Ultimate Guide: Top 7 Best Beard Products Every Man Needs

So you’ve got yourself a beard. It’s handsome, large or small, and you wear it proudly upon your chin as any man would. It’s a source of accomplishment, admiration, and overall benefit to your overall personality.

That is to say, you care about your appearance and the place your beard takes in that. Why wouldn’t you? It’s a part of who you are, and it’s a vital piece of how you present yourself to the world.There is the maintenance portion of caring for your beard, however. While that isn’t a bad thing, and in fact may be a peaceful part of your day-to-day routine, it’s a continual facet of your beard care lifestyle you have to contend with.

That means keeping up with quality methods, stylings, and, most importantly, products. Should You Have the Specific Best Beard Products to Keep a Good Beard?Specific ones? No. Beard products? Yes.

If you aren’t willing to accommodate your bathroom and hygiene routine to incorporate what you need to keep a healthy beard, maybe you shouldn’t have one. While it’s nothing like a dog to take care of, if you aren’t willing to put in a little effort and pride into your appearance, then you’re better off not growing an enormous beard.

Beards require care to ensure they can reach their full potential. This includes any number of products designed to ensure the health, longevity, and sustainability of your beard and facial complexion. Perhaps with very short beards that never go beyond an inch, you’ll have some flexibility. However, if you’re a man with a bushy, thick beard, then it’s time to ensure that beard represents you well.

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What Sort of Beard Products Do You Need?

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The best beard products come in all sort of forms, from solids to liquids. Technology, concoctions and various grooming appliances will become a part of your beard’s lifestyle, defining and sculpting your face to become the handsome image it deserves to be.

The end goal of the best beard products is to improve and shape every aspect of your beard to achieve its full potential.

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Let’s start with at the beginning with finding a good razor. Razors are traditionally known and used to shave entire beards from your face in large swathes. While that may not what we plan to use them for, they’re still helpful in helping maintain the integrity, balance, and sharp edges a beard needs. Those edges under your neck and along your cheeks need to be kept even, after all.

One of the best razors on the market is going to be the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Razor. The FlexBall connecting the razorhead and handle provides ample maneuverability for complete control. You get five whole blades in the head, enabling effective, smooth shaving with minimal irritation. For basic, consistent shaves, this is probably what you’re going to want to go for.

Then again, maybe opting for a single razor won’t cut it for you. Everyone has their own preferences. There are other options to look into, like electric shavers or shave plans. Whatever your preference is, while the Gillette razor will probably work perfectly fine, you should consider weighing your other options.

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We’re going to get a two-fer with this spot on the list, since not only are they closely related products, but they come in the same package. To establish a baseline, beard is hair, we all know this. Like the hair you have on the top of your head, you need to take care of it otherwise it’ll go wild, splitting ends and tangling up. You need to deal with that, and quickly.

Grow A Beard provides the exact thing you need. In a single combined box set, you’ll receive both a beard comb and a beard brush to help you tame your beard. The beard comb is made from high-quality bamboo, meaning it’s going to be efficient, durable, and provide a painless experience. Frankly, if you’re ever in the market for a beard comb, don’t settle for anything that isn’t made from wood.

If you want to know why wood should be your only option, it comes down to this: wood is better for your beard than either plastic or metal. With the other materials, there’s the more frequent issues of static buildup, snagging, and frequent durability issues. Wood generally doesn’t deal with those problems at anywhere near the same rate. Plus, wood is simply more appealing.

The second half of the Grow A Beard set is their beard brush. If you didn’t already know, the beard comb and brush are intended for two completely different styles of beards. For larger, longer beards, a brush isn’t going to cut it. It doesn’t have the appropriate penetration that you need to flush out knots, tangles, and other issues a large beard deals with.

The beard brush is absolutely perfect for shorter beards, however. Being able to comfortably guide, shape, and distribute natural oils throughout your beard without irritating your skin leads to major health benefits. You’re more likely to have ingrown hairs than not without a comb or brush, after all. A major incentive to this brush is it’s made out of boar bristle, one of the best materials to brush your hair with.

Not only does this product contain two essential beard maintenance accessories for an affordable price, but they’re also completely pocket-sized. You’ll be more than capable of slipping either of them into your pocket for on-the-go beard care, whether that be to the supermarket or across the nation. They’re convenient, high-quality, and exactly what you need.

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Of course, you’re going to need to include a beard trimmer, that’s an essential part of beard maintenance. If using a razor isn’t going to be as precise as you’d like it to be, then you’ll cover your bases with a Philips Norelco grooming accessory. The one we’ve selected includes 23 attachments to adjust the function of your trimmer. However, if you don’t think you’ll need that many, they have options with fewer attachments for cheaper.

The primary functions of this trimmer are obvious: adjusting the length of your beard. The 23 pieces the product refers to primarily include various lengths of trimming guards. Reasonably-sized beards are perfect for this, allowing you to accurately and discretely trim the length of your beard without losing a significant portion.

There’s no doubting the use of a huge selection of trim guards. However, there’s more to this trimmer than just those. Among the 23 selections you can choose from, there are a few with distinct functions beyond simple length trimming. Among these are the foil shaver and the steel precision trimmer.

The foil shaver allows you to make a close shave without worrying about irritation or cuts. With this, you’ll be able to accurately and safely shave clear, pristine edges for your beard along your cheek and throat. This allows expert sculpting for a great overall look.

