The Best Epilator for Your Face That Doesn’t Hurt

When you think about removing the hair on your face you've probably thought about some different methods. You're tired of shaving it and want a longer term solution. When you searched for "best epilator for face" you hoped it would be the answer to your problem.

Luckily for you there's epilators made specifically for your face. These handy tools are a great alternative to waxing and the hair removal can last a very long time. Let's get into the details and see which epilator is for you.

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Benefits of Facial Epilation

Facial epilation is an ideal solution for long term hair removal. While it's not a painless process like shaving it does last much longer. The pain is comparable to waxing. The long term debate is which one is more tolerable and that comes down to personal opinion.

Epilating your face will leave you with silky smooth skin for up to 4 weeks! An entire month without the need to shave your face. I think that's pretty amazing really.

After the process is complete you're left with very smooth skin. It's a lot smoother than shaving because there's no tiny stubble left behind. With continued use the epilator also gets less painful. If you use it to remove the tiny hairs that grow back and maintain the hairs in this manor it becomes a nearly painless process.

What a Face Epilator Should Have

​The best epilator for a face should have some of the following characteristics. While it may be difficult to find a facial epilator that holds each and every trait, we've found a great epilator that gets really close.

A facial epilator should have a smaller tweezing surface. While you can struggle with a normal sized epilator it's not recommended. Normal size epilators are meant for your legs and other areas of your body.​ The smaller more precise tweezing area is better suited for your face. You'll be able to get the small area on your upper lip for example, a lot easier.

The epilator needs to be speedy.​ The quicker motor you've got behind those tweezers the less painful it is when it pulls the hairs out. Have you ever plucked a hair slowly? It's not something you would sit there and do very long. Think of it like a band-aid you want to pull off quickly... but repeatedly.

The more comfortable the better. Companies are always working to improve their products. The more comfortable the process is the better. Unfortunately there's only so much you can do to make pulling hair comfortable.

Introducing the Remington Face Epilator

The Remington face epilator is made in a compact and lightweight design that admittedly looks feminine. However don't let the feminine design of this device push you away from it. If you're going to be using any epilator they're almost all feminine.

In the box you'll get the epilator (color varies) and a small facial brush. It runs on a single AA battery which is included and comes with a protective cap.

This is an inexpensive facial epilator which you can find somewhere between $12 - $20 at several online retailers. This being an inexpensive face epilator you should know you often get what you pay for. However, at this price it's surprisingly a good quality device.

The Pros:

  • Great Facial Epilation
  • Portable
  • High Speed Tweezing

The Con's:

  • Painful in the beginning.
  • Battery powered.

Benefits & Features

There's some features I'd like to point out about the Remington EP1050. These features are what make this epilator great for facial hair. Here's the three core features we're excited to show you.

Long Lasting Hair Removal

You're going to get up to 4 weeks of hair removal when removing facial hair with an epilator. You've got 6 total tweezers at action here. You're going to get the job done quickly and won't have to see those pesky whiskers come back for a long time.

As soon as you start to see hairs grow back I recommend removing them soon as possible. Removing the new hairs as they come back is less painful and helps keep hairs away for longer.​

High Power Plucking

This epilator does over 200 plucking movements per seconds. Giving you a silky smooth face in no time. The great thing about being speedy is it's less painful. The quicker the hairs come out the quicker it's over with.

What Others Are Saying

Who better than the people who own this epilator to get an opinion from? There's some good and bad reviews on this item, but the general opinion seems to be positive.

Alternative Epilators For The Face

Braun Face Epilator 810

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This epilator is more geared for facial hair removal than our recommended choice. However due to the mix of customers reviews it didn't make our #1 spot. That doesn't mean it isn't a great alternative option.

The head on this epilator is more acute and better for tough to tweeze areas. It comes with a great exfoliating brush which you should be exfoliating before any tweeze session.

It's also very compact and isn't going to take up much counter space. It's about 7" inches long and very thin. Read some of the reviews yourself on Amazon and see if this might be a better option for you.

It's a more expensive option and we're on the fence if its a good quality to price ratio.

Epiwand Facial Hair Remover

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The Epiwand is a manual alternative to your other epilators. It's a very affordable option that can be found for a little over $10 at a lot of online retailers.

​I don't know how I feel about the manual aspect of this, but if you read the reviews there's people that swear by it. It's meant for smaller hairs though it seems. It might be best used as the hairs grow back after shaving.

Emjoi Tweeze eRase E6

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The Emjoi Tweeze eRase E6 is similar to our Braun recommendation. It's a 6 tweezer epilator in the affordable range of $10 - $15 at most online retailers.

The Emjoi  brand is well known for their epilators and make some really great products. This one they've designed specifically for facial hair.​ It's also very compact and easily portable.

It has a built in safety feature to stop if pressed to hard against the skin. It's geared to be smooth and pain free as much as possible. A specialty from the Emjoi brand.

Tips for Using an Epilator

When using your epilator use it in a straight forward motion. When using it on your face you'll want to move north to south across your cheeks. Avoid turning it to the side and tweezing the hairs that way.

Going cross or side to side it's less effective and you're not going to get far this way.

​Since the hair on your face can run in different directions it's important to watch the hair growth path. Your neck for example will have hair growing in several different directions. Use your epilator in whatever your hair direction is.

Keep a steady speed while the device tweezes the hairs. It can sometimes take a couple passes to pull all the hairs so be prepared for that. Although like we previously said it gets easier as you go back to get smaller hairs.​

Don't Go Just Yet!

I hope we were able to answer what you searched for "best epilator for face". We scoured the internet for the best possible face epilator and I think we found the best option out there. A lot of the other review we came across only tried to recommend a high end product. We came to find that that product really isn't #1.

If you're using a face epilator please let us know your experience with it and share any tips you may have to make the experience more enjoyable! Thanks for reading.​

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