The Best Budget Straight Razor (#1 Pick)

Are you looking to get a good straight razor while on a budget? I've a couple of the best budget straight razor picks for you that I think you'll like. This review was done while keeping quality in mind.

Despite what some people may think you can find a very nice straight razor without breaking the bank. I'll have you well equipped with some great choices and let you make the final decision.

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Different Types of Straight Razors

There are a couple different types of straight razor to choose from. Each type has its own unique characteristics and some shave a little differently than others. Here's the main types:

Standard - Your stand straight razor has a strong thick blade that folds into a base. The base is usually made of wood or plastic. Your wooden straight razors will cost a little more than the plastic alternatives. These straight razors require a lot more maintenance and care to make sure they last a long time.

Shavette - A shavette straight razor is one where you can replace the blade like a disposable razor or straight razor. These are a modern design that takes the more difficult maintenance out of a straight razor. When your blade dulls you can simply pop a new one in quite easily.

Japanese - The Japanese straight razor has a shorter blade and doesn't fold down. It's made from a single piece of metal with one end being wrapped to make a handle. The shave style of the Japanese straight razor is a little different because of the short blade. You would shave in shorter strokes and smaller surfaces at a time when shaving. These can also be made into Japanese Shavette razors.

I lean towards the Shavette style straight razors. It doesn't matter if it's a standard or Japanese Shavette but I like the idea of taking the maintenance out of straight razors. Since your normal straight razor requires so much maintenance it's what made safety razors so popular when they came out.

Now that we're able to take the stropping process out of straight razors I can see them being equally as popular as safety razors are today.

Our Favorite Budget Straight Razor

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My favorite budget straight razor is the Feather SS Folding Straight Razor. This great razor has made one of our other lists as well and we strongly recommend it here. This falls into the modern straight razor category and it's a Shavette razor.

It comes shave ready out of the box and the replacement blades are affordable. Straight razors like this are taking market control because no one wants to be forced to strop their razors before and after shaving.

The Shavette straight razor is the answer for that. Some enthusiasts might be upset things are moving in this direction, but I believe it's a great thing because it is going to not only keep straight razors relevant but we're seeing them grow in popularity.

How's It Feel?

This straight razor is made with a high quality resin base. It gives it a firm grip texture but it doesn't feel like a cheap plastic. The resin can sustain in high temperatures up around 275 degree Fahrenheit.

The body for the blade is made out of quality stainless steel. The joint is a spring release so you can remove the stainless steel piece to be cleaned and for blade replacement.

Is it harder to shave with?

If you've heard this straight razor is harder to shave with that would be because of its initial version. The first version of this razor didn't assist with getting a good blade angle to the skin.

The current version you're looking at has fixed this issue. There's now a bump built into the base of the stainless steel blade that acts as a wedge and angles the blade for you.

This small change has greatly improved the shave of this product and it makes it easier to learn how to shave with a straight razor.

How Often Do Blades Need Replacing?

If you shave every single day one blade will last you a little over a week. If you're like me and have a beard that you line up 2-3 times a week then a single blade could last you an entire month.

The blades are so cheap that you're looking at around 10 cents a week for upkeep. This is nothing compared to the cost of a cartridge razor.

A little tip to make your blades last longer: when it first begins to dull give it a rub across your blue jeans before and after shaving while it's a dry blade. You can extend the life of your blade up to an additional week doing this.

Social Proof

Take a browse through the Amazon reviews for this product and you'll see many positive reviews. Seems to be a lot of people dropping their standard straight razor for this Shavette.

It's back to back love and compliments for this razor. I only see a few negative comments and it looks like they received a bad product. This is bound to happen time to time with a popular product like this. If it happens to you then you can quickly and easily return it or exchange it on Amazon without an issue.

Alternative Budget Straight Razors

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Japanese SS Straight Razor

This straight razor is a Shavette like our main recommendation. Maybe you can tell that I really like the Shavette razors, huh? I know you'll like them too when you start using one.

We're able to achieve a budget straight razor price on a high quality razor when it's a Shavette. Honestly, a Shavette is probably the best of both worlds when it comes to budget & quality.

This Japanese straight razor is one single piece. The handle is made of high resin like the main recommendation. It can withstand high heat of 275 degree Fahrenheit. The blades are a little shorter to fit the classic Japanese style and I just love this razor! 

The Dovo Cut Throat Razor

This Dovo straight razor is a standard razor with a plastic base. Dovo is a well known brand among the straight razor community and they make excellent razors.

The blade is thick and heavy. It will require proper stropping and maintenance to keep this blade in good shape. If you want an authentic experience and you're seeking all aspects of straight razor shaving this can be the introduction you're looking for.

Naked Armor Straight Razor

This is as classic as you're going to get in a new razor. You've got the beautiful wood base with brass tips and a well crafted blade. It's a thick blade that will also require stropping and proper maintenance.

If your searching for a classic on a budget this is an ideal selection. It's made with great craftsmanship and Naked Armor actually offers a lifetime money back guarantee. You know the company believes heavily in their product with a guarantee that good.

Before You Go!

I know finding the best budget straight razor is important in order to have a quality product that can deliver a quality shave. I hope we were able to help you end your search and pick a great straight razor.

I just know you'll love the Shavette style if you choose to go with one. If not that's OK too but make sure you're willing to learn how to strop and put the time in to maintain your razor.

If you've got any tips or suggestions for someone else reading this post please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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