Top 5 Best Body Groomers for Men Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

So you're ready to tame your wild body hair, but you need a body groomer. Whatever you do, don't use hair clippers to manage your body hair -- we know you probably already tried. Either way, we'll guide you to the best body groomer for men in a way that you'll enjoy the ride. What is the best male body groomer? Read our reviews to find out.

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What to look for in a Men's Groomer

You might think any old' body groomer will do the trick, right? Well to an extent you're not wrong. They'll all cut your body hair, but some body hair groomers will definitely do a better job than others.

There're a couple of things to consider before buying the best men’s body groomer, and I want to make sure you make the best choice for you. Everyone's body hair isn't the same. You might have excessive back hair or a different issue that would make one groomer best for you vs another.

Another thing to consider is your overall goal with body hair. Are you looking to achieve total hair removal or just looking for something to keep everything tidy or perhaps you just need something for below the belt?

Here are a few things to consider about yourself before making a choice:

  • What areas of your body are your "trouble spots"?
  • Is your hair very thick, curly, or straight?
  • Do you want trimmed body hair or are you looking to shave it off?

Once you've assessed your body hair and trouble spots, the second thing you'll want to look at is the types of body groomers for men there are. There are two main types of trimmers. One being the foil and guarded style and the other is a razor style groomer.

The foil and guarded style groomers are great for removing the bulk of your body hair. If the trimmer is also equipped with a guarded end, then you can shave quite close to the skin as well. These are great for keep body hair short and tidy but won't shave the hair completely off.

The razor style groomers use cartridge style razor heads like a normal razor but offer some features similar to an electric shaver. They offer the vibrating motion that helps raise hairs and give you a closer smoother shave.

Choosing Between Foil & Razor Options

Choosing between a foil head with a guarded trimmer and a razor blade groomer boils down to what you're trying to achieve. If you want to keep some body hair but have a tidy and trim look, then you want to go with the foil and guarded trimmer.

The foil head trimmers will cut your hair low but leave some behind. With an adjustable guard, you can choose how long you want your body hair to be. I recommend experimenting with different lengths to see what looks best on you.

Always begin with the longest setting and move it down as you shave to test different lengths. Since there's going to be many different factors at play like the color of your skin, being muscular or lean, and the darkness of your body hair there's no one perfect setting that works for everyone.

If you want total hair removal, you should go for a razor blade trimmer. If you're wondering why you shouldn't just use a normal razor, it's because it is not designed to tackle this much hair at one time and not this specific type of hair.

The razor blade options on our list include electric trimmer functions. The vibrations help cut through body hair and since there's a lot more body hair overall this vibration not only assists the cut but also helps your razor blades to last longer.

The one downside to removing all your body hair is it's a lot of work. Additionally, if you're going to be letting your body hair grow out and shave bare time to time, then you're going to want body types of shavers.

This way you can use the foil and guarded shavers to cut down on the bulk of your body hair and then finish it off with your razor groomer. This will help your razor blades last longer as well, but you'll still need to buy new cartridge razor blades from time to time.

Body Grooming 101: How to Use a Body Groomer

When you first begin body grooming it can seem like a daunting experience. The first time you do it everything is going to feel different. Your skin will feel different, you'll notice a breeze you never have before, and your shirts will feel like they're not yours.

The sensation is best described by most men as a freeing feeling. To help you along your journey into removing your body hair we've put together a few guides for the different areas of your body.

Shaving Your Chest

The chest is the most popular upper body part to shave. If you're going for the trimmed look, you typically want to leave the chest hairs a little longer. If you're trimming your stomach at half guard length, then go 2 notches larger for your chest hair.

This gives you a top to bottom look that is pleasing to the eye. It gives a darker to slightly lighter shade to your skin when going that route.

If you're shaving it off, you want to pay attention to the direction of your hair growth. Shave with the grain to remove the hairs. When you reach the center of your chest where it divots inward use your hand to flatten the area to be shaved.

Most importantly be careful around your nipples. Some men will leave a little hair around the nipples, but this isn't necessary and looks odd. Simply take your time and gently remove the hairs with your razor.

The chest is a sensitive area to shave so make sure to apply an aloe vera moisturizer after shaving. You can use any type of lotion but try to go with a fragrance-free option to avoid irritation the skin.

