Highest Quality & Best Electric Shaver Under $100

Lets talk about the best electric shavers under 100 dollars. There’s most definitely a lot of options out there and a wide variety of electric shaver types. So, we’ll educate you a little bit and make sure you end up with an amazing electric shaver you’ll be able to use for a long time.

Our Top Pick Electric Shaver

electric shaver under 100

For those of you in a rush let’s get right into our #1 pick for best electric shaver under 100 dollars. The Panasonic Arc3 Electric Razor is the all around best option for your next electric shaver.

Panasonic has really done a great job with this shaver. It’s known for not causing any skin irritation even for those with high skin sensitivity. It’s also known for giving one of the best shaves of any electric shaver on the market. On top of the simple fact this shaver is just amazing it will last you a very long time before having to be replaced. If you’re looking for the closest smoothest shave you can get without using a disposable razor this is it.

Pro’s & Con’s of The Best Electric Shaver Under $100


Lets start with the positive additions of our #1 electric shaver. The Panasonic Arc3 has a flexible pivoting head for a smooth side to side & up and down motion that contours to your face to maintain an effortless smooth shave. The blades are nano polished 30 degree angle stainless steel blades that will cut at impeccable precision. The blades are also hypoallergenic which is great for those with sensitive skin.

The shaver motor is a rapid fire 13,000 cycles per minute linear shaving machine. The super quick cut eliminates pulling, tugging, and irritation. Do you prefer shaving wet or dry? This electric shaver allows you to pick your favorite for the best wet and best dry shave. The shaver is also 100% washable for a quick and easy cleaning. Lastly the illuminated LCD display will keep you informed about the battery meter, a reminder of when to clean, and an option for a vibration cleaning mode.


This electric shaver is a little larger so it’s not exactly the most travel friendly. Some have reported breaking the device when traveling with it. So, if you move a lot of your job requires it this might not be the best shaver to take with you. It’s definitely more of a stay at home electric shaver.

The wet shave claim is true and the device does work for a great wet shave but, it’s slightly more difficult to get the smaller hairs on a wet shave. Customers report the best practice for wet shavers to be a one pass shave after completing the wet shave. Wipe your face down and apply some warm water and finish it up with one last pass.

That’s about it for the pro’s and con’s comparison. You can see by the comparison though as to why this is our pick for best electric shaver under 100 dollars. There’s definitely some other really great options out there and we’re ready to break them down for you!

The Best Electric Shaver Runner Ups

Our four runner ups are all great shavers that just didn’t quite hit the mark for the #1 spot. However they’re all very good options and might be a better option even for someone with particular needs. You may need something more travel friendly or with different features so lets break these four additional shavers down and see if there’s a feature that happens to be your golden nugget.

The Philips Norelco 6800 is a high quality rotary shaver. Some prefer rotary over foil which is honestly just personal preference. However if you’re a rotary lover than this shaver can easily fill the position of best electric shaver under 100 dollars for you. The price range was usually at the $150 mark but, it’s recently become more affordable with the discounts on Amazon.

This shaver is also a wet or dry shaver and as a neat little bonus it has an exchangeable head. The additional swap out head they send you is guarded. So if you grow a small beard sometimes this covers both worlds.

The Braun 3-340s is a smaller version of our #1 pick which means it’s easier to travel with. Braun claims to have the best in foil shaver technology but, we often find it’s an over exaggeration. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good but, it definitely didn’t take the number one spot. It’s sleek, modern, and easily portable to sum the electric shaver up. Some guys have a “brand preference” for Braun which might have something to do with their NFL endorsements… not sure.. but, either way it has made our list and its spot is well deserved.

The Philips Norelco 4500 while similar to it’s 6800 counterpart has its own benefits. This electric shaver is more beginner friendly compared to the 6800. If you’ve never used an electric shaver and our #1 pick doesn’t quite do it for you this would be a good option.

The Remington F5-5800 is similar to the Braun 3-340’s electric shaver. It fits the sleek, modern, and portable description as well. This Remington shaver has a pivoting head feature which helps it stick to the skin on curvy areas. Electric shavers can sometimes be a little more difficult to shave with on the round spots of the jaw & chin. Pivoting heads help tremendously with this issue. Remington has done a great job making sure their shaver does not have a problem in that department.

Looking for a rotary shaver under 100?

Tips for using an Electric Shaver

best electric shaver under 100Using an electric shaver for the first time usually feels weird. It’s an alien feeling the very first time. Most people also realize what a god-send a device like this really is. They’re so time saving & convenient that you’ll question why you never used one earlier.

