruff but to truly reap the benefits you'll want to make a combined effort with some other ingredients. These ingredients together make a dandruff fighting team that'll change your dandruff around.

Sebum Oil

A key factor in fighting dandruff is dealing with your sebum oil. Your sebaceous gland produced sebum which makes your skin and scalp oily. This is the start of your dandruff.

This oil makes it difficult to shed dead skin cells. Especially if you're producing a lot of it. When the oil begins to dry with the skin cells it will flake and you'll see dandruff.

Bentonite clay helps by drying out these oils. In fact bentonite clay will dry out nearly any oil from your hair. This makes it perfect for treating dandruff and using other oils in combination with it to create that dandruff fighting team we were talking about above.

Bentonite Shampoo & Hair Mask

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So you're starting to see the benefits of bentonite clay and how it can solve your dandruff problem. You'll have to decide between getting an already mixed bentonite shampoo or getting raw bentonite clay and mixing it yourself.

Getting food grade raw bentonite clay and mixing it yourself is the cheaper route and you get much more bentonite clay so it will last you much longer.

There are different mixes people use to make their hair mask but the core ingredients are just water and bentoniteclay. You can mix in other ingredients as we've mentioned to give your hair mask a boost. We'll talk about what you might consider adding to your mix below.

How to Mix Bentonite Clay:

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    Always mix bentonite clay with plastic or wood and never metal.

Essential Oils (Rosemary)

There are several essential oils which are beneficial to your hair. Argan and jojoba oil to name two but if you're looking for an essential oil to combat dandruff take a look at rosemary.

Add 3-5 drops of rosemary oil to your clay mix and you'll be all set. Rosemary oil is known for it's hair healing properties. Rosemary oil will strengthen hair follicles, treat dandruff, promote hair growth, and condition hair.

You can always try your clay hair mask before adding rosemary oil to see if it'll be needed. Everyone has different levels of severity when it comes to dandruff so it may not be as necessary for you but you could also add it for the all around hair benefits.

Coconut Oil & Clay

This step should be considered as a separate part of this entire process and completely optional. If the bentonite clay hair mask works for you by itself then feel free to skip this section and read the next one.

If you're still having some issues with dandruff then try using coconut oil in your hair. You can apply the coconut oil and let it sit overnight wearing a hair mask or let it sit for a shorter period and apply it at night for a couple hours before taking a shower.

What makes this combination work so perfectly is using bentonite clay after the coconut oil treatment. Typically removing the coconut oil is a difficult issue for most people but when you treat with clay afterwards it removes the oil quite easily.

Bentonite Clay as a Detox

Bentonite clay powder is an amazing detoxifier as well. The negative ionic charge draws out toxins from the skin and helps relieve several common skin conditions.

It helps people who suffer from acne, dermatitis, eczema, bug bites, psoriasis, and more. So when you're making your mix you may want to consider mixing a little extra to use as a facial mask before using the hair mask.

With all these other benefits it's difficult to disregard bentonite clay for anything skin related.

Bentonite Clay for Dandruff Before & After

bentonite clay hair before and after

After using a bentonite clay hair mask a couple times it really clears up dandruff and there's a big difference. It doesn't just reduce dandruff but it can really get rid of it.

Just remember that bentonite clay does dry out oils and can dry out your skin so don't use it every single day. Using it twice a week will typically be enough for most people to tackle their dandruff problem.

If you find yourself with a more severe case of dandruff that bentonite clay can't solve you should talk to a specialist and see if the doctor can provide you with a medical solution.

Things to Avoid!

If you have dandruff there are things you want to avoid to not make the dandruff worse. One of those things which often gets told as a solution to dandruff is honey. Honey is NOT a solution to dandruff and will actually make it worse.

Here are a few things that cause dandruff:

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    Not Shampooing Often Enough
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    Certain Hair Care Products
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    Not Enough Hair Brushing

If you don't shampoo often enough it causes oils and skin cells to build up on your scalp and cause dandruff. Some hair care products will actually cause dandruff. If you use a hair product that you're skin seems sensitive to it can cause redness, itching, and a scaly scalp. The last common thing to avoid is not brushing your hair enough. It's important to brush your hair and scrape your scalp to remove skin cells and promote blood flow to the scalp.

Of course there's some other things which could contribute to dandruff such as diet but the above things are problems you can tackle quickly and give you a quick win to conquer your dandruff.

Ending it Here

Dandruff is a pesky problem but with the use of bentonite clay and some essential oils you should be able to effectively treat your scalp. Take our other tips into consideration as well if you're dandruff is more severe and if all else fails contact your doctor.

Also, did you know this clay can also be effective in killing lice.

Please let us a comment and let us know if you found this article helpful. Thanks for reading!

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