The #1 Best Electric Shaver for Stubble Review and Guide

Our best electric shaver for stubble review & guide will have you looking like Jason Statham in no time. The famous stubble look or 5 O’clock shadow is a superb choice for your facial hair. It’s low maintenance, easy to grow, and easy to keep. On top of all that the woman love it!

In a rush? Our Stubble Shavers Top 5 List:

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Tips for Maintaining Your Stubble

The great thing about the stubble look is that it isn’t hard to maintain. It’s far from being as difficult as a long beard or trying to tame an unruly mustache.

There are some things you need such as the best electric shaver for stubble and some knowledge of facial hair maintenance. We’ll cover what you need to know to make sure your stubble is always looking its best.

  • Aim for around 10 days. The 10-day stubble was voted most attractive by woman in a study held by Science Magazine.
  • Lower is better. Keep your shave settings low. Your beards always going to grow so shaving really low each time allows you to skip a day or two.
  • Keep a clean neckline. A well lined stubble really helps you to stand out. It makes the difference from looking clean and looking like a bumb.

Following those 3 steps you should have your stubble under control.

Like I said there really isn’t much to the maintenance side of a great stubble look. However the tool you choose to shave with is going to be a big impact. It might even be the reason you choose to stick with or move away from the stubble look.

There’s some electric stubble shavers out there that aren’t so great. So be careful and stick with one of the top 5 we chose above. I’ll go over each of the best electric shavers for stubble in more detail below.

Reviewing Our Top 5 Best Electric Shavers for Stubble


The Philips 5100 Stubble Trimmer is our most recommended electric stubble shaver. There’s a couple variations of this shaver, some at a higher price point, but they have things like a laser guided line which you don’t need. It would only cost you more money.

Instead we’ve found the highest quality & best priced stubble shaver. It’s highly rated among its users and isn’t going to break the next month of owning it. We fell in love with it once we tried it in person.

Side Notes:

  • It’s fully washable.
  • Has self sharpening blades.
  • Dual-sided trimmer for trimming & detailing.
  • Lithium Ion Power with 60 minutes Cordless Power, 1 hour charge time.


Remington makes some high quality electric shavers. The Remington MB4040 Stubble Trimmer is no exception.

This electric stubble shave includes three different interchangeable head pieces. I’m not talking about the plastic cover, I’m talking about the actual metal head piece. This gives you a lot more control to the details of your stubble.

Side Notes:

  • Cordless 120 minutes of runtime.
  • 3 Precision ground blades.
  • Titanium Coated Blades.
  • Lithium Ion Powered.
  • 9 Length Settings.


Are you a fan of Axe? Well they have partnered with Philips to make an extrordinary stubble shaver. The Philips Axe Stubble Trimmer makes our list for best electric shavers for stubble due to its pure specific design for stubble shaving.

This electric shaver is made just for stubble. While many products out there do a great job for the stubble style. Most of them aren’t designed specifically for it. If you’re a fan of the Axe fragrances then the partnership is just a bonus!

Side Notes:

  • Get anything from stubble to full beard with the built-in stubble comb.
  • Style with precision and accuracy, 20 locking length settings.
  • Detachable head for easy cleaning.
  • Rechargeable for up to 35 minutes.


We all know Wahl is a huge brand with a major presence in the facial hair grooming market. There Wahl Precision Stubble Trimmer is a great addition to their broad range of products.

One thing you can expect from the majority of Wahl products is quality. If taken care of properly a Wahl product will last you for years on end. That’s why a lot of professional groomers choose them.

Side Notes:

  • Integrated adjustable guide comb.
  • Precision blades.
  • No slip rubber grips.


The Conair for Men Stubble is a decent stubble trimmer. I was honestly on the fence about including this in our list.

While it does a pretty good job for the stubble style. This electric shaver for stubble is plagued with a bad battery. It’s the most complained about point of this shaver.

Some people don’t have an issue with the battery, but a lot of people do. So keep that in mind before choosing this shaver. A great stubble look, but the battery can be a killer for this one.

Side Notes:

  • Unique floating contouring head.
  • Electro-chemically formed blades deliver sharpness, durability, and accuracy.
  • LCD Display and ergonomic design.
  • Electronic length control from .4mm-5mm.
  • Rapid charging system.
  • MUST be charged 16 hours before use.

Dealing with Stubble Patchiness

Some of us have patchy facial hair and it can definitely be a downer. We often are quick to shave any facial hair and we never really give our hair a chance. Typically because we’re embarrassed of it or just don’t want to deal with patchy facial hair.

Here’s what you need to do:

Grow it out: Try growing your facial hair an entire month. I know most of you go for the razor blade as soon as you see the first sign of patchiness. Hold back and let your hair do its thing. For most people one month is enough.

In some special occasions you may want to give it an extra month. You’ll have to feel it out and see what is best for you. You’re looking to grow your facial hair to a small full beard or as close as possible.

Mastering the Stubble: Once you’ve given your beard a month or two of growth, you should be able to shave down to stubble. Take your time and shave slowly down to a stubble look. You may have to cut your beard low and if patchiness arises stop shaving.

If you shave and see patchiness this means you’ll need to wait some more time. Give your patch spot time to play catch up.

All Else Fails: If all else fails and you’re left with a never ending patchy beard, don’t worry. Patchiness is often a look of ruggedness and you may want to look for ways that compliment rugged facial hair. Not being able to have the stubble look isn’t the end of the world.

It’s just a part of genetics sometimes. Also, avoid those supplements for patchy beards. They’re just a rip-off.

How to Shave for Stubble

The above video is a perfect visual format to follow if you’re shaving for a designer stubble. It’s created by Philips which even displays the best electric shaver for stubble I recommend at the top of this post.

You get to see your future shaver in action and learn how you’ll be able to use it for yourself.

Cordless Vs Corded

There’s always been this little debate over which is better, cordless or corded. It has been a topic of debate since they began to release cordless models of the same electric shavers.

However, we are to a point in time now that cordless is no longer a new concept. Even the iPhone has cordless earbuds now.

What we’ve learned during this time is that it only comes down to a matter of personal preference. At one time there may have been a difference in performance, but that time has past. It’s now just about do you like cordless or not?

The benefits of cordless are of course, no cord! You don’t have to worry about it being in your way or limiting your movements. On the other hand you have to recharge your device every time.

While corded does limit your movement a little, it’s always ready to go. No worry about charging.

There’s also the little less talked about benefits of taking your electric shaver on travel. A cordless design is much more convenient for this occasion.

So, obviously it boils down to you. What’s your personal preference? Through our research for the best electric shaver for stubble I guess our preference is a little out in the open. We love cordless!

Some final thoughts…

You should feel pretty confident by the end of this article on choosing the best electric shaver for stubble. Even with all the other options out there I’m sure one of the 5 we recommend will suit you.

You’ve chosen a great facial hair style. The majority of women prefer a man with stubble over clean shaven. It must be something about that look of ruggedness they lust over.

Remember that the 10 day thick stubble is the most popular variation. If you’re doing this for the women that’s going to take you the furthest, but of course your mileage may vary, ha ha.

If you love the stubble look or have any thoughts please let us know in the comments below.

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