What’s the Best Beard Comb? Top 10 Revealed

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Personal hygiene should be on the top of your list, especially if you’re growing out a magnificent beard. The problem is, once it gets to a certain length, is that it does as hair tends to do.

You’ll begin getting knots, tangles, and overall lose a sense of conformity. The hair on your chin is the same as the hair on your head, and it needs the same attention and care.

To achieve the perfect, comfortable look, you’ll be interested in looking into a beard comb. Whether you want to get out the knots or looking more for a stylization quality, you’ll want to find the ideal one for you.

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How We Choose Our List

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The issue with finding the perfect product is the sorting through all the options. The open market leaves a fantastic variety of options to choose from, but sometimes it can get easy to get lost in the weeds. It’s not as dramatic as that, but it helps to boil down the thousands of options to the very best to select.

When it comes to top tier beard combs, there are a few qualities that you’ll be interested in when perusing the stock.


If you’re going to buy a beard comb, you’ll want to make sure you didn’t waste your money on something that’s going to break in a few months. You’ll want something durable, handy, and well-designed.


Beard combs tend to come in all sorts of sizes. When choosing yours, you want to make sure that you find one that’s a perfect fit for your hand. It can’t be too large, nor too small, and it should be ergonomically designed for use.


Your beard comb should looks just as good as it works. Sure, you can work with cheap plastic, but why not have a little pride in your beard? That being said, wood combs will generally offer the best experience as opposed to plastic or metal.


It’s always great to compare prices between products, and beard combs are no different. You can break the bank on an expensive comb, but maybe you want to scan the field for something similar at a more affordable price.

Of course, the best verdict to look for in a decent beard combs comes from the customers. It’s worth looking over the reviews and ratings left by people who’ve tried to beard comb before buying.

Top 10 Best Beard Combs

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While this is a top ten list, for the most part, every one of these beard combs is going to be a high-quality option. That is to say, what may be number one here may be number seven for you.

That’s the thing about humanity, we all have different opinions, standards, and preferences. It’s worth looking through the entire thing and forming your own expectations from what you see.

Grow A Beard Comb and Brush Set

Beard Brush & Comb Set for Men's Care | Giveaway Mustache Scissors | Gift Box & Travel Bag | Best...
  • POCKET SIZE: Pocket-size beard brush and moustache comb combo fits perfectly in your jeans' pocket or bag pocket, so you can groom your facial hair anytime, anywhere.
  • KEEPS BEARD SHINY AND SMOOTH: The boar bristle beard brush bamboo and wood comb set massages your facial hair, stimulates oil production, and removes dirt, thereby keeping your facial hair and skin...
  • IDEAL PRESENT FOR MEN: This comb and brush set is made from premium quality materials and comes in a cute package, which makes it a perfect present for Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday,...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Made from long lasting and durable bamboo. Durable design helps to reduce plastic wastes.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you're not happy with your purchase, return the item to us, and we'll refund your money.

Now, this may be a little more in quantity than you’re bargaining for, especially if you’re only interested in a beard comb, but give it a moment. While a beard brush won’t do too much for larger, longer beards, for a more trimmed, close-to-the-chin look you may prefer it. That, and these two come in the same box for an incredibly affordable price.

When it comes to the Grow A Beard comb itself, you’re looking at a product of superior quality. Fashioned from bamboo, it’s the perfect size to slip into your pocket or wallet and durable enough to sustain consistent stress. The bamboo ensures anti-static function while detangling and refreshing your facial hair. It hits basically every target it need to to be a staple hygiene tool. Plus, it comes in a box for easy gift giving.




Peter’s Beard Beard Comb

Beard Comb for Men - Wooden Natural Sandalwood Antistatic No Static Dual Action Beard Comb - Fine &...
  • DOUBLE SIDED - This comb has two sides, One side has particularly fine teeth which is designed to really comb and unknit your beard while the other side has teeth in standard size which is more...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - The beard comb is made of high-quality sandalwood. At Peter's Beard we use a 100% natural products. The wood has a look and feel which is completely natural and the finish of...
  • INCLUDED LEATHER CASE - The comb is delivered in a fitting leather case, this way the comb is well protected to prevent scratches and bumps but it also makes for a nice travel case and allows you to...
  • HANDLING SIZE - Due to its practical size, the comb fits conveniently in your hand and thus allows a pleasant experience when you take care of your beard.
  • PETER'S BEARD GUARANTEES - As we want our customers to be styled and content with our products we offer a 100% Satisfaction guarantee. Try the product now!

