5 Best Balding Clippers for the Attractive Balding Guy

Best Balding Clippers

We are going to be talking about the 5 best balding clippers for the attractive balding guy in just a bit. However, first, let’s look at the motivation for any man to go bald given that he has the choice to go hairless or grow a beautiful head of hair.

There is an interesting trend ongoing that runs counter to the natural fear of men to lose their hair.

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Full Head of Hair But Want to Go Bald?

There are a few things to consider before you jump off the bridge and shave your head bald. You want to make sure the experience is enjoyable and provides you with the satisfaction you’re looking for.

The trend for going bald is driven by some recent studies. The upshot of those studies is that men with shaved heads are seen as more dominant, stronger, and taller which, from the manscaping point of view, is a strong endorsement. Beyond that generalization, here’s what women think about bald men.

1) Their appearance is consistently the same regardless of the time of day or situation. Morning hair, for example, is not a problem. What woman like to wake up to isn’t so much of the likes of a man whose hair has gone totally wild. My guess is that he’s nowhere near as appealing as he was the night before.

2) I like this one a lot. There are no wigs, hair implants, or crafty comb-overs to contend with. WYSIWYG.

3) They are humble and practical because they’ve already weathered the million or so bald jokes that are out there. They can take shit as well as give it when warranted with a smoothness and grace most men lack.

4) You’re in some elite company with guys like Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and many others that have saved the world more often than we can count.

That brings me to the next point:

Not all men were born to be bald. There are some physical factors to consider such as the shape of your head. There are lots to be said for symmetry both in depth and breadth of the skull.

A rounded, well-proportioned head is much more likely to look good bald than one that is not. Get a second opinion from your barber or significant other. Going bald will change your appearance significantly.

Make sure you’re ready to accept yourself when the deed is done. Of course, if the hair is already mostly gone, never to return, shaving the head will more than likely improve your appearance regardless of the physical factors.

On a related point, are you ready to maintain the bald head once it’s bald? It comes with a maintenance requirement that takes both patience and dedication to keep it looking sharp and attractive. While stubble for a beard and mustache is a readily acceptable manscaping style, stubble on your head comes with negative connotations.

How to Shave Your Head Bald

This video provides a preview of what’s going to happen when you use a bald clipper to shave your head. Please take note of the closeness of the shave as that will have some bearing on the overall process to finish the job.

1. If you don’t have any experience using a hair clipper, go to a barber or hair stylist to get some tips on how to use it.

2. If you insist on doing it yourself, use a mirror and don’t just go by touch. You’re sure to leave some hair in place if you do.

3. This all starts in the shower. You’ll want to save shaving the head at the end of the shower after the scalp has been softened by the hot water. The hair will be more flexible as well.

4. If you want an actually clean shave of the head, be prepared to use a combination of a pair of balding clippers and a manual razor along with some skin products to prevent damage to the skin such as a moisturizing shave cream. Do your razor work in the shower when the scalp is softest and most pliable.

The decision on what method to use when shaving your head comes down to both convenience and the desired look. I mentioned earlier that to get a completely clean, no evidence of hair look, you will have to use a manual razor at some point. The balding clippers do the best job possible, and maybe that’s enough for you. We’ll talk about the attributes of balding clippers in a minute.

However, what it comes down to is a matter of patience and skill. The balding clippers are much easier to use, and they are fast. If you watched the video mentioned earlier in the article, you saw that in action. You can do it on your own; use a mirror to obtain the best results. It does require more than one pass over the scalp to get as close a shave as possible.

The 5 Best Balding Clippers

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer

This hair trimmer was designed from the ground up to be an excellent balding clipper. Ergonomically, it fits into the hand perfectly and has an on-off switch that you can operate without even having to look down at it. It rests right on the bottom front and can be flicked by the thumb at your leisure.