Shaving Your Underarms

Underarm hair grows in every different direction. So you can't shave with the grain to reduce your odds of shaving related issues. If you have long underarm hair that pokes out even with your arms down you'll want to remove the bulk with a guarded shaver.

If you want to remove all your underarm hair, then use plenty of shave gel and take your time with the razor. Because of the hair growing in different directions, you're more prone to ingrown hairs and skin irritation. It helps to shave your armpits in the shower so you can rinse frequently and reapply shave gel as needed.

Shaving Your Arms

If you're going the bare route and have darker body hair, you'll likely want to shave your arm hair as well. Darker body hair will make a shaved chest and hairy arms stand out. In order to have a matching appearance shave your arms as well.

Arm hair really comes down to how your skin and body hair shades come together. Some men have very light colored arm hair and keeping it won't be a problem since it isn't as visible and it'll look fine with a bare or trimmed body.

Shaving Your Stomach

Your stomach is an easy one to decide to shave. Basically, if you shave your chest, you want to shave your stomach. Follow the grain while shaving and you'll avoid most skin irritation. The skin on your stomach and most of your body tends to be less prone to skin irritation.

If you want to leave behind a happy trail under your belly button that's fine. However, everywhere else should be shaved. It's also safe to go with a trimmed chest and no stomach hair.

Shaving Below The Belt

Shaving your pubic region, shaft, and testicles does take some careful work. These areas are prone to getting ingrown hairs, small cuts, razor burn, and other shaving related issues. It's mostly the pubic region that is vulnerable to the majority of these issues because of its sensitivity.

Your scrotum is actually tougher than you may think and doesn't usually get ingrown hairs but is more likely to get a small cut because of the wrinkles and folds.

Use a guarded trimmer to cut down the bulk of your pubic hair. Follow up with a razor to remove the rest. It can be a bit of a dance to get completely shaved, but it gets easier the more you do it. We've written a complete guide on this topic if you're interested in learning more.

Shaving Your Thighs and Legs

Shaving your thighs can be as difficult as shaving your back for some men. It can be a huge help to use a body groomer with an extendable handle when shaving these areas. The Philips 3100 series on our list makes a great option if you find your thighs and back to be one of your trouble spots.

When it comes to your legs, it's as simple as shaving your arms but just on a larger area. Use the same process to cut down on the bulk of the hair and then following up with a razor blade. It's difficult to get a smooth shave on the legs without going against the grain.

Shaving Your Back

The back is the last area to cover for your complete body grooming. It's also the most difficult part of the body to shave. The easiest way to do it is asking someone else to shave it for you. That's not going to be an option for most of us because it's just too difficult to find someone to shave our backs.

If you're going at it alone, I've written a better guide to shaving your back. It's a process which works best with a long handle shaver. The Philips 3100 on this list is a decent option but there's a better one on our dedicated guide.

No matter what areas of your body you shave you can almost always shave your back. This is the biggest trouble spot for a lot of men so don't feel bad if it's one for you.

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Tips for Body Grooming Beginners

Now that you're prepared to begin body grooming and are just waiting for your electric body groomer to arrive in the mail, we can cover some tips to help you out. Shaving your body is different than shaving your face. So let’s dive right in.

Tip 1) Shaving in the Shower

Shaving in the shower can be a huge help. It's easier to rinse your razor between passes and wash away excess small hairs. It provides a constant level of lubrication, and warm water keeps your hair follicles soft and sets the perfect shaving environment.

Before shaving in the shower, however, you should always remove the bulk of your body hair using a foil or guarded shaver. Even if the electric shaver is waterproof, it's still better to remove the bulk while dry shaving.

The razor blade shavers on this list are all waterproof options you can take into the shower with you. Shaving bare is a bit more expensive since it's ideal to own both types of shavers but it's 100% worth it.

Tip 2) Shaving Below the Belt

Shaving below the belt comes down to your personal preference or most likely your partner’s pubic hair preferences. Body groomers are excellent for trimming pubes and giving you a nice and tidy appearance. If you want to avoid ingrown hairs, we recommend only trimming the bulk down and keeping it nice and tight.