The best part about these credit card combs is their convenience and portability. They’re small without being uncomfortable, slim without being fragile. Plus, this product comes with its own leather case to protect it against scratches and damage. Protecting your combs teeth is important, especially if you’re planning on moving around with it.

The Peter’s Beard comb is made out of sandalwood, a high-quality material with a great look. It’s double-sided, with each side of the beard comb sporting a different row of teeth: fine and standard. This functionality gives you greater freedom in your beard grooming habits, whether it’s for styling or cleaning.




Viking Revolution Beard Comb

Viking Revolution Beard Comb & Beard Brush Set for Men - Natural Boar Bristle Brush and Dual Action...
  • LOOK AND FEEL YOUR BEST: With a high quality brush and double sided comb, get ready for a smooth, well-manicured beard free of tangles.
  • BEARD GROOMING KIT: Brush or comb Beard Oil, Pomade, Beard Balm and Beard Conditioners through your beard evenly.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: The beard styling products make the perfect present for your favorite bearded man, and come in a velvet travel pouch.
  • 100% ALL NATURAL: The beard brush and pocket comb are made from Bamboo & Pear Wood - sustainable wooden materials.
  • THE VIKING GUARANTEE: All Viking products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - just contact us if for any reason you're not happy with your purchase.

A good quality leather case is never a bad thing to have. While their main purpose is to preserve your beard comb’s effectiveness, quality, and security, there’s a certain fashion to them as well. The Viking Revolution beard comb, as you might guess, comes with its own leather case as well, making it a perfect portable hygiene product.

Manufactured using pear wood, this double-sided comb ensures your beard’s style and cleanliness anywhere you go. Guaranteed to work through anything without snags, static, or pulling means a comfortable experience with each use.





Two-Sided Wooden Beard Comb by Beard and Burns - Double Sides of Different Teeth Widths - Hand-Made...
  • 100% SCENTED SANDALWOOD - This beard and moustache comb is made from natural sandalwood. You will absolutely love its distinctive woody aromatic smell that radiates from this comb.
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE - The convenient size of this beard comb allows for portability wherever you are on the go. It fits in your jean or shirt pockets. Stay groomed wherever you go.
  • SNAG FREE - The premium handmade fine tooth and standard tooth finish enables this comb to get through any hair or beard thickness. That means no snags or tangles in your beard or hair. Avoid...
  • GREAT GIFT - This beard shaping comb makes a cool gift for you or a fellow wolf man. The packaging and design of this beard comb makes it the perfect ready-to-gift item.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are committed to bring you quality beard grooming products. We know you will love this comb. If not, we'll fully refund you. No questions asked. Click 'Add to Cart' now.

As always with the portable beard combs, a good package is hard to beat. What’s more is that the company also provides an attractive box to hold the comb. While the box itself isn’t anything well-built, the DREAM BEAR beard comb will make an attractive gift with beautiful packaging.

As for the beard comb itself, it’s hard to beat a high-quality sandalwood material with double-sided teeth. The design account for static, clinging, and snags to provide a smooth, pleasant experience. It’s portability, combined with the included leather pouch, ensures good hygiene wherever you may be. A good, versatile design combined with quality materials makes this beard comb as a safe and affordable option.




Rocky Mountain Barber Company Beard Comb

Men's Hair Brush- 100% Pure Black Boar Hair Natural Bristle for Beard, Moustache - Firm Military...
  • 100% BOAR BRISTLE - No synthetic, plastic, or nylon bristles, only 100% boar bristle.
  • UNTANGLE, TAME & STYLE - Take control of your beard and how you present it to the world.
  • A HEALTHIER BEARD - Helps to remove dead skin cells and residue to promote a healthier beard.
  • NO SCRATCHING - Keep you beard neat and tidy without any snags and tangles that can irritate your skin and face.
  • A QUALITY BRUSH - We focus on providing you with a premium brush - no unnecessary bonus combs or gadgets included.

Having a good double-sided comb helps you maintain the health and attraction of a good beard. However, maybe the smaller, pocket-sized options you see don’t quite do it for you. Good for convenience, sure, but it might be a little too small or doesn’t quite handle your beard the way you’d like. Feeling like that may draw your attention to the Rocky Mountain Barber Company beard comb.

This double-sided beard comb is a bit bigger than its pocket-sized competition but addresses all the same issues your beard runs into. Made out of sandalwood, this comb is durable, effective, and promotes healthy beard growth. You won’t need to worry about static, snags, or pulling either, due to using a high-quality wood as the comb’s material.




