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It’s a simple fact that developing and growing a handsome beard will require some maintenance. You wouldn’t leave the hair atop your head unwashed, ungroomed, and untended for. Your beard will be among the first things that people see about you. It’s hard to miss, after all. If you’re planning on devoting yourself to the beard life, then it’s time that you put in the effort to care for it.

Starting off with the basics, like combing, washing, and trimming your beard is a good start. However, you’ll want to consider on tapping into another facet of beard maintenance: beard oils. Not everyone needs them, but everyone should give them a try. After all, keeping a healthy beard pays with big dividends in the long-run.

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The problem that follows the decision to start using oils is finding the best beard oils available. That can depend on a number of different factors, like what scents you prefer, what type of oil works best with your beard, and so on.

No matter what your preferences may turn out to be, chances are you’ll want to avoid wasting your time with a bad purchase.When it comes to choosing the best beard oil, there are going to be a few key qualities that we look for.


A beard oil that doesn’t do anything more than make you smell good is hardly pulling its weight. You want something that effectively takes care of your beard.


There are a lot of bad beard oils out there, either because they’re cheaply made, or they simply don’t work. The best beard oil should feel as good being applied as anything else in your beard maintenance.


It’s fine to sell beard oil at a low price, but cutting corners to maximize profits isn’t what you’re looking for. When seeking out the best beard oil, get the most bang for your buck.

Of course, finally, the best place to look for the final decision on whether or not something is good is to check the reviews. You’re going to find the most honesty there, even if the provider isn’t.

Here Are the Best Beard Oils

Don’t forget that the world of beard oils is enormous, so there’s a small chance you won’t find quite what you’re looking for here.

Maybe you like fragrant oils, maybe you prefer a perfect lack of smell, or perhaps you need a specific type of beard oil for a problem you’re dealing with.

Whatever is motivating you, hopefully, you’ll be able to find the best beard oil for you right here.

Viking Revolution Beard Oil

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For this entry, we’re going to go with the basic Viking Revolution beard oil. While basically any other version of the Viking Revolution beard oil is just as good as the other, we’ll let you pick and choose from their selection of fragrances. Starting off, however, we’re settling with the unscented option.

This mixture of Argan and Jojoba oil promotes your beard’s health as a conditioner. If you happen to find yourself dealing with itch or dandruff, a run around the block with this high-quality product should do you the service you need.

As an unscented option, it’s completely palatable to anyone interested in it. Plus, if having a soft, healthy beard isn’t enough, it’s completely organic.


Honest Amish Beard Oil

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The Honest Amish company has a well-established history of quality beard materials and products. You’ll be hard-pressed to find dissenters on that.

This beard oil is crafted with all-natural ingredients, focusing on Virgin Argan and Golden Jojoba oils and supplemented by six other selections. The Honest Amish brand is conscientious, ensuring their products are harmless to the environment and ecosystem.

Local to the USA, this beard oil is designed with your beard’s health in mind. Its organic ingredients help soften and condition your facial hair, improving the fullness of your beard while moisturizing your skin. The supplemented oils enrich every facet of your complexion, promoting continued long-term health, richness, and quality.


Bossman Beard Oil

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For the most part, the beard oils you come across are going to be in a liquid form. Bossman has decided to go a different route when it comes to designing the best beard oil. Instead of a liquid, Bossman has created a unique jelly-based version.

Completely separate from other beard oils, the viscosity of a jelly beard oil bonds more effectively with your beard and skin, getting in deeper where competitors can’t. Coming in four distinct fragrances to choose from, Bossman beard oil moisturizes, cleans, and improves your follicles and spores. Doing so results in thicker, healthier, and faster-growing beards.

This high-quality beard oil lasts longer and impacts deeper than other beard oils can. Not only that but the bottle itself is twice as big as most other beard oils come in.


Mountaineer Brand Beard Oil

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If you’re looking to immerse yourself with the discrete presence of nature and carry the woods on your chin, the Mountaineer Brand beard oil might be your gig.

Among the best beard oils you can find, this scented beard oil brings notes of cedarwood, fir needle, and eucalyptus to your facial hair. That’s not to say that you’ll be overpowered by this scent, rather you’ll be perfectly complemented by its presence.

Growing out your beard can tend to be a little uncomfortable, accompanied by flaking and itchy skin. With this beard oil, you’ll be able to mitigate and avoid that discomfort by hydrating your skin while supporting beard growth. It’s nothing complicated, using only a few select ingredients, and ensures your beard will look shiny, clean, and pristine throughout its residence.


Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

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There’s a good feeling that comes when you’re restoring an underperforming beard. Not only does the jump in quality create a more comfortable experience, but it also provides a self-confidence boost in itself. If you look good, you feel good. The Prophet and Tools beard oil can help with that, restoring the quality, healthy, and strength of your beard.

Using aloe vera, jojoba, and chamomile oils as its ingredients, this unscented beard oil provides the support you need to grow out a full beard. Whether your beard is itchy, flaky, or patchy, consistent application of this beard oil should bring out the best of what you can offer in no time. Not only will your beard look better than ever, but it will also moisturize your skin at the same time.

Plus, you get a free beard comb with it.


Leven Rose Beard Oil

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While a nicely scented beard may be an attractive feature, it’s more like cologne than deodorant: nice but unnecessary for the most part.

You might be the sort of guy where a constant smell right under your nose would give you a headache, or maybe you simply prefer an unscented beard. If so, then Leven Rose has the best beard oil for that.

Besides being fragrance-free, this beard oil does what any decent beard oil should: keep your beard clean, fresh, and shiny. Using only two ingredients, jojoba and argan oil, it keeps its product simple and effective.

You’ll be moisturizing your skin while strengthening the quality of your beard, ensuring healthy growth. The days of dry, itchy beards will soon be behind you with daily uses of this oil.


St. Pierre’s Beard Oil

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We mentioned previously that a scented beard oil is like cologne. Well, that being true means that a well-scented beard oil can be a bit of an attractor if used right.

St. Pierre’s offers a big stronger scented beard oil, both for your and others’ enjoyment. If you aren’t interested in a good scent to hold onto for the day, this may not be the one for you.The main oils that make up the ingredients, being apricot kernel, jojoba, argan, and oakmoss sandalwood oil, are what provide the scent as well as the positive reinforcement.

Consistent use of this product will take an unruly, dry beard and make it soft, clean, and well-nourished. With a little bit of use, you’ll not only be improving the quality of your beard but also your complexion as well.


The Gentlemen’s Beard Beard Oil

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No one likes a scratchy beard. Not your partner, not your sleeping and eating habits, and certainly not you. Sure, a rugged beard might sound like a good idea, but after a while, it loses some of its appeal without proper care. The Gentlemen’s Beard provides a product that addresses all the problems your face while flexing your beard-growing capabilities.

Being completely unscented means no headaches or worries about blowing your money on an unpleasant product. It’s better to be safe than sorry sometimes. Manufactured from a few select oils, this beard oil soaks Vitamin E into your beard and skin, softening your facial hair while hydrating your face.

Soon enough, with consistent use, you’ll see improved comfort, beard health, and overall quality of your facial hair.


Badass Beard Care Beard Oil

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If you’re looking for the best beard oil created by certified badasses, then you’ve found the one. Manufactured by bearded veterans, the Badass Beard Care beard oil contains everything you should look for in a high-quality beard oil: a pleasant fragrance, organic ingredients, and certified beneficial effects.

The fragrance itself is a bit different from what you’ll find elsewhere. Most other beard oils will go for more of a woodsy scent, something that emulates the wild and the untamed. This beard oil instead goes a bit more citrus-based, carrying an orange and lemon scent to it. If you’ll call that emasculating, however, then I can’t help you. There’s nothing unattractive or unpleasant to a nicely sweet scent.

Beyond the scent, the beard oil itself ensures prolonged beard health and quality. It moisturizes your beard and skin, ensuring soft facial hair, increased growth, and negates any itchiness or dandruff you may be experiencing from your natural state.


Grave Before Shave Beard Oil

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Keeping things simple is the best sometimes. With the primary ingredients being tea tree, apricot, jojoba, aloe vera, and sweet almond oil, the focus of Grave Before Shave beard oil is to improve the quality of your beard while improving the skin under it for continued health. These all-natural ingredients immerse your beard and skin with Vitamin E, promoting long-term benefits

Running into constant troubles with your beard like tangles, split-ends, and dandruff can kill the enthusiasm for your facial hair. With consistent use, you’ll soon see a drop in all of these nuisances while also enjoying a lightly scented manly beard along the way. The bourbon and sandalwood scent provides the sort of positive atmosphere for improved mood and interaction.


Buyer’s Guide in Finding the Best Beard Oils

Whether you end up preferring a scented beard oil instead of an unscented one is entirely your preference. While that’s important to pay attention to, there are still more important qualities to look into when deciding on the best beard oil for you.

  • Effectiveness
  • Quality
  • Pricing

So as long as you find a beard oil that stands out as a reliable product, you’ll be sure to find yourself with a healthier beard in no time.

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