The 5 Best Bay Rum Aftershaves You Need to Have

The best bay rum aftershave will make you smell like a real man. The bay rum aftershaves were originally created and used in the 1800s and 1900s. Read this bay rum aftershave review to discover products known for their effectiveness and great smell.

With wet shaving growing more popular and everyone going back to using safety razors, we are seeing a great comeback with bay rum aftershave. However, there's a lot of different variations of this men’s aftershave, and not all of them live up to the reputation.

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The First Bay Rum Aftershave

What is bay rum aftershave? To give you a little background on the origin of bay rum aftershave, I'd like to tell you how it all started. You see, a very long time ago when we still had pirates, sailors, and old school ocean trade routes, people didn't smell so great.

If you had to spend months on a ship with no real way to bathe, you might not smell so great either! You can just imagine the smells of a bunch of men on a boat with no shower.

This stench led sailors to try different approaches to combat the smell. Eventually, someone figured out that the West Indian Bay Tree (pimenta racemosa) smelt really good. Sailors begin rubbing the leaves on their body in order to smell better.

Around the same time, West Indian slaves discovered how to make rum from molasses. Sailors eventually figured out they could extract the essential oils from the bay leaves by soaking them in the rum.

This was much easier than rubbing leaves over your body. The rum soaked leaves and extracted oils are where our very first creation of bay rum aftershave came from.

Word spread quickly, and you had different people creating their own versions of bay rum aftershave. Some would mix in cinnamon, cloves, and other things to add a twist to the product.​

Eventually, a chemist named Albert Heinrich Riise exploded bay rums growth. He was able to create a double distilled variant which was​ superior to the single distilled product. This led bay rum aftershave to grow very popular in the United States and Europe.

The rest is history!

The Best Bay Rum Aftershaves

We've sought out the best bay rum aftershaves. Topping our list will be the natural ingredient aftershaves that will be best for your skin. We based our selection on the quality of ingredients, staying true to the bay rum smell, and a good price to quality ratio.

Our price to quality ratio is based on getting a great product at a great price. It's the perfect balance of high quality and affordability. Here are our best bay rum aftershave review for each product.

Gilbert Henry Natural Bay Rum Aftershave

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Gilbert Henry bay rum aftershave is an aromatherapy grade aftershave balm/lotion. It uses no synthetic ingredients and is very soothing. An aftershave balm provides a more moisturizing and soothing feeling that is ideal for men with sensitive skin. It makes #1 on our list for being completely natural, smells exactly how it should, and works how it should.

Product Details

This bay rum aftershave balm includes aloe juice, coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, witch hazel, Willowbank extract, and neem oil. The formula is paraben free and uses natural essential oil for fragrance.

A bay rum scent that's classic yet unique. Hints of Portuguese sweet orange and West Indies bay leaf that settle into a base sandalwood aroma.

Having the bay rum aftershave lotion in a pump top form is great to get the right amount of aftershave. Two or three pumps will be the right amount, and if you're not happy with the product, Gilbert Henry will send you a complete refund.

Overall Value

I really like this aftershave balm, and it lasts quite a long time. I didn't know if I would like the top pump originally, but after seeing how others have reacted to it, I don't think it's so bad. The product is priced well and good quality so it also passes our price to quality ratio.

Barberry Bay Rum Aftershave

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Barberry bay rum aftershave is another all-natural option. It's in the more traditional form of aftershave that's complete liquid and can be splashed into your hands and on your face.

Product Details

Barberry puts a lot of effort into the creation of their best bay rum aftershave. Each batch of their bay rum is filtered and aged to perfection. This aftershave for men is complete with premium all natural ingredients, has no GMO and is paraben free.

There's no synthetic chemicals or artificial colors. Its formula includes a unique blend of natural exotic spices and citrus, essential oils, aloe vera, clove, and of course the essence of bay leaves from West Indian islands. The scent closely resembles that of an old bay rum aftershave produced back in the day.

This product will NOT dry your skin out. A lot of aftershaves are made with alcohol bases which leave your skin dry. Barberry is based with glycerin and leaves your skin refreshed and smelling just as bay rum should.

Overall Value

Barberry aftershave is a great product that holds true to the classic roots of bay rum. A couple of splashes and you'll be refreshed and smelling great. It's an all-natural product with no synthetics and is priced good.

Captain's Choice Bay Rum Aftershave

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Captain's Choice bay rum is a USA made all natural ingredient aftershave. It comes in a 4oz glass bottle with a minimalist style.

Product Details

You're probably seeing a pattern here in our selections, but this is an all-natural aftershave with no synthetic ingredients. The Captain's Choice bay rum aftershave has a glycerin base that will moisturize and refresh your skin after shaving.