Because let's be honest... no one likes hairs in their teeth.

Don't try using a body groomer below the pubic region. Attempting to use it on your testicles is a no go. It's difficult to maneuver around your scrotum, and it just isn't designed to shave this area.

Leave your scrotum up to an actual razor blade instead. It'll do a better job and there usually isn't enough hair on the actual scrotum to require removing bulk beforehand anyhow.

Tip 3) Getting the Closest Shave Possible

If you're shaving your body hair, you probably don't want to leave the small prickly hair behind. If you can live with these small hairs, you'll avoid getting any ingrown hairs, but it's up to you to determine if your skin is too sensitive to shave further down.

If you believe it won't be an issue or don't mind the minor inconvenience of an ingrown hair time to time, then you can shave these small hairs. To achieve this, you'll need to shave against the grain. Going against the grain raises these small hairs and cuts extremely close to the skin.

You can do this all over your body but we recommend experimenting by doing it in sections. This will let you see how each section of your body reacts to being shaved against the grain. If it comes out alright with little irritation, then feel free to do it every time you shave.

We wouldn't recommend going against the grain below the belt. A simple with the grain razor shave will be enough if you choose to do so. If that's too much go back to only using a body groomer to remove the bulk and keep a nice and tidy lower appearance.

Tip 4) Relieving Itchy Skin

When you're new to body grooming your skin's going to be itchy in the beginning. It's going to be extremely itchy as the hairs begin to grow back. Don't let this stop you from shaving body hair in the future because it actually gets better over time.

In the beginning, you'll want to keep some product around to relieve the itch. There are different products out there, but often a simple lotion with aloe vera works wonders. We suggest avoiding lotions with fragrances since these can add to skin irritation.

Try to avoid scratching your itch. It may be difficult to not itch your skin but try not to itch with your fingers. When the hairs begin to grow back and the itch is coming in you can begin exfoliating.

Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells and expose the tiny hairs beginning to poke through the skin. It will help get rid of some of the itches. Use a soft bristle brush before and after taking a shower, and you'll feel much better.

Tip 5) Shave Early

Shave early or shave often because when you shave right as the body hair grows back where it's noticeable again, it becomes easier to manage. By doing this, you won't have to remove the bulk first each and every time you want to shave.

It also trains your skin to become used to frequent shaves and the feeling of a razor. Overall this means fewer shaving related issues and less skin irritation.

The downside, of course, is having to shave more often. So it really comes down to your personal life and what you can handle. It's difficult to shave every other day or so. You might be better suited with letting your hair grow out and shaving bare once a week.

women love shaved body hair - body groomer

5 Reasons to Shave Your Body Hair

Out of all the reasons to shave your body hair and use a body groomer we thought we would talk about a few. If you're on edge about shaving body hair, maybe one of these will give you the nudge you need to make a decision. If anything goes wrong, you can always just let it grow back out.

Women Love It

One of the best reasons is women are growing more and more fond of body groomed men. It's more than a small trend now and has become the preferred option for women. Just think about it... no one enjoys hair in their teeth.

As for the rest of your body, some women like a little hair and some don't. Either way, most women prefer a tidy trim over wild growth. If you're with someone and you're worried about what they may think I suggest just surprising them.

If they don't like the bare or trim look, you can just grow it back out.

You're Going to Smell Better

When you have less body hair, your body traps less sweat, dirt, and oils. So when you've had a long day and come home and take your clothes off, you're not going to have a strong negative odor.

In turn however, this means most of your sweat will be trapped in your clothing and absorbed by your clothing instead of getting stuck in your chest hair. It's more of a trade-off, but your natural body odor will be more pleasant.

Clothes Feel Different

Your body is going to feel different both in and without clothing. When you've body hair, and suddenly your bare skin is touching the shirt or shorts etc., it's a very different feeling. Most men describe the sensation as a freeing feeling.

It's more airy and free-flowing. I realize this sounds like an exaggeration and it may be slightly, but you’ll experience it differently, and it definitely is a unique experience. It's one of the reasons a lot of men choose to continue shaving their body hair because they like the way they feel in clothing and naked more so than with body hair.

