Top 5 Best Beard Combs for Your Manly Mane

Your beard isn't going to look great all on its own. It's going to need a little help from a couple different beard products and that's why we're going to find you the best beard comb. Without a little help from these beard grooming tools your beard would look a mess.

Just like beard oil a beard comb is something you should always have available. Don't even consider using your wife's bulky brush or the cheap plastic comb you got for a dollar at Walmart. There's good reason why and we'll dive into that below.

How a Man Takes Care of His Beard

We're talking beard maintenance here. Take a quick moment and judge your level of beard care. If you're serious about having a good looking beard you should be taking the proper steps to take care of it.

It's not enough to only shampoo your beard in the shower and call it done. In fact using a normal hair shampoo isn't the best option for your beard and you could be damaging the beard.​ Always use a shampoo designed for facial hair instead.

When it comes to combing your beard if you're not using a comb that's designed for facial hair you're doing it wrong. Other cheap combs you find at super retailers are mass produced by machines and have ridges in their teeth.

Instead of having smooth edges these teeth with ridges are cutting your beard hair. It'll cause split ends and a weaker looking beard. The more you use these cheap combs the greater damage you're causing your beard.

No one wants to spend this much time growing a beard to have it messed up by a cheap brush. Use a quality brush that's made for beards and you'll notice the difference. It won't take you long to realize how different it feels to use the best beard comb Vs any cheap one.​

beard comb reviews

How to Comb Your Beard

When you've got your beard comb you need to know how to brush your bead. It isn't a complicated process but its something to go over and just make sure its being done correctly. Our example considers that you've just jumped out of the shower and your beard is air drying.

Step 1) Take your beard comb and start at the very bottom of your beard line. Brush upwards to the top of your beard at your cheeks. This is going to separate your beard hairs from each other to prepare for the next step. If you have any length to your beard this will make it look fluffy and that's what we're doing for in this step.​

Step 2)​ Continue the upward combing on your cheeks. This is where you may encounter a snag from the hairs crossing. Just gentle comb through them to separate the hairs. If you encounter snags frequently a good beard oil should be used before beginning the combing.

Step 3) Using a gentle grip on your beard comb begin to comb the beard back down. This is where you can style the beard into any way that you like. Your beard hairs are their most manageable now from the previous combing. Style your beard to perfection and you're done with combing.​

Tip: Don't forget your mustache could use some combing also!

Avoid Combing To Much

Once you begin combing your beard it can easily become habit forming. I've fell into the same trap and have caught myself combing my beard for no other reason than to be combing it. This can actually be quite harmful for your beard and its best to break the habit.

Much like the common mistake of stroking your beard to often by hand doing the same by comb will decrease beard growth. Have you ever noticed someone who touches their beard often, usually at the goatee, and seen how its reduced growth in that area?

Next time your around some fellow beardsmen just take a look around and you can probably spot those who are to active with their beard touching.​

So, try to not fall victim to the habit of over combing and touching the beard to much. Usually combing in the morning and maybe one more time in the evening is enough. Try not to go more than that and you should be fine.​

Traits of the Best Beard Comb

Determining which traits make up the best beard comb wasn't the easiest task. It was more difficult than we original anticipated anyhow. Some of the key traits which make up our beard comb review are: how it feels in your hand, its ability to style your beard, and the overall price to quality ratio.

Price to quality ratio is something you'll hear us mention frequently at iManscape. We consider this to be an important metric in anything we review. To be deemed top of our list you have to be more than amazing quality you have to also offer that amazing quality at a great price.​

That's the winning combination I want our readers to receive if we're going to review a product.​

That being said here's some other things to know about your beard comb to help you decide for yourself which one is best for you. We highly recommend going by our table at the top of this post, but your situation might be different and that's why we want to make you knowledgeable about your purchase.​

best beard comb

Machine Cut or Hand Cut

We talked a little about using cheap combs earlier. These cheaper combs are all machine cut/pressed and mass produced. The problem with these combs is their teeth are ridged and will cut your beard hairs resulting in hair damage like split ends.

That beard damage can effect your beard all the way to the follicle. The cheaper combs have teeth that are easier to break and using a broken tooth comb is just going to damage your beard hair even further.​

Another big issue with these machine cut combs is the static they cause from combing your beard. If you've ever used one then you know exactly what I'm talking about. This makes styling your beard a complete pain and hassle.​

The best beard combs are usually hand cut​ and even have hand polished teeth. Their much stronger and often made of wood or another anti-static material. These handmade combs will cause less damage to your beard and are really the only way to go if you're serious about maintaining your beard.

Difference Between a Beard Comb and Brush​

The difference in your beard brush is they're made of boar hair if it's a high quality brush. These boar hairs are great for helping get even distribution of oils in your beard.

If you've got a thicker beard you may find it difficult to get beard oil in all the necessary places. That's where a beard brush comes into play. The hairs on the brush are different lengths and this helps spread the oil evenly through the beard.​

The outcome though is a fluffed out beard as well. Which, depending on the man, could be a good or horrible thing. That's why a beard comb is highly recommended.​

Beard combs give more control over the actual styling of your beard. They're not going to help spread beard oils evenly however. Beard combs will be made out of harder materials such as wood, bone, or other synthetic and beard oil won't cling to the comb to be spread.​

What's your best bet?​

You might want to consider adding a beard ​brush to go alongside your comb. If you have a thicker beard you'll find this to be the ideal way to go, but if your beard isn't thick enough to require this kind of effort with beard oil I wouldn't bother with the brush.

If you fall into the category of not needing the brush you might enjoy a beard balm which is similar to hair clay, but for your beard.​ It'll make your beard more manageable and works really well with a beard comb.

