The Best Alum Block and How to Use It

The best alum block solves a shaving problem. I don't know anyone who's OK with razor burn or bleeding from nicks or cuts when shaving. Unfortunately, it's sometimes the end result after shaving. All we can do is treat the issue after it has happened.

That's where the alum block comes in to relieve razor burn and stop bleeding. It's a cheap affordable product that every man should have near their bathroom sink.​

Gentleman Jon: Best Alum Block

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The best alum block we've come across is from Gentleman Jon. They create a 3.7 ounce alum block that comes in a plastic case. At 3.7 ounces it's a larger alum block compared to what else you'll find in other stores.

This one alum block will last you​ many months if not years with daily use. Most other alum block sellers only offer a 1 - 2 ounce block and at the same cost or more typically. Save some money while getting a bigger better block from Gentleman Jon.

What's an Alum Block do?

As we mentioned earlier the core feature of an alum block is relieving razor burn and stopping bleeding from shaving. It does this by constricting blood vessels and tightening pores.

Warning:​ If you suffer from highly sensitive or dry skin we don't recommend using any alum block. That's because they draw moisture out of the skin and would make your skin sensitivity or dryness worse.

What is Alum Block Made of?

Alum Blocks are made from potassium alum. It's 100% natural and one of the major benefits of alum blocks. There are no risky chemicals involved. Mostly used as a blood coagulant.

How to Use an Alum Block

Using Gentleman Jon's best alum block is very simple. You wet the block and rub it on your face after shaving. Then just leave it to dry right on the face.

If you're using any moisturizer or shave balm you'll want to apply water to your face and pat dry after using the alum block. Then you can apply your moisturizer.

Do you have extra oily skin and acne?

If you have an oily complexion or problems with acne after shaving you'll find great use in alum blocks. It's a natural product that will combat these issues and many people have seen great results doing this.

After completing your hygiene routine apply the alum block last. This will give your skin a healthier appearance. Anyone with acne can use it at night before going to bed as well.

Tip: Try to avoid using the alum block every single day. Make sure there are 2 or 3 days out of the week you're not using it. Using it to often might cause your skin to compensate by trying to produce more oil.

Other Uses for Alum Blocks

You can use alum blocks as a natural antiperspirant. It doesn't have any scent and is very effective at stopping sweat and odor. Just apply it directly to your underarms and you're set.

​It's also very effective at relieving discomfort from waxing. You'll use it the same way and apply it directly to the skin right after removing the hairs.

Alum Block Vs Styptic Pencil

The styptic pencil works the same as an alum block but uses a different alum material. The alum in a styptic pencil is a little stronger and is meant to be directly applied to cuts. It has a strong burning sensation when it is applied.

It's not recommended to use a styptic pencil over the entire face like an alum block. A styptic pencil leaves behind a white residue that doesn't fade away in the same way the alum block does.​

In today's shaving world the styptic pencil is fading away. It's not a common product anymore and has been overtaken by the more popular alum blocks.​ It's still not a bad idea to keep one around. They're good to have around if you're in a profession where you may cut yourself.

Alternative Alum Block Options

Let me start by saying that all alum blocks are made of the same material. The main differences are going to be how much you're getting and the package it's delivered in.

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Razorock Alum Stick

RazoRock chose to place their alum block into a stick application which works out really well. You don't have to directly get your hands messy.

You have a little more control this way and it'll help reserve some of the product. However, most alum blocks last for a long time if they're in stick form or the typically solid block.​

This particular product comes in ​2.15 ounces.

Another bonus to it being in stick form is if you're going to use it as a deodorant.​ Although you may want multiple sticks so you're not using the same one on your underarms and face.

Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil

If the styptic pencil sounded like a more preferred option then the Clubman Styptic Pencil is our recommended one.

These might be a better option if you don't need the added use of alum blocks for oily skin and acne.​

If your main issue is cutting yourself and you want a quick solution this is the route to take.​

The Clubman styptic pencil is just as cheap as the other options we've mentioned in this post.​

Alum is Alum

No matter what product you decide to go with you'll get the same result. As long as the ingredient says potassium alum it's the same core benefits. If packaging and application aren't a concern to you then you can get the cheapest form you can find and get the same results.

Our recommendation is based off the companies reputation and quality of packaging and application. Paying slightly more if it comes with a good case isn't a bad thing.​

Also, be aware of other sites that are promoting things like "the top 5 best alum blocks" because as we just mentioned they're basically all the same.​

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