It's Good for Your Skin

Shaving with a razor is actually great for your skin. It removes a level of dead skin cells that just showering doesn't remove. This allows your skin to breathe easy, it opens your pores, and remove excess dirt and oils.

It's similar to dermaplaning where they use razor blades to remove the top layer of skin and all the small hairs. It's the same concept, and it's terrific for your skin. It gives you a beautiful natural glow because your skin is fresh and clean.

If you're going the trimmed route and keeping some of your body hair, you can achieve a similar effect by exfoliating daily. Every time you take a shower, exfoliate with a soft bristle brush and scrub your skin down good. You'll feel the skin cells coming off. Exfoliating isn't only for your upper body either... don't forget to treat your feet!

Appear Bigger Below the Belt

Keeping your pubic hair trimmed low or removing the hair all together will make your manhood appear larger than it really is. You'll gain an additional inch or two through the illusion of the eye.

When you remove the bush surrounding the tree the tree appears larger. It's a simple way to feel better about how you or someone else see you in the nude. Who wouldn't want to appear bigger, right?

Another thing this helps out with is self-confidence. This is the best side-effect to this side of body grooming. Having increased self-confidence is the ultimate way to positively affect all other areas of your life.

Body Groomer Vs Normal Electric Shaver

If you're one of those that use your facial hair electric shaver on your body, then I want to urge you to change. Depending on the shaver you're using for your face, it's likely not designed for cutting body hair. It won't have adjustable guards or the right designed head to get into the dips of your body. It's also more hygienic to use a different shave for your face and body.

The Philips body groomers on our list have specially designed heads that make them superior for body shaving. They're definitely some of the best body groomers for men on the market. The heads are smaller and pivot differently to follow the flow of your body. Plus you have the option to get an extended handle in the Philips body groomer 3100 series or an adjustable guard in the 7100 series.

If you've been using hair clippers to shave your facial hair, you need to make two upgrades. I've been guilty of using hair clippers like this in the past but changing over to a real electric shaver for facial hair and a second one for body grooming made a huge difference.

It will save you time, and it’s more efficient.

Why Trust Us?

We're extremely dedicated to providing in-depth and honest reviews. If we find the product to be less than advertised we're going to make sure you know about it. Our goal is to lead you in the best direction possible and save you the time of having to do the research yourself.

We don't only look at top level consumer reviews from retail sites. We dive deeper into the web and see what people are discussing on forums, and we look for anything negative that seems to be reoccurring.

Taking into account any multiple reports on anything negative, so we know if there's a common issue with an item. Face it; sometimes an electric item is faulty. To be safe, we make sure it's not just a fluke from one angry consumer.

If there’s something out there that many are experiencing, we'll uncover it and make sure to report it. You're getting the absolute most in-depth, tested, and honest best men’s body groomer reviews of any product you read in this post.

Top 5 Best Body Groomers for Men (Best Men’s Body Groomer Reviews)

Below you'll find our more detailed review of each of the 5 body groomers on our list. Each and every body hair groomer are good options, but you may find one more suitable than another. This will mostly depend on your personal needs like having an extended handle to reach back hair.

Remember that if you only want a trimmed look with some body hair, you'll be alright with a foil based shaver or guarded shaver. If you want complete hair removal, you'll want the foil shaver, and you'll want to pick up a razor blade shaver.

Philips Norelco 7100 Series Bodygroomer

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Our #1 pick for best body groomer for men is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom. This great body groomer comes first on our list because it's the best all-purpose shaver for body hair. Philips designed this shaver for body hair alone, and it definitely excels in this department.

The top foil head is a 3-D pivoting head that gives you a closer shave with less skin irritation. This means the head moves in all direction allowing it to stay on the surface of your body without an issue.

It's a dual-ended shaver with the second bottom end being an adjustable guard. This is great for getting different lengths of body hair and for someone not wanting complete hair removal. The guard is great for maintaining body hair and keeping it tidy.

If your skin is sensitive the shaver is made out of hypo-allergenic materials.

The blades and combs of the trimmer are rounded to prevent scratching and to reduce the odds of getting a cut. This is extremely helpful when you're cutting down on bulk hairs below the belt.

