Top 5 Best Cordless Hair Clippers for Home Use

Welcome to our best cordless hair clippers review. We've put together the 5 most amazing hair clippers that bring more to the table than only being cordless. A cordless clipper is a major convenience and not having to deal with a pesky cord is great.

Our list is compiled of cordless hair clippers that are high quality, long lifespan, and perform a great cut. Before we dive into the details lets cover just a couple things so you know where we're coming from and what you should expect.​

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Cutting Hair at Home

I love when people take the time to learn to cut hair at home. It's a very valuable skill and the more kids you have the more valuable it truly becomes. Cutting hair at home is a skill everyone should really learn.

If you're like me and just buzz cut your head just about any hair clippers will do the job. If you're learning to do more detailed haircutting our selection of the best cordless hair clippers will move you in the right direction.

Consider the amount of money you can save by taking time to learn this skill. Don't leave this job to only the women either. Men need to know it just as much as the women do. You can even turn your new skill into a side income if you learn enough.

Cordless Hair Clippers Vs Corded

The most obvious reason to get cordless hair clippers is out of the pure convenience. Just not having to deal with a pesky cord in your way while trying to cut hair. While that's a really awesome perk of cordless clippers lets talk about the pro's of keeping a wired one.

Our top recommendation for cordless clippers has the ability to be corded or cordless. Just one of the reasons we really love them. They get all the cordless benefits plus the one's we're about to talk about.

Corded clippers typically have a more powerful cut. The motor isn't dependent on pulling juice from a battery and can sustain a stronger cut. You won't have an issue with this until the cordless trimmer begins running low on battery.

Another thing to note is that you don't have to worry about the trimmers battery getting weaker over time. After a year you'll notice a cordless rechargeable battery not being as strong as it once was.

A good cordless trimmer will have an option to replace that rechargeable battery. One of our recommendations has just that and it's a terrific feature.​

That's just a couple things to keep in mind while you view our best cordless hair clippers. We highly recommend the Wahl clippers due to their overall quality and the ability of having the best of both worlds.​

Quality and Price Balance

A big part of our top 5 considers the overall price to quality ratio of these hair clippers. We feel in order for you get the most bang for you buck the product should be worth the money you're spending on it. We don't want to recommend a mid-range item that has low end quality.

The perfect example of what we like is something reasonable in pricing that over delivers in quality. That could be a $20 item that performs better than most $50 items. Or it could even be a $75 item that outperforms similar $150 items. Both examples would be a good price to quality ratio.

Hopefully that makes sense and will be helpful with this review.​

Top 5 Best Cordless Hair Clippers

Our best cordless hair clippers list is compiled based on a couple different factors. We largely base this list on the quality of the clippers for what they're being sold for. We want you to get the best pair of clippers without breaking the bank.

Other factors we consider are durability, life expectancy, and certainly the quality of cut they provide. Some of the clippers we have personal experience with and others we scoured the internet for the most complete and honest reviews from real people using them.

Wahl Professional 5 Star Clippers

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If you know anything about Wahl you know they make a wide range of different hair clippers. They make clippers that are high quality and they make clippers for those on a tight budget. This leaves their craftsmanship and design reputation reaching both ends of the good & bad spectrum.

The Wahl 5 Star Clippers are one of their better quality hair clippers. You'll also get the best of cordless and corded use. You can use the clippers either way which is a nice plus.​

In Your Hands

There's are your standard style clippers. No modern design or other new ergonomic change. They're easy to hold onto and grip. The cord is detachable from the bottom. It's a simple 2 pong plug in if you want to go corded again or if you're running low on juice.


In the box you'll get the clippers, detachable cord, and 8 attachment combs. You'll get cleaning oil, brush, red blade guard, and recharge transformer.

Overall Value

You're getting a very nice pair of hair clippers if you choose these. I personally like these very much and they have a good price to quality ratio. I like the fact they're great for home clippers but we see them being used in professional barber shops.

