Top 5 Best Beard Growth Products for Quick Results

The best beard growth products are like finding a needle in a haystack. They do exist, but you really have to sort out the bull crap to find what you're looking for. We at iManscape have sifted through more products than I like to admit.

We search through a lot of products to make sure you get what works. Our journey through the beard growth products was no different. We've boiled down our list into the Top 5 Products out of the three main categories: oils, supplements, and sprays.

Types of Beard Growth Products

The beard growth industry has manufactured their products into three main categories. These three main categories are: oils, supplements, and sprays. Each category have effective products that fall into our top five list.

Your own situation will decide which category you should be taking from. We're going to describe each category in small detail. This should give you enough information to know which option might better suit you.

Beard Growth Oils: Oils are ideal for someone who has a small beard already coming in. These beard growth products help your beard grow from its roots. You'll usually massage the oil deep into your whiskers to promote growth.

The beard you already have growing will benefit from the essential oils. Keeping what you have going very healthy and strong. Even if you're not seeking growth we recommend a normal beard oil to maintain your beard.​

Beard Growth Supplements: Supplements are a good option if you have sensitive skin. They're also great if you're forgetful, like me, and you can just take them 1st thing in the morning. The downside to this kind of beard growth product is how long it takes to see results. You're going to have to wait longer to see a return on your facial hair growth compared to an oil or spray.

Beard Growth Sprays:​ Sprays are ideal if you're having problems getting any beard to grow. A good candidate would be someone with a patchy beard, thinning hairs, and overall little growth. The spray helps spread evenly over trouble spots to promote growth. It works similar to oil based beard growth products, but is applied differently.

Biotin: The Holy Grail of Hair Growth?

biotin daily value

Out of the many ingredients beard growth products are made of, Biotin is the key ingredient. Take a moment and look at your product labels for these products and you'll Biotin with a daily value sometimes as high as 1,000%.

As a quick example take a look at Vitabeard and Beard Grow XL.​ Both of these supplements have large amounts of Biotin which make up their ingredients.

What's the fuss behind this ingredient?

There's actual proof behind the concept that Biotin stimulates hair growth. If you check the National Institutes of Health database, you find several publications that studied the link between hair loss and a lack of Biotin.

Here's a study that found a connection in women experiencing hair loss or thinning hair that started taking Biotin and saw regrowth in their follicles. There's other studies similar to this that have been done and seen similar results.

It's been an outstanding finding for the hair growth market. There are ways to increase your Biotin intake in a more natural way with dieting, we'll discuss this more later. Either way Biotin will be a key to your beard growth success. As always consult your Doctor before taking any supplements.

Start With Natural Beard Growth

natural beard growth

A beard growth product, no matter which you select, will only take you so far. If you truly want to improve your facial hair growth then you need to improve your diet.

At this point it almost sounds cliche, but a healthy diet is important to your hair health. Since we're focusing on beard growth, the 2 most important nutrients you should be concerned with are protein and iron.

There's a article in USA Today, that cites some research from the Cleveland Clinic that links iron deficiency and baldness.

Here's some of the foods you want to consider increasing in your diet to promote beard growth.

  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Lean Red Meats
  • Beans
  • Dark Green Vegetables

Eating a handful of nuts every day also has other health benefits. Just by doing this you can also decrease your chance for a lot of different diseases. You might want to consider doing this no matter what.

Changing your diet isn't going to replace the benefit of the other beard growth products, but these changes to your diet will help. If you're seeking the most change in your facial hair I would combine the two.

The Best Beard Growth Products

We've broken down the best beard growth products into 3 categories. Those categories are supplements, oils, and sprays. Each category have an ideal person which they might be better for, but they all promote beard growth.

Supplements: These are best for someone with sensitive skin or just prefer to not use a daily product on their face. Some of the strongest products for beard growth fall into the supplement category.​

Oils: These are great for someone who can grow a beard, but needs a little help to continue. If you need to keep your beard healthy and want to see it grow quicker, oil is your ideal option.​

Sprays: These are best for a guy with a patchy beard. If you're having trouble growing a beard in any way then I recommend you try a spray. In fact combining a spray with supplements would be an ideal solution if you can afford to do so.​

Here at iManscape we love to go by our "price to quality ratio" when doing these reviews. We want to make sure you get the very best possible product at the very best price. The below list contains 9 total products. Three items for each category we mentioned above.