With a light scent of pine, it matches well with any cologne or uses it by itself for a faint manly smell. Captain's choice is made in the USA.

Overall Value

While this product looks like it has less bells and whistles, it doesn't. Many others just try to over hype their product. With this products minimalist design, it's also a little cheaper than many others. It's overall an awesome product and a little better on your wallet.

Ogallala Bay Rum Aftershave

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Ogallala bay rum aftershave is probably the strongest smelling aftershave in this category. It's also an all-natural product with a unique bottle resembling the shores of an island.

Product Details

This is another all natural option with no synthetic material. Its scent is more potent with the smell of bay rum. This may be a turn off for some, but if you're using it as your cologne, it may be beneficial.

Overall Value

As you can tell from the customer reviews, everyone loves the smell of this bay rum aftershave. It is this product’s most notable quality, and if you're looking for that perfect bay rum smell, this is the aftershave to go with. It's reasonably priced, and you get 4oz.

Clubman Pinaud Bay Rum Aftershave

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Clubman bay rum aftershave is one of the most popular versions of bay rum available. Unfortunately, it isn't made with 100% natural ingredients. Which the majority of products we use on a daily basis aren't.

That doesn't mean it isn't an effective aftershave.

Product Details

This is a much larger bottle than most other bay rum aftershaves. Coming in at 12oz, it's three times larger than most the competition. Additionally, it's around half the price as well.

Mostly due to the use of synthetic ingredients, it's able to achieve the larger volume at a lower price point. Still, that hasn't stopped thousands from using this bay rum aftershave.

It's highly regarded among people who have reviewed it.

Overall Value

It's hard to argue with the value in quantity and price. You're getting a hell of a bargain and for a solid product. If you don't mind the synthetic ingredients, this is a win-win for you.

Why Even Use Aftershave?

The main purpose of aftershave is to soothe the skin. If you have issues with cutting yourself, irritated skin, razor rash, and similar problems, an aftershave can help because of its healing properties.

Most aftershaves for men have ingredients which act as an astringent to stop cuts from bleeding. Other ingredients moisturize and soothe the skin.​

An aftershave can also help with acne. If you have outbreaks or occasional bumps which annoy you, an aftershave will help combat that. It helps tighten skin and prevents acne. If you have acne problems, you may even want to opt for an alcohol-based aftershave.​

It also just smells great. It often smells good enough not to use a cologne afterward. Depending on the brand you end up going with as some are stronger than others. Using the best bay rum aftershave, you might find it smells good enough by itself.

What Is the Difference Between Bay Rum and Regular Aftershave?

While both of these products have the same purpose, the difference between them would be the ingredients used in the manufacturing process.

A bay rum aftershave has two primary ingredients: bay leaf and rum. On the other hand, regular aftershaves use more chemicals and are divided into two sub-categories: water-based and alcohol-based.

The scent is another distinguishing characteristic. Bay rum aftershaves have a scent that is woodsy, earthy or spicy. Regular aftershaves come in different fragrances, but they do not use these three scents that often.

How to Make Bay Rum Aftershave

If you are searching for bay rum aftershave recipes, you’ll be glad to know that you can make your own aftershave with readily available ingredients. You just need some essential oils, rum, and a mason jar (or any airtight container).


2 tablespoons of rum

4 - 6 ounces of witch hazel

20 - 30 drops Bay West Indies essential oil

5 - 10 drops of orange oil

5 - 6 drops of vanilla oil

4 - 5 drops of cinnamon oil

2 - 3 drops of black pepper essential oil

Combine all the ingredients inside an 8-ounce mason jar and store it in a cool, dark place for 2 to 4 weeks.

Besides the bay rum scent, what’s nice about this DIY bay rum aftershave recipe is the benefits the essential oils bring to the table. Witch hazel is a natural astringent which prevents signs of aging.

Cinnamon oil adds a sweet and spicy scent and antimicrobial properties that help prevent acne. Orange oil helps improve complexion. Vanilla oil reduces anxiety and provides nourishment to the skin. Meanwhile, black pepper essential oil prevents wrinkles and reduces irritation.

Of course, if you don’t want to go through all the hassle, you can just buy any of the products listed above.

Our Bay Rum Aftershave Review

Hopefully our best bay rum aftershave review helped you make a great decision on your next purchase. We love the all-natural ingredient options as you can tell and so do many others. Our selection displays the best of the best and I think you'll be very happy with any of our top 5 picks.

If you have a personal favorite you think we missed please share it in a comment below. Thanks for reading.​

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