It's safe to use wet or dry and is completely cordless, so it's easy to move around with. If you do for any reason end up not liking the shaver Philips offers a 45-day money back guarantee on top of a full 2-year warranty included with purchase.

The negative things we came across included the shaving head being difficult to remove. When you eventually need to replace the shaved head customers had a difficult time doing this. The second thing we found were some complaints about the charging stand. Some people found the charging stand a little awkward and somewhat of a balancing act to sit the shaver on to recharge.

We've written a complete and detailed guide for this particular body groomer if you want to read about it in greater detail.

Quick recap of the pros and cons:

  • Outperforms expectations.
  • Gentle on sensitive areas.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Head's difficult to remove for cleaning.
  • Awkward charging stand.

4 Best Electric Body Shaver Runner Ups

Here are 4 great runner-up body groomers. Each of these shavers is really great, but just didn't quite make it as #1. That being said, one of these could possibly be better for you than our number one pick. Why's that?

Depending on someone's needs they may require a slightly different body groomer. Are you someone who travels more often and requires something more compact? Maybe you really like the shave of a razor and are looking for a great mixture.

Either way, our 4 runner-up electric body groomers are going to give you those options. Read more about them below to see if one might be slightly better for you than our #1 pick.

Gillette  3 in 1 Bodygroomer

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The Fusion Proglide Men's Body Groomer by Gillette is a more compact design. One of its better selling points if you travel a lot, have thinner body hair, or looking for something multipurpose this can fit the bill. This 3-in-1 tool (trimmer, shaver, and edger), along with the three comb attachments, allows you to achieve a comfortable shave from head to toe.

Don't let the size of this body groomer fool you. It may be compact but, it does pack a punch. Its thinner blades also make it great for sensitive skin. No pulling hairs and gives you a really great shave.

The one downside is that the width of the blade is smaller. So it'll take a little more time to manscape. That's why we recommended this shaver for those with not as much body hair.

The small design of this trimmer is great for shaving around the nipples and underarm hair. The ideal customer for this product is someone who doesn't grow much body hair but wants to remove what does grow.

It comes with 4 different guards for different hair lengths. If you purchased two of these the second would be great for shaping facial hair.

This item is also 100% waterproof, so you get the added benefit of shaving in the shower.

On the downside of the product... it does require razor blades so eventually, you'll need to buy replacements. The replacement blades from Gillette can be quite expensive. Another thing is you're not going to be able to trim down bulky body hair so it can only be used after for going bare, but if you keep your body hair cut then you'll mostly use the single trimmer.

Quick recap of the pros and cons:

  • Ideal for going hairless.
  • Waterproof, take it in the shower.
  • Great for shaving in dips or creases.
  • Requires replacement blades.
  • Trimmer required to cut bulk of hair down first before using this.

Philips Norelco 3100 Series

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The Philips Norelco 3100 Bodygroomer is a great foil groomer but, does lack with its guarded shave. We recommend this shave if you have hair in hard to reach places. If you're someone with a hairy back, hairy butt, or similar hairy and hard to reach place, this men’s body groomer is for you.

This shaver is technically designed for those with back hair problems. That's exactly what we recommend this for. The handle extension just makes it such an easy process, and you won't have to ask your girlfriend to do it next time!

If back hair isn't an issue for you, then there are better alternatives, such as our #1 pick.

Along with this electric body groomer, you’ll also get the back and comb attachments. The shaver itself is completely waterproof so you can take it in the shower. The handle also folds in and out for use on normal areas as well as those harder to reach.

The head of the Philips 3100 shaver is similar to the 7100 model. It pivots in any direction to stick to your body curves and give you a closer shave. The combs and blades are rounded to prevent cuts, and it's designed not to cause skin irritation.

On the downside for this shaver is what makes it unique is also what causes its problems. The extendable handle can make it bulky and awkward to hold when folded in.

Since it doesn't have an adjustable guarded end, it's also less effective on curly hair. This leans the product more towards a specialty shaver, but it's still quite popular and very effective.

Quick recap of the pros and cons:

  • Handle for hard to reach spots.
  • Good option for shaving back hair.
  • Waterproof
  • Less effective on extremely curly hair.
  • More of a specialty shaver rather than all around.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro

No products found.