As opposed to the foil shaver, the steel precision trimmer is for hard-to-reach places. Regular-sized razors and trimmers have a hard time accurately shaving parts of your face, namely around the ears, lips, and chin. The steel precision trimmer is what you’re looking for there. The shorter razer head allows precise shaves, especially around the sides of your mouth, for stylized facial hair.

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We’ve covered the basics when it comes to hand-held appliances for your beard. Getting into the stuff that makes your hair stand out is from here on out. There’s not much use to stylizing your hair if it fails to look good and healthy. Dirt, dandruff, and oil can ruin your look before it can get off the ground. With a little bit of beard oil, you’ll be on the right path toward the kind of look you can respect.

Our suggestion is going to be Viking Revolution beard oil. While most any beard oil you can find will probably end up serving you nicely, what you have to watch out for are low-quality brands. Viking Revolution is reputable enough to guarantee function for a pretty decent price.

If you’re interested in finding a beard oil with a nice scent to it, Viking Revolution has something on their shelves for that. The one we’ve linked to is their plain, unscented brand, which is safe for just about anyone’s use.

That being said, a light, pleasant smell to your facial hair shouldn’t be frowned upon. Unless you think it’ll give you a headache, which there are certainly plenty of folks out there with sensitive noses.With habitual use, beard oil helps rid your beard of dandruff and dirt while overall strengthening your scruff. A soft beard is all the more attractive, as well as providing a palatable, organic solution to make your facial hair shine. This product is a must-have to level-up your beard game.

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Keeping your facial hair healthy and trimmed is by far the most important part of beard maintenance. However, if you want your beard to really carry some gravitas, then your styling needs a little more oomph to it. You don’t need to use a lot of it, but with a little bit of Honest Amish beard wax, you’ll be styling your facial hair in increasingly new ways.

A little creativity never hurt anyone. Using beard wax to personify yourself is an expression of your character. For any man, from those who use wax solely to characterize their faces to those who need help taming an especially wild mane, Honest Amish has a product just for you. Created using organic ingredients, you won’t need to worry about chemicals or harmful products damaging your hair.

While the main purpose behind using beard wax is for simple or eccentric styling, its uses stretch a little farther than that. If you’re intending to capitalize on the health of your beard, then you might prefer looking into a good oil or conditioner. However, even if you do use those, there’s no harm in a little bit more. Honest Amish’s beard wax softens and conditions your beard for a fuller, healthier look as well.

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Now, what’s the difference between beard wax and beard balm? I understand your confusion, they’re incredibly similar products with similar goals. Both intended for extended styling purposes, the primary difference is found in their ingredients – namely bee’s wax. Both products contain it but in different quantities. Beard wax has a higher concentration of bee’s wax as opposed to beard balm.

Ultimately, beard wax is great for larger beards, whereas beard balm is intended for shorter ones. Both provide excellent styling services while enriching the health of your beard.As far as balms go, Smooth Viking offers one of the best beard products on the market to aid your beard appearance. With a little bit of use, you’ll see an increase in shine, softness, and comfort as it also functions as a leave-in conditioner. You’ll be taking an unkempt, itchy beard to a robust, thick image of the kind of facial hair you want.

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If you think we’ve run out of beard maintenance products, guess again. This one’s intended for use in the shower, in lieu of using your regular shampoo to keep it clean. Your beard is hair, after all, and shampoo is perfect for washing out that day’s grit and grime for a fresh complexion.

Our recommendation for ensuring the cleanest beard is Professor Fuzzworthy’s shampoo. When you’re looking for the best beard products, then this is top of the list for shampoos. Intended for beards of any size and length, it’s easy to apply, wash, rinse, and maintains its quality for the rest of the day. All of this, it should be noted, is accomplished without any harmful chemicals or agents that might damage your beard.

Let’s talk about that all-natural thing because Professor Fuzzworthy’s is a little special on that front. Organic beard products are all the rage these days, and they should be. Beards can be delicate and they deserve the best, safest treatment. When it comes to this beard shampoo, you’ll be hard-pressed to find its ingredients in any competing shampoos.

You’ve heard of Tasmania, Australia, yes? This shampoo is manufactured there, using local yet exotic – to us anyway – sources to create their shampoos. It’s precisely organic because they use these ingredients, such as Leatherwood beeswax, Kunzea oil, and Tasmanian Seaweed extract, that makes this product unique. While they may be native to Australia, they’re certainly foreign to American-made competitors.

The rarified ingredients included in this concoction are what makes this shampoo so effective and unparalleled. Not only will it thoroughly clean your beard, but it also fortifies it for styling due to the beeswax inherently in it.

We’re not going to pass any judgments on you if you decide to go with a different product, but chances are whatever else you’re buying is going to be inferior in comparison.

Perfect Your Grooming Regimen

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Every one of these selections is guaranteed to improve your beard maintenance routine. When it comes to finding the best beard products on the market, we’ve already done the work for you. That being said, while each of these products has celebrated backing from popular opinion and reviews, it’s still mostly based on opinion. There are plenty of competitors that will perform just as well, perhaps better if you prefer them.

There’s a certain consideration to be made for preference. Whether you like what you found on this list or entirely prefer a different brand is up to you. All that is inconsequential. What matters is that you supplement your hygienic rituals by keeping your beard healthy and presentable. It’s what people notice first about you, cause beards are hard to miss and they say a lot about a person.

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