What’s The Best Body Wash For Men? Top 5 Revealed For 2019

Body Wash is one of the most important parts of a clean, fulfilling shower. It not only leaves you smelling great, but it makes you feel refreshed as well.

However, with so many choices available, it’s hard to know what makes one type better than another. The best body wash for men is not just a solid product, it is a wash that combines various aspects and traits to create a truly unique soap.

All of the brands listed in this guide follow that model, providing you with a fantastic scent that has long-lasting results.

Rating the Best Body Wash for Men

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There are many aspects to great male body wash, and all of them were considered to make this list.

As mentioned, such products need to go above and beyond simple soap. They need to clean well, feel great, and smell amazing.

To ensure this list follows that model, each product was tested for scent, lather, results, and any special traits. Those attributes were then run against various reviews to ensure the brands are able to stand out above the mob.

That search for overall quality ensures each of the following options will provide you with great results.

Nivea Men Energy 3-In-1 Body Wash

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When looking at the best body wash for men, it always helps to start with the big brands. Nivea is one of the most established skin and health care companies in the world.

While they are best known for their female products, don’t let that drive you away. The Energy 3-In-1 is a great option for men.

This product comes from a fantastic company known for their quality, and that high bar shows throughout all of its different aspects. The 3-in-1 makes this list because it is not just a body wash. Rather, as the name suggests, it is three different products put into one convenient package.

This wash cleans your skin as well as any brand on the market, leaving you incredibly clean. However, it can be used as shaving cream and shampoo as well.

Some may find that odd at first, but the special formula keeps the natural construction of your skin and hair during use to revitalize the regions of your body. In that way, it both saves you time and promotes healthy cleaning.

Having all of those uses in one product is great for various reasons. Not only does it make your entire cleaning routine much faster by consolidating everything into one handy product, but it also means you have less items cluttering up your bathroom or shower.

It does all of that while actively getting rid of the dirt or grime that builds up on your skin. This is not just a gimmick, it is a body wash that gives you great results each and every single time you use it.

The mint extracts in the formula energize and refresh your skin, while the sunflower oil calms and moisturizes.

This is the best choice for people who don’t have time for a long bathroom routine, or for those who want great results in a range of different ways.

Molton Brown

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Every option on this list of the best body wash for men comes with an attribute that separates it from the pack. Some, like the 3-in-1, have their own niche, while others, like Molton Brown Body Wash, are high end products.

This black peppercorn body wash is one of the more luxurious brands out on the market, and for good reason. Everything about it screams quality, offering a truly unique washing experience that is unlike any other.

There are many aspects to focus on with Molton Brown, but the most apparent is the well-defined scent that is unlike any other washing product.

Most common body washes come with clean, refreshing smells that evoke island or tropical scents. There is nothing wrong with that (in fact, most people prefer them) but the interesting scents of Molton, which range from cocoa to peppercorn to sandalwood, give it an air of luxury you can’t find elsewhere.

That is a great feature for what many consider to be the best body wash for men, but it is not enough to put it on this list. In addition, this product works cleans quickly and feels great.

The lather manages to be lightweight, which is perfect for men with dry skin, without losing any quality. Though some people try to avoid lighter lathers for fear of not getting a good clean, Molton easily rids your skin of any dirt.

As an added bonus, this also quickly rinses away with no hassle thanks to the foam that builds-up during use. All of that works to moisturize and purify the skin in a way that ensures your showers are as satisfying as possible.

Verdict: 5 Stars

Old Spice Pure Sport

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Going back to the first section, the next entry on this list comes from one of the largest brands around.

Old Spice is perhaps the most well-known body wash companies on Earth, so it should come as no surprise that their Pure Sport offers excellent results.

As with all of their products, this line comes with a strong, powerful scent to keep you smelling fresh long after you leave the shower.

Many body washes may work well to keep you clean, but that’s as far as they go. Having one that stays with you for the whole day keeps you feeling great.

However, what truly marks this as the best body wash for men is how it does everything right. Though some products only excel in one specific area, Pure Sport gives you a little bit of everything.

The rich foaming lather feels great on the skin and works to remove both dirt and odor with amazing efficiency.