The Mangroomer is similar to our  #1 pick for men's body groomer. It comes with a pivoting foil shaver head and adjustable guarded shaver bottom. It's even designed in a similar shape and style.

What makes it different from our #1 choice is quality. The Mangroomer just isn't as top-notch quality as our main pick. That being said it's also cheaper and a true notion to "you get what you pay for.”

If you're looking to save money or maybe you're very new to manscaping or body grooming, this might be your go-to shaver. It does have some additional features also such as the "ultimate pro boost" that is supposed to give you a better shave. This body groomer allows you to shave and trim all areas of the body with ease and precision (underarms, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, stomach, and groin). Specifically, the Power Burst button enables trimming and shaving through extra thick and coarse hair. There are mixed reviews as to if it actually works.

The ideal customer for the Mangroomer is someone on a budget that needs a balance of quality and affordability. It also comes with 7 length settings which are great for keeping body hair nice and tidy. This men’s body groomer is designed for both wet and dry use.

There were some downsides to the product we came across. Customers felt that the battery life became weak after a year of use. Which at this price point a year of use is pretty good. Another problem is just how it feels in your hands. It feels cheap when held.

Quick recap of the pros and cons:

  • Offers guarded and foil shave ends.
  • Guarded shaver is adjustable.
  • Offers a "burst" option for thick hair.
  • Battery is known to weaken after a year.
  • Feels cheap when held.

Remington PG6025

No products found.

If you’re looking for a do-it-all grooming kit that delivers a decent shave from the top of your head to your toes, this is the one. 

Remington’s all-in-one PG6025 grooming kit includes six detachable pieces, each specifically designed for a particular part of the body.

It includes an adjustable comb, a nose/ear/detail trimmer, stubble comb, detail shaver, and two beard combs.

The blade is made of surgical steel and is very sharp, which is good for some places and not-so-ideal for other, more sensitive areas. Creating a clean-cut, freshly groomed beard is easily achievable because of these sharp blades.

However, if you’re thinking of taming the beast down below, you’ll need to be more careful. Like most clippers, they have the potential to grab and cut any loose skin, which is something to be wary of around the scrotum area. Make sure to use another method shaver to cut down on bulk first.

Once you’ve reduced the volume below the belt, use the Remington clippers for precision...but steer clear of the family jewels!

Measuring 6.6 inches, these 120-volt clippers are fairly easy to hold in one hand. It is a cordless device, meaning you don’t have to worry about pesky wires in the way of the perfect shave. However, besides its washable trimmers, it does not claim to be waterproof or water resistant in any way. Because it is not water-resistant, be wary of bringing it into the shower lest you risk damaging its electronics.

While it runs for 65 minutes on a single charge, some have complained about the battery holding its charge a few months after purchase.

You should take these complaints with a grain of salt considering its low price. If you like this trimmer even after it malfunctions beyond repair, purchasing a replacement unit shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Quick recap of the pros and cons:

  • ​Relatively inexpensive.
  • Great for close shaves.
  • Cordless and long battery power.

  • ​Not ideal for lots of body hair
  • Complaints of battery malfunctions after months of use

Commonly Asked Questions

Can body hair be removed permanently? - Your body hair will always grow back. Shaving and waxing won't remove your body hair forever. Waxing will last longer, but your hair will begin growing again in 3-4 weeks. You can achieve permanent hair removal with laser hair removal, but it can be very expensive and take several sessions.

Can body hair cause itching? - Yes, body hair can cause itching when it's starting to grow back. You can reduce the itching by exfoliating and using fragrance-free lotions. Otherwise, body hair doesn't cause itching.

Can body hair cause odor? - Body hair itself doesn't cause odor but sweat, dirt, and oils that get trapped in your body hair can. Shaving your body hair will reduce the amount of dirt and oils, so you'll naturally smell better.

Final Review of the Best Body Groomer for Men

Hopefully, our reviews helped you find the best body groomer to  match your needs. Out of the 5 total options we covered I'm sure you'll find a perfect option for you. Don't forget the tips we covered to get the most use of your electric body groomer.

If you enjoyed our post, make sure to let us know. Leave a comment below, and if there's a body groomer you think we missed and should consider, don't be afraid to send it this way. Thanks for reading!

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