Beyond the smooth handling properties of the trimmer, the original T-Outliner® blade navigates well around the ears with a clean, smooth line. The GTX T-Outliner® Deep Tooth blade allows longer hair to feed through the blade faster and can be used for shaving heads with longer hair more quickly.

The T-Outliner is a favorite of the hair professional be it a barber or a hair stylist. The timing for my haircut couldn’t have been better planned as I got the chance to see what was at his station and indeed, it was an Andis trimmer. I talked with him for a minute about balding hair clippers, and he said, Andis was a well-respected brand among the professional hair community. When your license is awarded, the next thing in his hand was an Andis trimmer. It’s a classic tool on the professional shelf. It’s a quality built machine:

Product Highlights:

  • Powerful magnetic motor trimmer that runs cool against the skin and is quiet
  • Comes with a close-cutting, carbon-steel blade well-suited for extended life
  • Heavy-duty, 8-foot cord with hanger loop
  • Non-slip ribbed housing that fits comfortably in your hand
  • Strategically placed and ergonomic switch button for easy use

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper

This is a real balding clipper made for that very purpose. Wahl balding clippers are a great solution to maintaining the closest to bald appearance without using a manual razor. The blades are amazingly sharp and provide that true “zero” close cut needed to stay neat and attractive. If you’re using these to do it yourself, I suggest going slow at first. These blades are wicked sharp much more so than other clippers in its class.

These professional balding clippers get high ratings consistently but, even with all the high ratings, it will still impress you beyond your expectations. It receives high marks from both the professional hair styling community as well as the do it yourself a customer.

If you’re searching for commercial grade hair clippers, consider buying this product. The package includes the hair clipper, charging base, AC adapter, three trimming attachments, oil, and cleaning brush. This trimmer is compact and easy to handle while being robust with a high degree of precision in cutting hair. These are some of the features of this hair clipper:

Product Highlights:

  • This clipper is VERY sharp. Don’t cut yourself.
  • Fine-tooth surgical blades at zero overlap for razor close balding
  • 8-foot professional grade cord that is chemical resistant
  • Operates on the 120V-60HZ circuit (standard plug in the wall).
  • Twice the speed of pivot motor clipper; has an extra powerful, cool running electromagnetic motor
  • Weighs 1lb and is 6.25″ in Length
  • It comes with two attachment combs to manage the length of the cut, a cleaning brush, and a red blade guard when not in use to prevent inadvertent injury to the user.

Wahl 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver Shaper

This entry in the competition is here because it’s rechargeable and serves a unique role in the balding clipper category of shavers as a complement to less capable balding clippers you might already have on the shelf. More than likely, this Wahl shaver is also on the shelf for other reasons. Shave first with the balding clipper and then continue the convenience of a dry shave to finish the job with this Wahl shaver. It is a foil shaver, which is well known for its ability to shave close to achieving wet shave quality.

Of course, shaving that close runs the risk of skin irritation, which is why the gold foil head is hypoallergenic, and designed to prevent razor bumps. Beyond its hypo-allergenic qualities, the foil head is also easily removed for cleaning and sanitization.

The convenience of not having a cord appeals to many do-it-yourself head shavers due to the freedom of motion in reaching all those little spots on your head that you know to avoid at all costs. You can maneuver cordless blading clippers such as this one to whatever angle is needed. This is a staple shaver in the inventory of professional hair stylists or barbers, and also has a special place in the bathrooms of the ordinary man.

This cordless clipper comes with a shaper guard, wall plug charger, 5-star shaver shaper, foil and cutter bar assembly, and rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries.

Product Highlights:

  • Fits in your hand easily: 4.6″ in length
  • Cordless
  • Bump-free Ultra Close Shave
  • Super Lightweight
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Hypo-Allergenic Gold Foil

Andis 04810 Superliner Trimmer

This balding clipper is also unique in that it comes with two cutting heads. The first cutting head does the heavy lifting in taking the hair down to a manageable stubble. Then, the cutting head can be removed very easily and replaced by a second foil shaving head that takes it down to the nearly bare scalp.

