The Best Electric Shaver For Curly Hair (Top 4 List)

When you have a curly beard it can make shaving seem like a chore. You're looking for the best electric shaver for curly hair in order to solve this problem but here's the thing... Most sites I've come across are actually giving the wrong recommendation.

If it seems like your recent efforts haven't seen any progress this could be why. You probably were just getting the wrong advice. If you've got extremely curly hair or maybe you're a black man that struggles with this daily let me guide you down the right road.

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Which Shaver Is Best For Curly Hair?

A lot of men don't know that your facial hair type should dictate what electric shaver you pick. There are two types of shavers to choose from: Rotary Shaver & Foil Shaver. Rotary shavers have the small circular blades and Foil shavers have the straight blades at the top covered by a foil.

Since you're here reading this article I'm going to guess you have curly hair. A curly beard may be more difficult to shave and overall maintain but having the right tool is going to help tons. That right tool is going to be a rotary shaver.

Rotary shavers excel at cutting curly, thick, and circular growth pattern facial hair. It doesn't mean you can't use a foil if you absolutely want to but you're just not going to get the same end result.

You're lucky in a lot of ways that your facial hair pairs well with a rotary shaver. These shavers tend to be quieter and easier to clean. Although a couple years ago there were a smaller selection to choose from. Today there are many more Rotary shaver options and a lot of the high quality ones are made by Philips.

The Best Shaver for Curly Hair

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This is the Philips Norelco 9300 on Amazon. If you want to really tackle your curly facial hair this is the ultimate way to go. It's a top of the line rotary shaver that comes with a lot of really great features. The newer technology behind this rotary shaver outperforms all previous models and there's no doubt it'll do the best job.

What Makes It Perfect For Curly Hair?

Besides the fact this rotary shaver is the top rotary on the market it has some features that make it stand out from the crowd. The new V-Tech blade design behind this shaver helps it cut 30% closer and smoother. That's been a difficult feat for curly haired people for a long time.

There's also speed settings that let you shave "as needed". Basically if you're skin is sensitive one day you're able to slow down the speed. If you're in a rush or have more beard growth than normal there's a Fast setting.

Either way you slice it the Philips Norelco 9300 is definitely the way to go for curly facial hair.

Features of the Norelco 9300

Contour Detection

Each single circular bladed head can move independantly and in 8 different directions. Prior models could typically only move in 5 directions. What's this mean for you?

This means the blades are able to contour to the shape of your face. They can follow the path of your jaw line and neck line without missing a beat. You know these areas can be trouble spots for electric shavers but with this contouring technology it's helping close that gap.

V-Track Precision Blades

Earlier I briefly mentioned the V-Track blade system. This new blade design allows each shaving head to catch more hair every rotation. It's even catching one day growth stubble and for an electric shaver that's pretty amazing.

As electric shavers continue to grow in technology I think one day they may be able to replace standard blade shaving and even safety razors but we're still quite some time away from that happening.

Personal Comfort Settings

No day is the same as the last and sometimes that takes a little adjusting. If your skin is feeling sensitive one morning this shaver can change speeds to match you in comfort. I find having speed settings on an electric shaver a near must have now.

I'm surprised more shavers don't come with this option. However, with the Norelco 9300 you can choose between speeds of: sensitive, normal, or fast. Letting you achieve a speed for your needs. Normal for everyday shaving, sensitive when your skins feeling that way, and fast when you've skipped a couple days of shaving.

Smart Clean System

The smart clean system is a luxury feature but likely one you won't be able to live without after trying it. Basically it's the cleaning station you see pictured above. This cleaning station is a single drop off point when you're done shaving. It will clean and recharge your shaver all from that station.

While it's a great feature it isn't a "needed" feature. It's something a lot of men have grown to love and if you enjoy a more maintenance free lifestyle you'll likely join the ranks of the men who can't go without the cleaning station.

The only downside to it is it requires cleaning cartridges. So, from time to time you'll have to replace the cleaning cartridge. If you don't the base becomes only a charging base and you could manually clean the shaver after each shave. I suppose it boils down to how frugal you are or how much you enjoyed the hassle free experience.

LED Display

On the body of the shaver you'll see a nice little display screen. This screen shows you the status of your battery, if you require charging or cleaning, speed setting, and if you're in travel lock.

AquaTec Technology

Do you enjoy using shaving cream? This bit of technology lets you shave with shaving cream with your rotary shaver. You can take it right into the shower and do your whole hygiene routine without worrying about damaging your shaver.

Although using shave cream will change the overall effectiveness of cutting your facial hairs. I've heard mixed opinions on it being better or worse so you'll have to find out for yourself if you see an improvement using it this way.

Lithium-ion Power

To get a fully charged battery it takes one hour of charge time. Out of that one hour of charge time you'll get 50 minutes of shave time. Which is several shaves off a single full charge.

If you ever forget to charge your shaver you can do a 5 minute quick charge. This gives you enough time for a single shave but I would make sure to plug it in for next time.

What are others saying?

Take a quick moment to look at the reviews on Amazon. Most of the reviews are looking quite positive. Several people saying it's the best shaver they have ever used. On the flip side there are some negative reviews but in my opinion the positive far outweigh the negative and it wouldn't sway my decision.

Commonly Asked Questions

Can You Shave Your Head? - Yes, you can use this shaver to tackle a head shave. Other people have reported that it hasn't irritated their scalp and works perfectly. Although you may consider a dedicated head shaver instead.

If I only dry shave, how often do I need to use the cleaning station? - You don't need to use the cleaning station if you rinse it out manually each shave. People tend to do both by cleaning it out themselves and then using the cleaning station. This is doubling the life of their cleaning cartridges.

Do you make circular motions when shaving? - Yes, you'll shave while moving your shaver in a circular pattern. This helps achieve the best and smoothest shave possible.

Alternative Rotary Shavers

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Philips Norelco 5500 - This is a prior model similar to the Norelco 9300 but with less features. It doesn't have the speed setting, V-Tech Blades, or some of the attachments like the cleaning station. However, it's an ideal shaver for curly hair and at a more affordable price point. If you really liked the 9300 but wish it was cheaper then get the Norelco 5500.

Philips Norelco 4500 - This is a flat top rotary shaver so it doesn't come with any attachments or bells and whistles. It's still a very powerful rotary shaver and a good alternative that's great for curly facial hair. These flat top designs are also very easy to clean. It's a push button to flip the lid and rinse under water.

Philips Norelco 3100 - This is another flat top rotary shaver and it's the most basic one out of our alternative options. It'll do just fine cutting curly hair but its very basic with no attachments or upgrades. That being said it's also the most affordable option on our list.

All of the rotary shavers I've mentioned in this article will cut curly hair better than any foil shaver. You just need to take the time to see which one will be best suited for you. If you can swing it I would definitely go with the Norelco 9300.

Going with the 9300 is going to give you the new tech that's doing better with curly hair than any of the others. It's also going to be an electric shaver that lasts you a very long time.

If the 9300 is a little out of range for you then browse the alternatives. I've tried my best to find shavers that excel with curly hair and also provide a wider range of price points.

Before You Go!

So, I've given you the best electric shaver for curly hair and now it's time for you to make the final decision. You won't be disappointed with any of the four shavers I recommended and I hope to make your struggle with curly hair a little easier.

If you have any tips or suggestions for shaving curly hair with electric shavers please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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