Remington HC6550 Cordless Hair Clippers

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We really like these cordless hair clippers for their added technology. You're getting a built in vacuum to suck up the hair as you're cutting. It's a terrific concept for a good pair of home clippers.

Military based have been doing this for many years by attaching their own vacuum hose to the clippers. Now you get the convenience of having it built into your cordless hair clippers right at home.​

In Your Hands

These clippers will feel lightweight in your hands compared to the bulk appearance. They look bigger because of the built in vacuum. You'll notice the cheaper plastic feel as well, but there hasn't been any complaint of it breaking or being made cheaply.


In the box you'll get the clippers, scissors, oil, and cleaning brush. Along with that you'll receive a carrying case and several hair guards.

Overall Value

With a little learning and getting use to working with the vacuum this is an awesome pair of clippers. We really like the vacuum on these. The only complaint is when you're cutting a lot of hair off you'll need to empty the vacuum a couple times, but that's just being picky.

These clippers are mid-range in pricing. At this level of quality and extra utility you're getting a great product at a great price.​

Sminiker Quiet Pro Cordless Hair Clippers

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The Sminiker hair clippers are designed to be very quiet. Quiet enough they're marketed to be great for young children but powerful enough for adults. They're a very modern look that'll look great in most homes. All cordless and very sleek.

In Your Hands

You'll immediately notice how sleek these clippers are. They even feel like the next level of ergonomic modern hair clipper design. The sleek design makes them easy to hold onto. It's nice to have a less bulky option to cut hair with.


In the box you'll get the clippers, charging cable, hair guards, cleaning oils, brush, and a nice pair of hair cutting scissors. The rechargeable batteries are removable which we really like. Rechargeable batteries will eventually always begin to hold a weaker charge. When that happens with these pair you're able to actually replace those batteries and get back to brand new strength.

Overall Value

These clippers look great and modern. They're also priced in the lower mid-range pricing. Overall you're getting good value here. All the reviews are extremely positive from the customers who own them already. Looks like you'll be just as satisfied if you were to purchase them.

Philips Norelco QC5580 Cordless Clippers

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These Philips clippers a more geared for the guy who cuts his own hair. The blade turns in a 180 degree direction to get to those harder to reach spots easily. It's completely cordless and rechargeable and comes with a couple different hair guards.

It's very easy to clean with the heads being easily detachable. The device itself has adjustable length settings. That's why you don't have all the hair guards. By default you can go from 0 to 19/32 inch for a total of 14 length settings.

In Your Hands

These clippers feel a lot different than most clippers you'll handle. The design is meant to be held with one hand no matter the angle you're cutting at. It's a very sleek modern feel.


In the box you'll get the clippers, 4 attachments, and a carrying case. One of the attachments being a foil shaver. Another reason we mentioned these clippers are more geared towards the male that cuts his own hair.

Overall Value

These clippers are on the high end of pricing. Depending on the online retailer you usually see them between $140 - $160. Now at that price it's hard to say if the quality to price ratio is a good one. I personally am a little turned away from it at that price point, but if I could find it closer to $100 I would be more willing to purchase. However customer reviews are very positive.

Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100

These clippers come with several different attachments. I'd recommend this pair to someone on a budget that needs a decent pair of clippers. It's titled multigroom for a reason because of it being able to trim nose hairs, cut hair, and precision trim.

In Your Hands

Nothing crazy here. The clippers feel standard. They're made of plastic which helps make them this affordable. The attachments feel similar in quality.


In the box you're going to get the clippers, charging cable, a couple attachments, and a couple guards. You won't get the several hair length guards like in other packages. If you're looking for clippers for the whole family I'd maybe look at the Wahl again. These are better suited for an individual.

Overall Value

These are low ranged priced clippers. Keep in mind to be so affordable they're made of plastic and you're often getting what you pay for. Don't expect these to last you forever, but they deliver a good cut and work good. If you're reasonable with considering what you paid for them then they're a good quality to price ratio.

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