Top 5 Best Body Groomers for Men Now

So you're ready to tame your wild body hair, but you need a body groomer. Whatever you do don't use the hair clippers to manage your body hair -- we know you probably already tried. Either way, we'll guide you to the best body groomer for men in way that you'll enjoy the ride.

Quick List: The 5 Best Body Groomers Available

Our Recommendation: Out of all the other body groomers on the market the Philips 7100 Series outperforms them all.

What to look for in a Men's Groomer

You might think any old' body groomer will do the trick, right? Well to an extent you're not wrong. They'll all cut your body hair, but some will definitely do a better job of it than others.

There're a couple things to consider before buying your body groomer and I want to make sure you make the best choice for you. Everyone's body hair isn't the same. You might have excessive back hair or a different issue that would make one groomer best for you vs another.

Here are a few things to consider about yourself before making a choice:​

  • What areas of your body are your "trouble spots"?
  • Is your hair very thick, curly, or straight?
  • Do you want trimmed body hair or are you looking to shave it off?

Keeping the 3 questions above in mind you'll be able to make the best selection. Once we get to our more detailed section below which includes some pros and con's of each groomer you'll know exactly which one to pick. Before we jump into the details lets cover a few other things to know about body groomers.

Body Grooming 101

If you're going for the trimmed look you won't need to follow all the steps in the below video. You can simply stop before the steps requiring a bare razor blade. In this particular video they're using the Gillette 3 in 1 Bodygroomer we link to at the top of this post.

Benefits of Using a Body Groomer

There are many reasons to use a body groomer but, let's talk about some of the better reasons. One of the best reasons is women are growing more and more fond of body groomed men. It's more than a small trend now and has become the preferred option for women.

Another reason is you'll naturally begin to start smelling better. With less hair you hold less sweat and in return you smell less. A body groomer is also great for your pubic region and that's the beginning to have nicely shaved balls.

The best body groomer for men will last you a couple of years of use. If it's a foil body groomer you're going to also save a lot of money. Bladed trimmers cost more since you have to pay for new blades every time they go dull. That's sometimes a big headache but, with an electric body groomer it's not such a problem!

It also makes you feel much better with clothes on or off. I don't know why but, it just makes you feel great. This is the experience of a lot of guys that use the best body groomer for men. I'm sure you'll feel the same way. If you haven't given it a try then the time is now!

Beginner Body Grooming Tips

Now that you're prepared to begin body grooming and are just waiting for your electric body groomer to arrive in the mail, we can cover some tips to help you out. Shaving your body is different than shaving your face. So lets dive right in.

Shaving in the Shower

Lets address wet shaving with a body groomer. While most of these electric shavers will market the water resistance of their device I don't recommend using them for wet shaving. Using shaving cream with most these devices will work but, it's just to troublesome.

The hairs get clumped to easily and it just makes a mess. If you're going to shave in the shower just don't use any cream. It'll save you a lot of trouble, and at the same time you'll get a good body shave.

Shaving Below the Belt

Shaving below the belt. You can definitely use a body groomer below the belt. However it's recommended to keep it to the pubic region. You can get a very nice trim or nearly bare shave with a good body groomer.

You'll have no skin irritation and everything will come out good. Don't try to shave below your pubic region, you know what I mean... It's just not worth it! It's way to difficult to shave your testicles with a body groomer. We have a guide on this topic if you're interested.

First Time Use

Give it a good full first time charge. Right when you get your body groomer I know you're going to want to use it right away. Unfortunately it's best to give the device a 24 hour charge before use. This will make sure your battery will last you as long as possible.

Not doing this could result in weakening your battery and cause trouble for you down the road. We've seen the online reviews of battery complaints. This is most likely why there body groomer isn't lasting as long per charge after a month.

Body Groomer Vs Normal Electric Shaver

If you're one of those that use your facial hair electric shaver on your body then I want to urge you to change. Your electric shaver isn't designed to handle body hair or that amount of shaving. You'll actually cause your facial hair electric shaver to wear down a lot faster than normal.

The best body groomer for men is designed specifically to cut body hair. There's a lot more body hair and surface to cover for your body groomer. Because of this they're designed to withstand longer shave times and are all around more durable.

In order to save the life of your facial hair shaver, get a better body shave, and basically have things done the right way... get yourself a body groomer.

Why the Philips Norelco 7100 Series Bodygroomer is #1

philips 7100 body groomer

Our #1 pick for best body groomer for men is the Philips Norelco Bodygroom. This is a really great body groomer for those without any special skin care needs. If you don't have sensitive skin, average hair thickness, and overall average body grooming needs then this is our most recommended.

Philips creates some really great masculine hair grooming products and you'll definitely be happy with this tool. I personally own this one and I love it!

It's a dual ended tool designed specifically for body grooming. The foil shaver does a great job of getting a close shave without pulling any hairs and feels very smooth. The bottom guarded shaver comes with multiple lengths and gives one of the best shaves I've ever had.