Well I want to share a couple helpful tips with you that’ll make your electric shaving experience an even better one. While these shaving tools are absolutely worth every penny and are so amazing there’s still some things we can do better or differently that will enhance owning one even more.

Tip #1 water resistant doesn’t mean water proof. I’ve seen pictures of some bizarre things. A guy leaving the entire shaver in water over night to “clean it” for example. Water resistant means it’s not going to kill the device if it’s splashed with water or used for wet shaving. Please don’t drown your new electric shaver.

Tip #2 clean regularly. A lot of us often go to long before cleaning our electric shaver. Fortunately the best electric shaver under 100 dollars has a feature that will let you know when it’s time to clean. For those shavers that don’t include that feature… I’d recommend cleaning it every 3-5 shaves depending on how heavy the facial hair was. Keeping the shaver clean will mean a longer living tool.

Tip #3 give it time. When you first start using any new type of shaver it may take a little time for your skin to adjust to it. So don’t jump to immediate conclusion that it’s irritating your skin. Give it 2 weeks of shaving and see how you fair then. In the meantime grab yourself some good after shave lotion. Skin irritation isn’t something everyone experiences when swapping shaving devices but if you do please don’t immediately blame the device.

Tip #4 keep one for home. Have an electric shaver that doesn’t leave your house and one that’s for some sort of travel. I know this doesn’t really sound like a “tip” but it’s saved my you know what a couple of times. Leaving one in the hotel or a relatives house states away and getting home only to realize you’re beginning to look like chewbacca and have work tomorrow.

Tip #5 get a body groomer. Don’t use the electric shaver for both your face & pubes. Grab yourself a good body groomer. We’ve covered the best of the best so definitely take a little time to check out our body grooming post. Some of you use the same one for both areas and it’s not the most hygienic routine of your day.

Tip #6 rotary or foil electric shaver? It’s a personal preference on which to use and you’ll always have someone say one is better than the other. It’s always a biased opinion so just figure out which one works the best for you. They both shave well and the end results are the same.

Tip #7 first time charge. The very first time you unbox your electric shaver make sure to allow a full day to charge. Most shavers note a charge time somewhere on the box or in instructions. A lot of people forget this or don’t see it. So give it a day to charge before using it and it’ll help insure your battery is properly charged. If you don’t let it charge a day the first time it can cause negative affects on your battery.

Tip #8 shave the face only. These electric shavers should only be used on the face and neck. They can shave some areas of the body but are not designed for it. There’s shavers which are specifically designed for your body hair which should be used instead.

Tip #9 it’s not a razor. While our best electric shaver under 100 dollars gives you a shave that’ll compete with a razor most electric shavers won’t. Don’t expect a razor close shave for the most part. While they do a fantastic job and do it a lot faster they’re not going to get as closer as a razor blade.

Tip #10 don’t share. Your electric shaver is for you and only you. Don’t share it with someone else. You’re begging for skin irritation and pain if you do. It’s just not worth it to share. Tell them to get their own electric shaver! Heck send them to this post here!

How to use an Electric Shaver

Why Use an Electric Shaver?

affordable electric shaversSo why even use an electric shaver? Well there’s a lot of benefits to using a great electric shaver. One it’s a lot more cost efficient to use the electric shaver compared to a disposable razor blade or re-loadable razor. All you need is a little electricity and you’re good to go. You technically don’t even need shaving cream.

The shave you’re left with is very competitive to the shave of a razor. Some of the best electric shavers will most definitely make you never want to shave with a disposable razor again.

No nicking or cutting yourself with an electric shaver. The protective layer stops you from getting a cut which are so easy to get using a normal razor and shaving method. Also after a couple of uses your skin gets used to the electric shave and there’s no skin irritation. Some people experience irritation with normal razors every time.

You’ll be apart of that man club you always wanted to be apart of. No more kid shaving for you because you’re now a man and not just any man you’re a man with an epic electric shaver. Jokes aside… but do you usually see a teenager shaving with an electric shaver? Exactly!


Every guy should own a great electric shaver. The best electric shaver under 100 dollars is within reach of all men and it’ll definitely change the way you shave. The 5 top electric shavers we covered on this post all are great options to choose from to own. I encourage you to break down the customer reviews of these 5 to get the ultimate decision. You may find some additional information that matches your own needs in the reviews. I typically find doing that is the best course of action on any best of or review post.

As always I thank you for reading and I hope I was able to help you make a great electric shaver selection. Please leave your thoughts, comments, and opinions below and I’ll be sure to edit or add any great suggestion to this post to make sure we’re providing the best content possible. Thanks 🙂

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