​Top 5 Best Beard Combs

Here's our top 5 best beard comb choices that you can consider for your beards next best friend. If your beard could speak it would be thanking us for this amazing selection. Each of these 5 combs are high quality combs that'll treat your beard right.

It's almost like you're taking your beard on its first date.​

Huntsman Dual Action Beard Comb

huntsman beard comb

This is a dual action beard comb from Huntsman Beard Company. This high quality comb has dual action teeth which is great for both large and small beards. Comb teeth like this help with your beard styling to get the look you desire.

When you open this package it's going to smell like you've stepped into a woodshop for the first time. I don't know about you but I love the smell of cut wood.​

Since this comb is wood and with its quality design you're not going to experience any pulls, snags, or static while combing your beard. If you've got a cheap plastic comb in your hand while reading this you should feel ashamed!​

This company has made this comb with thickness. It's designed to withstand daily wear and tear and if you treat it right this comb is made for life.​

In Your Hands

You can immediately feel the thickness in this comb when you hold it. The texture is smooth and the wood feels great. Each of the teeth feel thick and sturdy. The width of the comb takes a little to get use to, but overall it feels like quality.

Styling Ability

The dual action comb teeth are just great. With these different size teeth on each in it rivals a brush in spreading beard oil while at the same time offering complete control over your style.

The Men's Review

hunts review

Overall Value

I feel you're really buying quality with this beard comb. It's the best beard comb on our list and the main one we recommend. You're getting more than your moneys worth in this comb. Take care of it and it'll be around for a long long time.

Kent Men's Handmade Comb, Set of 3

kent beard combs

I really like the fact this is a 3 piece beard comb set from Kent. If you've never heard of Kent Combs they're a pretty well respected brand. The great thing about this set is you get a comb for almost everywhere.

You've got one for the bathroom, your office, and your back pocket if you go with these beard combs.​ These are handmade combs and the teeth are individually sawed. The teeth are also hand polished and buffed to create soft rounded teeth that won't damage your beard.

In Your Hands

These combs are probably smaller than what you may be thinking. These are the 81T, FOT, and R7T models from Kent. I've given an accurate image for you to get a better idea.

They each feel strong in your hand though. You can tell they're made well and a huge difference compared to that black plastic comb you've been using from China.​

kent beard comb sizes

Styling Ability

You've got a lot of control in styling with this set. The smallest comb is even great for your mustache while the other two offer thin and wide tooth options. The biggest comb has both size teeth on a single comb.

The Men's Review

kent beard comb review

Overall Value

You're getting a very great deal at this price on a 3 piece Kent comb set. You would be hard pressed to find better pricing anywhere other than this Amazon deal. The quality in these combs from Kent are always great.

Rocky Mountain Beard Comb

rocky mountain beard comb

The Rocky Mountain beard comb comes with a wide wooden grip for maximum control. If you've got larger hands you'll find the wider grips much more convenient.

The teeth on the comb are multi-width which is always nice. One side having thinner gaps and the other larger gaps for great styling control. Also a huge help in spreading beard balm around and other beard products.​

This combs weights 1.5oz which is 4x the weight of your cheaper plastic combs. Immediately showing its dominance and ability to comb through any knots or tangled hair.​

In Your Hands

When you pick up the Rocky Mountain beard comb you'll first notice the width at the top of the comb. It feels nice in your hands and makes for great control. It's heavier and feels sturdy. The teeth are thick and even the thinner teeth feel strong.

The carry case it comes with also feels nice. It's branded with the Rocky Mountain logo. This whole package really screams amazing.​

The Men's Review

rocky mountain beard comb review

Overall Value

Good quality, good company, and just a good product. If you decide to get this comb or gift it to someone you'll be happy about it. Nothing negative to say or point out. It is priced around the higher end of combs, but you're getting your moneys worth.

Rugged Chuck Beard Comb

rugged chuck beard comb review

The Rugged Chuck beard comb is a single width comb. It's a wide width toothed comb that's handmade. The wooden comb won't cause static and from our investigation on this comb the teeth width falls somewhere in the middle.

We've seen thinner teeth gaps and also wider. This comb falls somewhere in the middle which isn't as bad thing considering it's a single width comb.

In Your Hands

The comb feels more lightweight than other wooden beard combs. Although that doesn't seem to take away from the quality feel which you might expect. It's made from Pear Wood and remains durable.

Styling Ability

Since this is a single width comb it doesn't have the same styling capabilities as other combs. I would say this comb is ideal for someone with a medium thickness beard or borderline large beard.

The Men's Review

rugged chuck beard comb review

Overall Value

Despite this comb being single width and more limited to those with medium to large beards its priced very affordably. It's on the lower pricing for our best beard comb list.

Klawz Beard Comb

klawz beard comb review

This Klawz beard comb is a 4 sided beard comb that I find quite unique. Each side is different lengths and widths of teeth. If you've never used a beard comb before this could possibly be your best option.

The comb itself is pretty small. It measures 4" x 2.5" which will easily fit in your back pocket. With its set of comb teeth its great for any size beard.

In Your Hands

The first thing you'll notice is how small it is. It fits right in the palm of your hand. At the same time it's thick and sturdy. It feels sturdy all the way around including the teeth of the comb.

While it's a great size to fit in your back pocket I wish it came with a leather case. I might be nervous to break the teeth in my back pocket without some sort of carrying case.​

Styling Ability

A very ideal beard comb for styling a beard. If you're new to beard combs you're covered no matter what length or stage your beard is in. If you're going to continue growing your beard this comb will work for you through all your beard stages.

The Men's Review

klawz beard comb review

Overall Value

This beard comb comes with a wide range of usefulness and is priced mid range. I would say the overall value here is pretty good. It's not quite as expensive as the other beard combs and brings a lot of value to the table.

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