The Pros:

  • Performs Way Better than Expected
  • Doesn't cut in sensitive areas.
  • Easy to handle & powerful.

The Con's:

  • Head is difficult to remove for cleaning.
  • Can be a balancing act to charge, but works fine.

Why Trust Us?

We're very dedicated to giving you the best results on our reviews. We take it up a notch and conduct actual test our selves. Yes, we purchase and use the products you see here on this post.

Not only have we tested these ourselves but, our friends as well. Though a multitude of different results and personal opinions on the shavers we're able to give an honest review. We complete an in depth analysis of online consumer reviews as well.

Taking into account any multiple reports on anything negative so we know if there's a common issue with an item. Face it, sometimes an electric item is faulty. To be safe we make sure it's not just a fluke from one angry consumer.

If there really is something out there that many are experiencing we'll uncover it and make sure to report it. You're getting the absolute most in depth, honest, and tested results of any product you read about here in this post.

4 Best Electric Body Shaver Runner Ups

Here are 4 great runner up body groomers. Each of these shavers are really great, but just didn't quite make it as #1. That being said one of these could possibly be better for you than our number one pick. Why's that?

Depending on someone's needs they may require a slightly different body groomer. Are you someone who travels more often and requires something more compact? Maybe you really like the shave of a razor and are looking for a great mixture.

Either way our 4 runner up electric body groomers are going to give you those options. Read more about them below to see if one might be slightly better for you than our #1 pick.

Gillette 3 in 1 Bodygroomer


The Fusion Proglide Men's Body Groomer by Gillette is a more compact design. One of its better selling points if you travel a lot, have thinner body hair, or looking for something multipurpose this can fit the bill.

Don't let the size of this body groomer fool you. It may be compact but, it does pack a punch. It's thinner blades also make it great for sensitive skin. No pulling hairs and gives you a really great shave.

The one downside is that the width of the blade is smaller. So it'll take a little more time to manscape. That's why we recommended this shaver for those with not as much body hair.

The Pros:

  • Great for shaving it all off.
  • Waterproof, take it in the shower.
  • Good Quality

The Con's:

  • Eventually going to have to buy replacement heads.
  • Best used in combination with another body groomer.

Philips Norelco 3100 Series

3100 body groomer

The Philips Norelco 3100 Bodygroomer is a great foil groomer but, does lack with its guarded shave. We recommend this shave if you have hair in hard to reach places. If you're someone with a hairy back, hairy butt, or similar hairy and hard to reach place.

This shaver is technically designed for those with back hair problems. That's exactly what we recommend this for. The handle extension just makes it such an easy process and you won't have to ask your girlfriend to do it next time!

If back hair isn't an issue for you then there's better alternatives, such as our #1 pick.

The Pros:

  • Great for back hair.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • More affordable.

The Con's:

  • Less effective on very curly hair.
  • Budget version of the 7100 series.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro

mangroomer body groomer

The mangroomer is similar to our #1 pick for men's body groomer. It comes with a pivoting foil shaver head and adjustable guarded shaver bottom. It's even designed in a similar shape and style.

What makes it different from our #1 choice is quality. The mangroomer just isn't as top notch quality as our main pick. That being said it's also cheaper and a true notion to "you get what you pay for".

If you're looking to save a couple dollars or maybe you're very new to manscaping or body grooming this might be your go to shaver. It does have some additional features also such as the "ultimate pro boost" that is suppose to give you a better shave. There's mixed reviews as to if it actually works.

The Pros:

  • Dual ended shaving device.
  • Adjustable Guard
  • Power burst for thick hair.

The Con's:

  • Feels cheaper when holding it.
  • Some people state they get a weak battery that's hard to charge after 1 year.

Braun Cruzer 6

braun cruzer body groomer

The Braun Cruzer 6 is a unique trimmer that we found very intriguing. After using it we were overall impressed and found it refreshing. It's a unique combination of Gillette fusion wet shave with a powered body trimmer.

Sounds odd I know but, it gave a very nice shave and we really liked it. It's designed for wet shaving and bare skin. You're not going to be able to only trim with this shaver.

If a trimmed chest is your thing than this isn't the shaver for you. You're not going to be able to achieve a trimmed look here. It's bare chest and body only with this shaver!

The Pros:

  • Super smooth shave below the belt.
  • 100% Waterproof
  • High Quality

The Con's:

  • Requires replacing shaving blades.
  • Better used in combination with another body groomer.

Wrapping It Up

I hope you were able to learn a lot and find the best body groomer for men that matched your needs. Out of the 5 total options we covered I'm sure you'll find a perfect option for you. Don't forget the tips we covered to get the most use of your electric body groomer.

If you enjoyed the post make sure to let us know. Leave a comment below and if there's any body groomer you think we missed and should consider don't be afraid to send it this way. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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