In addition, it perfectly complements skincare by cleaning all of the pores and then sealing them with a layer of moisture. That allows you to get a full cleaning without a lot of constant scrubbing, saving you time and energy down the line.

Another bonus here is that Pure Sport is incredibly affordable. Body washes, especially ones considered the best body wash for men, range wildly in price. Though there is nothing wrong with paying for quality, being able to get a great wash for a low price is always nice.

Everything about this product is geared towards crafting the best body wash for men, making it one of the widest reaching options on the market. If you want a strong smell that will stay with you for the whole day, Old Spice is your best bet.

Dove Men + Care Body Wash

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Dove is another excellent brand, and they make their own case in the best body wash for men debate with their + Care package.

The company is best known for their skincare products, which are generally mild to be easy on the body. That same quality shines through the + Care, giving the user deep, thorough clean without overpowering or coming on too strong.

This wash is specifically made for those with dry or coarse skin to give them a strong, deep clean that won’t irritate or annoy your body.

That attribute comes from Dove’s patented micro-moisture system that cleans, moisturizes and revitalizes all at once. It can prevent recurring skin issues as well.

However, Dove does not stop there.

This wash, to match its lighter tone, has a fresh, pleasant scent that doesn’t come on too strong. That makes this one of the best options for men who want to feel clean and refreshed without being too noticeable to other people.

Lingering or powerful scents can work for some, but they aren’t for everyone. If you prefer not to have a strong smell, or if you like subtle tones, this is the way to go.

All of those reasons show why this is regarded as the best body wash for men who want to take care of their skin.

It is one thing to get a body wash product that cleans the skin, but it is another to get one that cleans, smells great, and improves your skin quality at the same time. By going above and beyond in that way, + Care is one of the highest-regarded skincare body washes on Earth.

It does not matter if you have skin problems currently, or if you simply want to avoid them in the future, nothing will give you the smooth moisturizing feeling of + Care Body Wash.

Burt’s Bees for Men

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As mentioned, not all body wash products are made in the same way. They all fill different roles and each come with their own benefits. While the above four products are distinctly different, they do share many traits.

For those who want to break that mold and go with a natural option, there is Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care.

While the company is best known for their lip balm and other similar products, there is no doubt that their skin care provides an excellent washing experience. This wash contains many interesting qualities that push into the realm of the best body wash for men.

First, as with any Burt’s Bees product, it is ecofriendly and made with 99.9 percent organic ingredients. That alone makes it a great choice for people who want to use products that are more environmentally conscious.

To give a full clean, the brand uses natural vegetable soap. That unique ingredient works on two fronts. On one hand it ensures the wash does not irritate the skin, and on the other it reduces any sudsy build-up.

Complementing that is coconut oil, which makes the lather feel soft and supple on the skin. Such a great feel is incredibly important for anyone who wants to take full advantage of what this body wash offers.

Burt’s Bees also offers a range of health benefits to the skin which then improves your general body health and overall well-being. As with products like Dove, this improves your skin care in two different ways.

Though the lack of lather may put some people off, don’t worry. That comes from a reduced amount of synthetic ingredients, which is key because it cuts down on irritants and harmful chemicals.

Finally, as with any great body wash, this also smells fantastic. To match the natural ingredients, Burt’s Bees skin care has a distinctly earthy smell made up of fir, cypress, and citrus notes. That blend creates an almost wood-like aroma backed with a strong, earthy fragrance.

All-natural or organic items can be a bit pricier, but Burt’s Bees large bottle ensues you get a lot of use out of a single purchase.

Learning How to Buy Great Male Body Wash

The five above options are the best male body wash products on the market. Even so, there is always a chance you want to do your own shopping or choose an item for yourself.

If that is the case, there are some key characteristics you want to look for to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.

A great scent is always important when picking body wash. Smell, besides overall quality, is the most important factor and it’s something you need to pay attention to.

From there, look into feel, lather, and how a product treats your skin. If you can find such qualities in a trusted brand, you have a winner.

The Best Wash Possible

Male body wash comes in many forms, but only a few select brands give you the entire package.

Showering is something that should come easy and leave you feeling great. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Rather than using subpar soaps or lesser body washes, pick from the above list of items.

No matter which one best suit your showering routine, they will all provide strong, long lasting results.

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