Top 5 Best Epilators for a Brazilian Clean Look

Finding the best Epilator for a Brazilian can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There's a lot that goes into an Epilator process if you want to be as painless as possible.

We've found 5 Epilators that make a good choice for a Brazilian. It's still going to require a little effort on your part, but together we've got the best way to handle this situation.​

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Epilator vs Waxing

You could always get the classic waxing done for your Brazilian look. The problem with a Brazilian wax is how painful it is and it's a process you would have to pay for again and again each time you want it done. With your own Epilator for Brazilian you'll only need to make a one time purchase.

The one time purchase is a benefit for sure, but there's more bonuses to owning your own Epilator. Since you're pulling the hairs out the entire end result lasts much longer. Yes, it even outlasts waxing.

As the hairs grow back you can go ahead and use your Epilator again to remove them. As you remove hairs growing back it's less painful to pluck them.

You don't have to wait to pluck the new hairs growing back. With waxing you have to wait for the hairs to grow a little before you can wax. You don't have this problem with an Epilator.​

An Epilator for Brazilian is a much better investment. Overall a longer lasting experience and a more affordable one.​

Epilator vs Shaving

Shaving is the easiest method to remove hair. Going through a quick manscaping process is easy and convenient. However, it's also the shortest period of longevity for hair removal.

If you're going on vacation and want a more complete hair removal solution, the Epilator is a better option. It's takes longer to remove the hairs and is more painful. You're tweezing or pulling the hairs out.

When they're removed it will take much longer to see hairs growing back. It's the ultimate solution for long time hair removal.

You avoid the need to buy additional products. You don't need any creams or oils to use an Epilator. However, some lotion helps relieve the discomfort from the hairs being pulled out.​

5 Best Epilators for a Brazilian

The best Epilator for Brazilian will be the least painful and most effective one. In a super sensitive area like this the more comfortable your Epilator can be the better.

There's a variation in width of Epilators. Certain widths will be better for different people. It depends on your hair growth pattern and the need to get into nooks or tight spots.

Our goal is to find the 5 best Epilator that meet these traits. If you've read any of our other reviews you'll know we also go by a quality to price ratio. This boils down to getting the most bang for your buck. We want you to get the very best option at the very best price.

Braun Silk 579 Epilator

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The Braun Silk 579 comes with attachments to make your Brazilian Epilator process better. The wide angle and slim angle attachments help you get into the harder to reach spots. It comes with additional attachments for hair removal and a separate scrub brush for cleaning before tweezing.

The Braun Silk 579 also has wet/dry capability. Doing your Brazilian in the shower is a great way to reduce discomfort. You can take this Epilator in the shower with you to complete the entire hair removal process.

This is our overall favorite out of the 5 Epilators. It has a lot to offer, but it's a little more expensive than the other 4 on our list.​ You can read a full review of it here.

Braun Silk 280 Epilator

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The Braun Silk 280 Epilator is similar to the 579, but comes with fewer attachments. The original base head is also not as wide as the 579. The 280 does include a cooling pad to help relieve discomfort.

Although this Epilator doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the 579 it is much cheaper. You should be able to find it around half the price of the 579. It's still a very comfortable Epilator. As comfortable as an Epilator can be.

The overall quality is pretty good. It doesn't feel cheap or like it's going to fall apart. It should hold up quite well for a long period of time. You'll save a lot of money going this route vs waxing.​

Philips HP6401 Epilator

The Philips HP6401 Epilator is a cordless option that makes it very easy to get a Brazilian. It also includes a cap attachment that shortens the exposure area of the tweezers. The cap is great for those hard to reach spots or tiny areas.

​The cordless Epilator makes an ideal candidate for a Brazilian Epilator. There's a bit of moving and hard to reach areas where the convenience of being cordless really shine. The only drawback is having to replace batteries.

Overall the Philips HP6401 Epilator is a great option available to you.​ It's cheaper than the above 2 models and has decent quality. It would also make a great option to take with you for travel. You don't have a lot of attachments or wires to tug along with you. It's simple and compact.

Sminiker 3 in 1 Epilator

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The Sminiker 3 in 1 Epilator has a narrow head for hard to get into areas. It's a universal tool that also includes a foil shaver and callus remover. It's also cordless and convenient for travel.

What we liked most about this Epilator was seeing consumers using it specifically for their bikini line. People were touting this tool with a lot of positive notions. From their reviews it's very comfortable and works great.

You're getting a lot of overall value with the Sminiker 3 in 1 Epilator. To receive the 3 tools at this low price point is very good. It's performance and customer reviews build our confidence in this tool and we think it'll make a great option for a Brazilian Epilator.

Codream Lady Shaver Epilator

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The Codream Lady Shaver is similar to the above option as it's got multiple attachments. It's a 4 in 1 Epilator that's also a callus remover, shaver, and precision trimmer.

This Epilator is cordless which makes it a good option for travel and hard to reach spots. It's also rechargeable so you don't need to buy batteries all the time.

The Epilator head is narrow for those tighter areas. It's received good reviews among customers who have used it and it'll make the best Epilator for Brazilian.​

Overall it's a great Epilator that's very affordable. If you're unsure about Epilation in general these multi-use tools are perfect. If something doesn't work out you'll still be able to use the other attachments.​

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