Kent Men’s Handmade Combs

Kent Handmade Combs for Men - 81T, FOT and R7T - For Hair, Beard, and Mustache Care Kit, Best For...
  • R7T Handmade Fine and Coarse Toothed Saw-Cut Pocket Travel Comb (5" / 13 cm) - For Hair, Beard, and Mustache Care Kit, Best For Men's Daily Care, Pocket, and Travel
  • A 81T Handmade Pocket Comb Fine Saw-Cut Teeth, Extra Small (70mm / 2.8") - For Hair, Beard, and Mustache Care Kit, Best For Men's Daily Care, Pocket, and Travel
  • A FOT Handmade All Fine Teeth Pocket Comb (4 1/2" - 113mm) - For Hair, Beard, and Mustache Care Kit, Best For Men's Daily Care, Pocket, and Travel
  • 100% HANDMADE: Saw cut, and then hand polished and buffed to create soft rounded teeth that will not damage your hair. Smooth teeth stimulate the natural oils inside the hair cuticles as your hair is...
  • ROYALLY RECOGNIZED SINCE 1777: Kent started out as G. B. Kent & Sons PLC back in 1777 as a family owned business. Today, Kent is the world's oldest brush manufacturer as well as one of the oldest...

If you’ve got a little bit of pocket money, this one may be for you. Kent has earned itself a long-standing reputation for durable, quality combs. Made from quality-grade plastic, hand-cut to form an ideal shape for handling. The Kent Men’s family of products can come in multiple quantities, but their set of three is by far the most economical purchasing-wise.

Each of the available combs is designed with different sizes, teeth fineness, and portability. If you’re at home, you’ll probably be more interested in using the larger combs for grooming.

However, on the road, you may want something a little more pocket-sized but similarly easy to handle. Whatever your preference, you’ll be prepared.




Viking Revolution Folding Comb

Folding Beard Comb w/Carrying Pouch for Men - All Natural Wooden Beard Comb w/Gift Box - Green...
  • FIND OUT WHAT YOU'RE MISSING - Find out for yourself, why others are saying this is the best comb they've ever come across! This folding sandalwood comb gives the best grooming experience that you can...
  • BEST GROOMING EXPERIENCE - No static or pulls & great for taking out knots. Perfect for applying oils & balms
  • EXCELLENT MATERIAL - The beard comb is made of highest quality sandalwood
  • POCKET SIZE - Gives the best grooming experience that you can take with you, whenever & wherever you go
  • THE VIKING GUARANTEE: All Viking products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee - just contact us if for any reason you're not happy with your purchase.

You may not be a big fan of the double-sided variety of portable combs you’ve been seeing. There’s no denying the usefulness of a good portable beard comb, but you need one that fits you and your style. The Viking Revolution folding comb may be right up your alley. Instead of being double-sided, this comb folds up into itself for protection, convenience, and a bit of style.

Aside from just how it looks, this folding comb functions just as well. Carved out of sandalwood, the standard-sized teeth of this beard comb should work wonders for any healthy beard. The design allows it to be comfortable to use while avoiding static, snags and pulling. It comes with an added leather pouch and fits snugly in your pocket without consuming space.




Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb

Folding Wooden Comb by Striking Viking - Men's Hair, Beard, and Mustache Styling Comb - Pocket...
  • FOR A TRUE GENTLEMAN'S BEARD - Since 2015, thousands worldwide have enjoyed this fashionable men's hair and beard comb. It's time to elevate your grooming game to the master level with this Striking...
  • ALL NATURAL 5-STAR HAIR CARE - Promote healthy hair growth and reduce breakage with this static free detangling wooden comb. The smooth rounded teeth glide through beards and head hair of all types;...
  • DURABLE WOOD COMB - Handcrafted from 100% sandalwood; this combs for men, it's tough and long lasting, will stand up to daily use, travel, and the thickest of tangled mats. The switch flip style makes...
  • SPIFFY STYLE AND SWANKY GOOD LOOKS: That's you. We want to help you achieve the best look for your beard and your hair! Striking Viking Folding Comb detangles and straightens your hair in position for...
  • THE STRIKING VIKING DIFFERENCE - TRY IT RISK FREE - Give your hair the attention it deserves and Add To Cart now! Backed by a hassle free return within 30 days of purchase. If the comb doesn't do what...