Our exhaustive research has taken us to these items. We know you'll be able to find the best solution for you from this selection. Please refer to our top 5 recommendation (top of page) to see which are our favorites.​

Beard Grow XL - Supplement

beard growth products

Beard Grow XL promises faster and thicker facial hair growth. They state their vitamins are a enhanced formula that supports natural hair growth with fast acting results. The vitamin blend is designed for men only and is a completely natural non-hormonal formula.


There are mixed performance reviews based on how fast the supplement took to work. Mostly everyone who did take them on a regular basis did see results. The time it takes most definitely appears to vary from person to person.


You'll take the pills by mouth daily. It appears to be a total of 3 pills daily, this ends up giving you a 30 day supply for one bottle.

Men's Review

beard growth product reviews

Overall Value

This is one of the best beard growth products on the market. The overall review is very positive with only a couple people stating they didn't see any results. This being a supplement is a win for those with sensitive skin.

Biotin High Potency - Supplement

beard growth supplements

Biotin is the key ingredient to promote hair growth. These supplements contain 5,000 MCG which is 1,670% of the daily value in one capsule. The pills are cold pressed with organic coconut oil, which helps you swallow them. There's a total of 120 capsules or a 4 month supply.


This product performs very well. There's a lot of reports complimenting these capsules. People are seeing great results for their facial hair, head hair, and nails.


These are a simple supplement that you'll take once daily. You get a 4 month supply and you should notice results by the 30 day mark. The company provides a 90 day money back guarantee if you fail to see any results.

Men's Review

beard supplement reviews

Overall Value

We really love this product because it's the main ingredient only. Other supplements are great if you're also using them for a normal daily supplement plus for hair growth. If you're only looking for the Biotin you can save money this route.

Beard Garden - Supplement

beard growth pills

If you need something organic these supplements will work great. They also contain 1,667% of your daily value of Biotin. There's no artificial ingredients, it's free of allergens, and no other non-organic material. Plus they're made in the USA.


We've seen statements claiming results as quick as 1 week. Everyone is unique and your results will vary, but these supplements appear to work just fine.


You take these supplements by mouth, but we were unable to find out the recommended amount per day. It appears to be a single capsule per day, which gives you a 2 month supply.

Men's Review

reviews on beard growth products

Overall Value

These supplements work fine, there organic, and there priced affordably. I don't think there's anything else you could ask for really. If you're not looking for a purely organic solution I would however go with the pure Biotin option or Beard Grow XL.

Beard Fuel XL - Oil

best beard growth products

Beard Fuel XL is a recommended beard growth oil that's 100% organic. It's fast acting and fragrance free. An ideal option for someone with sensitive skin or sensitive to smells. They back their product with a 100% guarantee.


There's a overwhelmingly positive notion towards this product. It has a 4.8 out of 5 review on Amazon at the time this was written. Negative mentions are far and few between. I have confidence that this product will work great.


It only takes a few drops each day to use this product. If you're using this to promote additional growth and already have a decent beard, you may require more drops. Always massage the oil deep into the skin to see results.

Men's Review

beard growth oil review

Overall Value

This product is pricey coming in around $45 for 1oz. As long as it works as fast and strong as everyone claims it does, it may be worth the price. Overall I'm positive enough on the product to give it a recommendation.

Minoxidil Extra Strength - Oil

minoxidil for beard growth

Minoxidil is a dropper or oil based product that's comparable to men's rogaine extra strength. Men that have a lot of trouble growing facial hair call this a miracle in a bottle. Applying it only to your facial hair will result in quick results.


Minoxidil is a super powerful solution to facial hair growth. It's an ideal product if you have a patchy beard or thin facial hair. You can apply in trouble spots as needed and see great results.


This beard growth product can be applied to trouble spots and not the everywhere. We really like it for this reason. Sometimes men grow a great beard, but need their mustache to connect. Situations like that make Minoxidil the perfect solution.

Men's Review

minoxidil review

Overall Value

This product is super powerful and isn't very expensive. You get a 6 month supply for around $30 depending on the retailer. You can apply it everywhere or only in trouble spots. For these reasons it's one of the best beard growth products.

Gentlemen's Beard Oil - Oil

beard growth oils

Gentlemen's Beard Oil is a standard beard oil that we really like. Beard oil is your ideal option if you have a decent beard, but are seeing growth slow down. When you notice a slowing growth pattern, any flaking, any dandruff then it's time to use beard oil to assist you.


