Top 5 Best Electric Head Shavers for a Beautiful Head

So you’ve decided to shave your head. Congratulations! Choosing to shave your head is becoming increasingly popular among men. Some men do it as a fashion statement while others do it to prevent embarrassment from balding or thinning hair. In any case, it’s gaining momentum and many men are turning to electric head shavers to go the bald and beautiful route.

For whatever the reason, shaving your head is in vogue right now and there’s never been a better time to do it. It’s a neat, clean way to wear your head and it’s also a style that is relatively easy to do yourself with a little bit of patience.

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Why an Electric Head Shaver?

best electric head shaver review

Shaving your head with an electric head shaver is the quickest, easiest way to go about getting that look you want. There are many reasons why men choose an electric head shaver, and like anything; not all are created equal.

Straight razors or safety razors can also be used to shave your head, however, they come with their own set of problems. For one thing, it takes longer to shave your head this way. There's also the added cost of replacement blades, shaving cream, or blade sharpening. Finally, these methods increase the risk of cutting yourself, especially if you don't have experience shaving your head in this way.

When shaving your head completely, unsightly cuts and scrapes are far more visible. That is why most men find that an electric head shaver is the way to go. Electric head shavers are superior in many ways to the safety, straight, or cartridge razors you may be more familiar with.

  • Since they are electric, there is no need to purchase additional accessories or replacement parts such as blades or handles. In many cases, shaving cream isn’t required either.
  • They’re durable, built to last, and won’t break down or need replacing as quickly as blades or disposable razors.
  • While any ol’ blade will get the job done, electric head shavers are designed specifically for the task at hand.
  • The relatively low cost of many electric head shavers means you’ll save money in both the short and long-term over cartridge razors.
  • Modern electric head shavers provide a shave that is close enough to compete with blade and cartridge options.
  • They are a much faster, more efficient way to shave. With cartridge, straight, or safety razors you will need to do some prep work. These methods are not ideal for first timers, or longer hair. In many cases, you’ll need to cut or shave your head with an electric shaver before attempting to shave your head.

When you put all of that together, it’s pretty obvious that an electric head shaver is truly the way to go. For the man who wants to go bald and beautiful, it’s a simple choice. Now the only question is how to make that decision.

Make Sure You Watch For These

While any electric shaver can be used to shave your head, they are not all the same. There are many shavers that are designed specifically for shaving your head. Like anything, there are a number of things to consider when setting out to purchase one.

Key qualities to consider when choosing an electric head shaver include:

Price: Value is everything. Like anything else, you can pay a lot of a little. Decide which features are must-haves and which are “nice to haves.”

Wet/Dry Use: Do you plan on using your electric head shaver in the shower to save time? Some are meant for dual use while others may only be used dry. When used dry, many shavers will require the use of cream, foam, or gel to prevent irritation. Most dedicated electric head shavers will not be designed for wet use, so your options will be limited if this is important to you.

The purpose of Design/Versatility: Any electric shaver can be used to shave your head, but are you looking for one that is designed specifically for that purpose or will any size fit? Electric head shavers may not have the greatest versatility if you are looking for an all-purpose shaver that is capable of cutting your facial hair or body.

Battery Life: Are you taking your shaving on the go? How often do you want to recharge or replace batteries? Many electric head shavers are heavy-duty, meaning they put a drain on the battery and require frequent charging or battery replacing. On the other hand, some shavers are exclusively corded, meaning you’ll always be tethered to the wall.

It can all see a bit overwhelming, can’t it? That’s okay, we’ve scoured the web to find the very best electric head shavers for you to choose from. Any of the following five options are good places to start looking for your ticket to a beautiful head.

The Best Electric Head Shavers Reviewed

Remington HC4250

The Remington HC4250 was specifically designed to give you a professional cut at home. It fits right in the palm of your hand with its easy-to-hold smaller shape that can cut through even the thickest hair. The wide blade cuts through a larger surface area than most electric shavers, and it can even be washed off with water.

Unlike other electrical shavers which run on double-A batteries, this shaver comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery that lasts for 40 minutes per charge.

The Pros:

  • The small ergonomic shape doesn't compromise surface area, leaving you with a great shave with a convenient use.
  • The shaver is cordless, giving you additional freedom and ease of use. Although it may also be used with a cord if desired.
  • You may be able to trim your beard as well as your head with this shaver.
  • The Remington HC4250 comes with nine different sizes, cutting down to 1/16 of an inch, allowing it to compete with the closeness of blade shaving.

The Con's:

  • While it is washable, it is not meant to be used wet, so shower shaving is out of the question.
  • Some users find that the blades aren’t as sharp as they should be.
  • Some users find that the battery life could be longer.

Braun HC5090 Head Shaver

The Braun HC5090 is powerful despite its handheld size, and this is due to its double battery. It comes with 17 different settings, allowing you to trim, style, and cut like a pro.