It isn’t perfect to the degree a wet shave with a manual razor would give you but, unless you’re right up on top of the individual looking down on the head and running your hand over it (weird), you can’t tell the difference.

The width of the trimmer/balding clipper is a bit narrower than the others in this category of trimmers but it gets the job done, and you can save yourself the inconvenience of needing to wet shave. It’s a two-step process to being out the door and on your way to that hot date. Now, if she wants to run her hand over your head, that’s not weird.

This is seen more in the professional shop than in the home as is typical for Andis products. A quick scan of the search results online shows that the trimmer is available mostly through beauty supply houses as well as Barber supply houses and can be expensive.

Product Highlights:

  • Powerful but quiet rotary motor.
  • Detachable blades for easy cleaning and changing.
  • Maintenance free motor. No grease or oil needed.
  • Andis Stainless Steel Blades.
  • Designed for outlining, detailing, and shaving and shaping of hair.
  • Ergonomic design.

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

This clipper is an interesting one because of its exclusive features. First, it’s a man’s clipper. It’s big and loud and is super reliable. You won’t have to buy a new one of these for many years provided you take care of it.

The blade system is one you won’t find on other trimmers. In the world of Oster, blade combs are considered ineffective in getting a close, clean cut. Oster opts to provide cutting blades of different lengths to achieve a variety of results. The 00000 blade is your balding clipper blade, as it will give you the closest shave of the head and scalp. Oster manufactures the blade in both a steel and ceramic version. Opt for the ceramic blade as it cuts more cleanly and holds its edge longer. It also stays cooler during the cutting process eliminating some potential discomfort from heat damage to the scalp.

You can read the full Oster review here.

Product Highlights:

  • Two blades in the package – size 1 and size 00000
  • This clipper weighs two pounds, almost twice the weight of other balding clippers.
  • It is corded and has an 8-foot cord.
  • Combined tension and guide plate to ensure positive, controlled movement

Factors to Consider Before Buying Hair Clippers


Electric hair clippers come with three types of motors – universal or magnetic, rotary, and pivot. A universal motor is a motor that operates on AC and DC. This type of motor is capable of high speed and has a high starting torque. Universal motors are noisy due to their commutator.

Meanwhile, a rotary motor offers power that is almost the same as the blade speed. This type of motor is versatile when it comes to the variety of cuts it can make. Finally, the pivot motor is high in power but generates a lower blade speed. Clippers with pivot motors are ideal to use on thick hair. Because of this, they are the preferred choice for many professional stylists.


The blades are typically made of rust-resistant material such as stainless steel or carbon steel. Aside from resisting corrosion, these blades remain sharper for longer and are more resistant to wear and tear.

Other materials used in making the blades include ceramic and titanium. Ceramic blades remain cool even during prolonged use. This is because of ceramic’s low heat conductivity. However, ceramic blades are fragile and can break easily. Titanium blades are high quality but are more expensive.

Easy handling

The way you hold and handle the hair clipper can make a big difference. Therefore, it is important that the one you will choose has a solid grip and lightweight. It also should have an ergonomic design for easier handling.

What Makes a Good Hair Clipper?

The market for personal grooming products grew leaps and bounds in the past decades. Short haircuts, short hairstyles, and bald men became popular. With advancements in technology, manual clippers were soon replaced by electric clippers.

A good balding hair clipper has a strong motor that runs quietly and smoothly. It can cut through almost all hair types and provide even and uniform hair cutting. The blades are often detachable and can be used to cut hair to the desired length. Choose a balding clipper which comes with add-ons such as blade guard, oil, and cleaning brush.

Final Review of the Best Balding Clippers 

In our opinion, the best balding clipper is the Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper, number 2 on the list. This is the only balding clipper that was made exclusively to be a balding clipper. It’s one-third the cost of the runner-up clipper, the Oster Classic 76 (number 5 on the list) and half the weight while providing a superior outcome.

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