Beard oil is the best performing option to carry your beard growth to the next level. It's the option for those that can grow an alright beard, but need a little help to make it amazing.


Beard oil can be used with only a couple drops. The bigger the beard the more beard oil you need. Your beard will see healthier growth when you start using oil.

Men's Review

beard oil for growth review

Overall Value

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Hoffmann Beard Growth Plus - Spray

beard growth spray

A beard growth spray like the Hoffmann Hair Growth Plus is ideal for someone who's having problems growing any beard. It's also beneficial to those with a patchy or thin beard. As a spray it's simple to apply and dries quickly.


There's a mix of performance reviews on this product. If you're already growing a beard I wouldn't recommend this option first. It's more ideal for patchy beards and someone having problems growing a beard all together.


The application process is very simple. A couple sprays on your skin and you're done. The product dries quickly and doesn't leave a lingering residue.

Men's Review

beard growth spray review

Overall Value

If you're dead set on looking for a spray this might be a good option. It's not our favorite out of the other 2 options, but it made our list for being skin friendly. Those that claim it works great always seem to compliment its ease of use and it's ability to dry quickly.

Biotopic Thicker Beard Growth - Spray

best beard growth spray

BioTopic is a facial hair serum in spray form. It's 100% drug free and is an all natural solution in beard growth products. They offer a irritation free, non toxic, no minoxidil, and oil free solution.


The ideal solution for the sparse, thin, or scraggly beard. While promoting strong beard growth in a natural way, BioTopic also makes the beard much softer.


It applies quick in easy since it's a spray. The product dried quickly and doesn't leave a lingering smell.

Men's Review

best beard growth product review

Overall Value

For the price, value, and performance we really like BioTopic. It's a really good spray solution, but just keep in mind that sprays are ideal for those with the most issues in growing a beard. Since the spray doesn't reach as deep through facial hair, it's best when more skin is exposed.

Organic Caster Oil - Spray

caster oil for beard growth

This 100% organic beard growth product is the most affordable spray on our list. Both men and women swear by this stuff. Use it on your beard or your hair. It's a powerful solution in a small bottle.


This is probably our favorite spray. It's very effective in doing what you need, hair growth.


This product being in a spray makes it simple to apply. It dries quickly like other sprays and doesn't leave a bad smell. Using this for your beard doesn't require a lot of the product in each application.

Men's Review

caster oil review

Overall Value

We really like this spray. It fits in our price to quality ratio and is the most affordable spray on our list. If you're in the market for a spray this is going to be your best option. Remember, sprays are best when more skin is exposed. Mainly for patchy or thin beards.

Your Beards Grown In, Now What?

Once your beard starts growing in, it's important to maintain it. Initially I was skeptical to, I didn't think something like beard oil would really keep my beard healthy. In my mind it was just a ploy for someone to make a buck.

I was so very wrong.​

​Once I began to use beard oil I started to see a big difference in the way my beard looked, how much easier it was to manage, and most importantly the way it grew. After you reach the small beard stage, where you have enough whiskers to cover the beard area, you want to begin using beard oil or beard balm to continue growing your beard.

Here's why!

​At the base of your facial hair (your follicles) you produce an oil called sebum oil. This oil keeps your beard healthy, promotes growth, and essentially is almost a nutrient for your beard.

The amount of sebum oil you produce never increases. As you grow a larger beard you need should supplement the lack of sebum oil with beard oil. This prevents your beard from flaking and looking bad. It also prevents you from beard dandruff which anyone would dread.​

What's the difference in beard oil and balm?

To be honest, there's not a huge difference. The only difference is in the ingredients. Both beard oil and beard balm have a carrier oil and essential oils. Beard balm also has some additional ingredients such as beeswax and butter.

The ingredient you want to pay attention to the most is the carrier oil.

The carrier oil is what provides a benefit to your hair follicles. It's the oil that prevents things like dry skin, dandruff, and irritation. The other oils don't do as much as the carrier oil and they're more for fragrance and boosting specifics.

In beard balm the beeswax is to help with styling and butter adds an additional styling effect, but also helps moisturize the beard. Butter also makes the balm much easier to spread and more manageable.​

Before You Go!

Hopefully our list of best beard growth products was able to lead you to a good choice. Our top 5 recommendations are a mixture of the 9 products we discussed. Additionally, you should consider Minoxidil for beard growth if you're having a more serious issue growing facial hair.

If you have some experience with these products please leave us a comment and let us know how they helped you.​

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