This shaver was designed to be an all-in-one trimmer and hair cutter, allowing you to trim facial hair, style, and use on your head.

Quiet, powerful, and with wide adjustable blades, the Braun aims to be the last shaver you will ever need.

The Pros:

  • Batteries are fully rechargeable, and typically reach full power in about two hours.
  • Only uses two attachments rather than an entire set of easy-to-lose ones.
  • Unlike other trimmers, can be used on long hair.

The Con's:

  • While powerful, users report that it isn’t quite as great as they were hoping for, probably due to being designed for universal use.
  • Not meant for use in the shower.
  • Billed as an “all-purpose” shaver and not specifically for head shaving, there are some limitations to be had, mostly the small blade width. This will make for longer shave sessions, although depending on your hair and how often you shave, this may be negligible.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Head Clippers

The Wahl 8110 is a professional-grade electric clipper that was designed to provide a barbershop quality shave in the comfort of your own home. This is a classically designed, no-frills hair clipper that will cut your hair the way you would expect.

Unlike other electrical shavers, this one will actually cut your hair down to your scalp, leaving your hair as short as physically possible without the use of traditional blade shavers.

The Pros:

  • Even though it’s larger than other clippers or trimmers, its plastic frame makes it lightweight, weighing in at less than two pounds.
  • The cord reaches eight feet, giving you the freedom to not have to be directly next to the wall socket.
  • This set of clippers is incredibly powerful, and best of all, isn’t overly noisy because of it.

The Con's:

  • Can leave a serious case of razor burn between the sharp blades and strong motor.
  • This is a high-powered shaver and is meant to mimic professional grade equipment. A learning curve may be involved. It is incredibly easy for amateurs who are just beginning to keep their heads shaved to cut themselves and leave welts.
  • Does not work without a cord, meaning you will be tethered. Also, this means you cannot use the shaver in the shower.

Kiki New Gain Head Shaver

The New Gain was designed to be a lightweight, rechargeable cutter that didn't sacrifice power. A fully charged battery can run a little over an hour and is a balding clipper, trimmer, and shaver all on the same blade.

The clipper comes with four attachments and can be zero gapped for a precise cut. As far as electric head shavers go, this is an affordable option for beginners or a nice standby for the more experienced.

The Pros:

  • Very light and slender, making it easy to grip and use. This also makes it good for travel purposes, easy to take on the go in your luggage, gym bag, or even to keep in the car.
  • No cords to trip over, and allows the versatility to be used anywhere.
  • Designed specifically to cut close without tearing up your skin.
  • Can actually be used while it charges, unlike many rechargeable clippers.

The Con's:

  • Batteries take a full eight hours to completely charge. This can be a pain if you aren’t careful about keeping yourself charged up, and even worse if you’re planning on keeping it away from its charger (gym bag, luggage, etc).
  • Not the best razor out there, and some users report that it “feels cheap” in their hands, despite having very good reviews overall.

Wahl Professional Magic Clip Head Shaver

The 5-Star Magic Clip is designed specifically with the hair-cutting professional in mind. This powerful shaver won’t overheat nearly as fast as other corded clippers will, allowing you to safely cut hair without singing scalp.

Although not as accurate as dedicated trimming cutters, the 5-Star Magic still gets in close for military-style cuts and for tapers. This clipper is much stronger and more powerful than any discount cutter you would find at a retail store, leaving you with a professionally close, barbershop style cut.

The Pros:

  • Comes with a variety of attachments and can be adjusted for a zero gap shave.
  • The powerful motor makes cutting hair faster than any other product in Wahl’s lineup.
  • Can cut through very thick hair, unlike cheaper trimmers and clippers. Since this is a professional model, it is built to be versatile and accommodate a wider variety of hair types, specifically including ethnic hair.

The Con's:

  • These are intended for professionals, meaning there can be a bit of a learning curve for those new to cutting their hair. Like other pro models, you may need some trial and error before getting the hang of it.
  • This unit is pricier than others on the list.
  • The guards are made from a flimsy plastic which can break easily.

And The Winner Is….

Any of the options on this list would make an excellent addition to your shaving arsenal. However, when it comes to precision, price, and overall quality, there is only one clear winner.

We found The Wahl 5-Star Balding Clipper is the best in the show for this list. The no-frills approach doesn’t waste space with attachments you aren’t going to use or features you won’t need. This electric head shaver was made specifically for the head, meaning it isn’t as versatile as some of the others on this list, but you probably don’t need it to be.

Although some users have reported it cuts a little too close, it has the same powerful motor that the 5-Star Magic Clip uses, and is a couple bucks cheaper. If you’re looking for an electric head shaver that will cut short and fast, the 5-Star Balding Clipper is your best choice.

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