The best part of using folding combs is how well they maintain the security of the comb’s teeth. Other combs are wont to be exposed more frequently, leading to damage that may end up ruining your favorite beard comb. With a Striking Viking folding comb, combined with a tasteful wooden case box, your comb will stay pristine for longer.

This beard comb is made out of sandalwood, a popular high-quality type of wood for these products. By using wood, the beard comb helps distribute the natural oils that help keep your beard healthy while avoiding uncomfortable snags and static. Not only that, the folding design means it takes up less space in your pocket than other types of combs will, providing easier, non-obtrusive portability.




EZGO Stainless Steel Beard Styling and Shaping Template Comb

EZGO Stainless Steel Beard Styling and Shaping Template Comb Tool for Perfect Lines & Symmetry
  • Perfect Symmetric Trim Line - Get a professional-level accurate trim or crisp shave, without your barber's costly services! Just use this amazing grooming guide tool along with your preferred razor,...
  • Innovative Design - The two sized teeth comb design ensures that any size beard can be tamed and styled effortlessly. They also help to glide beard oil through the hairs. The brush ends provides the...
  • Multiple Shapes & Styles - This amazing Beard Comb used for Neck Line, Cheek Line, sideburns, moustache, Jaw Line, Goatee and more. It even features different styles - curve cut or step cut for your...
  • Lightweight Portable and Flexible - for easy use on any face and anywhere.
  • We bring the highest quality available for our customers and strive in providing world class customer service.

Not all of these beard combs are intended for constant, everyday travel, nor should they be. If the market were flooded with all of the same product, there would be valuable gaps missing in what people need. If you’re looking for a product to supplement your home hygiene routine, then convenience is the answer, and EZGO has you covered.

Combining two different type of teeth for combing with a styling edge for your beard helps keep your look exactly as you want it. The curve allows you to maintain a fine edge to your beard without losing the integrity of your look. Afterward, you can continue to stylize and maintain your hair using the comb teeth on the sides of the comb.

The effectiveness and versatility of this product ensure it as a staple grooming tool. Why buy multiple products when you can boil it down to one? The health and well-being of your beard will thank you for it.




Rapid Beard Beard Brush and Beard Comb

Beard Brush and Beard Comb kit for Men Grooming, Styling & Shaping - Handmade Wooden Comb and...
  • HEAD HAIR, BEARDS & MUSTACHES - will all benefit from this natural wooden comb and 100% boar bristle beard brush set. Works great on any type of hair including long, short, thick, thin, soft, firm,...
  • 100% BOAR BRISTLE BEARD BRUSH - natural boar bristles help distribute oil, improve hard hair texture, styling, shaping, smoothing and conditioning. Great used with beard oils, balms, waxes &...
  • HANDMADE, ANTI STATIC & SNAG FREE - each comb is crafted with the tender care that will leave your hair feeling smooth at any given time. Thick fine tooth finish that can get through any viking hard...
  • GREAT GIFT FOR A MAN - this comprehensive barber beard kit of beard comb & beard brush for men is packed in a luxury & durable gift box with magnetic closing claps, and a travel friendly cotton bag....
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - every purchase is backed by our 90 day money back guarantee for your complete satisfaction. All our product accessories are made with premium quality. Perfect stocking...

While this beard comb may not come with the same functionality as a folding comb or a double-sided option, that makes it no less useful. The Rapid Beard wooden comb promotes the overall health of your beard through cleaning your beard and helping distribute natural oils effectively. It may have only one side of teeth, but you’ll have a better grip to comfortably care for your facial hair with.

You may notice that this beard comb comes with a beard brush as well, which may be a little more than you’re asking for. However, if you do have a shorter beard, or plan on trimming down in the future, this is a good accessory to have on hand. This brush is manufactured using all-natural boar brush, using no plastic or nylon materials.

These all-natural products will provide an excellent grooming accessory to ensure your beard looks the best it can.




Buyer’s Guide

beard styling kit

Image via Unsplash

If having a full, wild beard is your style, then all the more power to you. However, proper maintenance of your beard means your beard will be healthier, with less ingrown hairs, and will be cleaner in the long run.

Taking care of such a prominent part of your aesthetic is important. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for a new beard comb.

Whatever you choose, always keep in mind a few of the important qualities to look for.

  • Quality
  • Convenience
  • Material
  • Pricing

You want the best beard comb at the best price. The most expensive one on the market may not be what you’re looking for. Regardless, whatever you choose should be the best for you in every facet, from function to appearance.

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