The Best Double Edge Razor Blades Available

Shaving. Boy is it annoying. But there are things, like the best double edge razor blades, that can make it a little better. And anything that can make shaving more enjoyable is something we all need in our lives.

If you are an everyday shaver, you’ve probably had many, many pieces of tissue paper stuck to your face. Razor nicks are not great times. A double edge razor may help with that too, but how?

What Are the Best Double Edge Razor Blades

The best double edge razor blades, also called safety razors, are simply razors with a very sharp metal blade on each side. The razors only have a small part of the blades exposed, hence the “safety” name.

These kinds of razors have been around for more than a century. Originally introduced in the 1880s, they were to go-to blades until the disposable razor made an appearance.

There are still many people that believe you get a much better shave and less irritation with the best double edge razor blades.

Close but not too close

Well, while you might think a razor with six blades is better, you are wrong.

A double edge razor blade is very sharp. So, you only have to pass over the desired area once. Yes, some people have thicker hair and may need to do a clean up run through, but for the most part, it is one swipe.

Also, the double edge razor blade only cuts the hair as close as it can over the skin. Disposable razors with multiple blades work a little differently. The first blade pulls a little and cuts off a little. The next blade does the same, and so on and so forth. This pulling of the hair can cause ingrown hairs and irritation.

Another issue with using disposable razors is you have to apply pressure to get the shave you want. Doing that can also cause skin irritation. The best double edge razor blades, however, don’t need to be pressed to get the job done.

How to use the best double edge razor blades

It is always best when shaving to make sure the area in which you are shaving is clean.

It is also a great idea to either wet the area with warm water or place a warm rag in that area. That will help you get a smoother shave and hopefully fewer cuts! But if you prefer to shave dry, that is totally okay too.

After you have prepped the area, it is a good idea to apply shaving cream. Everyone is different, so use whichever shaving cream you like for your skin.

Now, you are ready to get rid of that hair! Remember to take it slow until you have mastered it and learned how to use the best double edge razor blades correctly.

Check out the video below:

Do they live up to the hype?

So, you might be wondering now, “Are the double edge razor blades really that good?” The answer is, YES!

Not only are the best double edge razor blades cheaper to replace than disposable razors, but the blades also take up less space.

Another thing, you’ll never have to worry about your double edge razor getting clogged with hair. You may think, “it is no big deal,” but have you ever cut your finger trying to get that hair unclogged? It hurts! When you use a double edge razor blade, it is much easier to unclog that bad boy, trust us.

A huge difference for many people is the razor burn you get from disposable razors. I know from experience having razor burn is not fun, and it can last for a few days.

My son’s biggest complaint about disposable razors has always been how bad the bumps are on his face. The best double edge razor blades minimize that.

Watch the video below for some benefits:

Where to purchase the best double edge razor blades

Of course, you can purchase some double edge razor blades at your local grocery stores. But we have found that purchasing them online is the way to go, especially if you want a large selection.

Not only will you see all the different types of the best double edge razor blades, but you will also get to compare prices and reviews.

How We Reviewed

We know shaving is no joking matter, and you need to look and feel your best. So first, we researched the best brands and what makes each brand better than the next. Once we were done with that, we read through some customer reviews. Those customer reviews gave us a much better idea of how each brand performs.

We were then able to put together a list of some pretty excellent double edge razor blades for you to consider.

The Best Double Edge Razor Blades

Now before you take a look at the best double edge razor blades list, please read the following disclaimer.

Safety disclaimer: double edge razor blades are extremely sharp and should be handled with care. Please keep all double edge razor blades out of the reach of children and those who do not know how to use them properly.

Parker’s Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Parker’s Double Edge Safety Razor Blades are made with Swedish stainless steel. Parker safety razors have been around since 1973, and each blade is individually wrapped. The company also has a spot for you to place your razors once you are done with them.

Customers love how sharp the double edge razor blades are. They also say these blades last longer than others they have tried. A few customers with thick beards say this brand of blades rips the hair instead of cutting it.

Wilkinson Sword Classic Double Edge Razor Blades

Wilkinson Sword claims these double edge razor blades will fit all double edge razors. The company sells these blades in smaller packages of five. The company also claims you will get a smooth, close shave with these razors.

Many customers are happy with the quality of these blades. Some customers say these blades do not last long enough.

Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

Astra makes its double edge razor blades with superior platinum. The company claims their blades will pass every shave comparison you do with other razors.

There are well over 5,000 reviews, and most customers are very happy with their purchase. Customers love that these blades, for the most part, can be used up to a week. Unfortunately, many customers complained that the blades are not durable enough.

Feather Double Edge Blades

Feather Double Edge Blades are made with platinum stainless steel. The company makes these blades in Japan. Feather claims you will get a smooth, clean-cut every time. You will also get a place to dispose of the blades when you are done.

Customers are in love with how long each blade lasts. A few customers say they did not receive legit Feather blades.

Dorco ST300 Platinum Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

The Dorco ST300 blades are individually wrapped. These blades are imported from Korea, and the blades have a platinum coat.

Many customers are very happy with how long the blades last and the smooth cut they get every time. A couple of customers say these blades are not sharp enough.

SHARK Super Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades

SHARK makes stainless steel double edge razor blades. The company claims each blade will stay sharp after many shaves. These blades are also compatible with many different double edge razors.

Most customers love how sharp each blade is and how long the blades last. As others with thicker hair say, these blades are way too dull.

MERKUR Double Edge Razor Blades

MERKUR makes its blades in Germany and has been around since 1896. These blades are stainless steel, and each blade is individually wrapped. The company claims these MK-911 blades will work with most standard double edge razors.

Customers love how great these blades cut their hair without cutting them.

Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

Derby makes its double edge razor blades with stainless steel. The company claims these blades can fit all double edge razors. Each blade is individually packaged to keep it a little safer.

Customers are very happy with the amazing shave they get every time they use these blades. A few customers are not happy because they cut themselves every time they use these blades.


Vikings Blade is a Swedish steel double edge razor blade. The company does not recommend these blades for those with coarse hair. The Vikings blades are for mild and sensitive skin.

Customers agree these blades are perfect for those who have sensitive skin. Others have found when they tried with coarse hair; they cut themselves a lot. Keep in mind, they did that even after seeing the packaging that made it clear the product was not for them.

Which Brand Will Have Your Face Smooth

Great list, right? You are probably wondering now which brand should you try. Unfortunately, we can not answer that question. Everyone’s hair type is different, and some brands will work better for others than other brands.

So we suggest you pick one brand and give it a chance. The great thing about double edge razor blades is they are really cheap. So, if the first brand does not get it close enough for you, you can simply try another brand.

Have you ever used one of the best double edge razor blades that we mentioned? If so, which brand and what did you like most about it? Please let us know in the comment section below.

Happy shaving!

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