What’s the Best Face Moisturizer for Men? Top 10 Revealed

Having dehydrated, flaky skin isn’t a problem that men alone deal with. That’d be absurd, everyone on Earth can fall victim to that. That being said, this is a problem that you feel needs addressing for your own comfort. Moisturizer is moisturizer, it’s the same for men and women, but you want one that you like.

Pink, flowers, and various fruits being tossed through a waterfall on the front of your bottle isn’t the look you want.If you’re going to get a moisturizer, you want to get the best face moisturizer for men. That means a product that’s designed with your preferences in mind, both for aesthetic and overall function. Not only should a moisturizer help clear up your skin, but it should also have effects on every aspect of your complexion beyond typical dryness.

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How We Choose Our List

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Our goal here is to give you a quick list of the best face moisturizers for men that you can find. If you don’t find something you like, then you can use it as a comparison list to find something you do like.

If you’re going to have a moisturizer on your face, you want it to be something you like. We’re going to try and help you with that the best we can.When it comes to finding the best face moisturizer for men, we looked for a few select qualities that make a good moisturizer pop.


A moisturizer that fails at the very basic job of hydrating your face is a failure and not worth anyone’s money. We weeded out the chaff to ensure you’d only have options that have been attested to work.


Moisturizing your face may be the main goal, but complexion health isn’t a one-base game. Your moisturizer should pull double-time, affecting dark spots, wrinkles, skin tone, and other qualities.


When it comes down to it, you probably won’t want to spend an extreme amount of money on moisturizer. Your options should have the most bang for your buck to really be worth the purchase.

No product is complete without having a few reliable reviews behind it. Before checking off on any of the face moisturizers, we made sure to check with the people who’ve reviewed them to make sure they’re as good as they claim. There’s no better source than the customers.

Here Are the Best Face Moisturizers for Men

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Ultimately, this list is only going to contain a sliver of the thousands of great moisturizers. The selections here are understandably among the best face moisturizers for men, but you might decide none of them float your boat. If so, then hopefully this list will be able to inform your future purchases, viable for comparing with other products.

There’s nothing about the cover of this moisturizer that draws in the eye. It’s a practical product, with little more than some directions, information, and a plain white background. Do you really need anything more? This face moisturizer is designed to be the end-all, be-all of face moisturizers.

Starting off, the Marlowe brand delivers on hydrating your face. Your dry skin, with steady use, will be cleared away with a little bit of care. Better yet, competing moisturizers may wind up leaving a greasy feeling on your face, and no one likes that. Thankfully, you won’t need to worry about that with this brand.

This unique blend of natural ingredients does more than just moisturize your skin. With habitual use, you’ll experience anti-aging performance, helping clear away wear and tear across the board. While it may not be specifically designed to tackle every issue you’ll ever have with your complexion, it’s a good, respectable place to start.

If you’re looking for a simple but manly moisturizer, Rugged & Dapper delivers with an attractive, invigorating face moisturizer designed for your complexion. Not only is it designed to keep your skin hydrated on the basic level, but it also packs a punch when it comes to overall health.

If you’re looking for just basic hydration, this moisturizer will do that for you. However, it’s also designed to be an anti-aging cream, to ensure you retain facial vitality. As men, we have to keep up with basic shaving and trimming habits to ensure our complexion stays presentable. Using this cream, you’ll be able to alleviate common negative shaving symptoms, working perfectly as an aftershave and anti-acne product.

This fragrance-free moisturizer is made from entirely natural ingredients, designed to tackle dry, oily, acne-plagued skin. With consistent use, it’ll provide overall positive reinforcement of your facial health and improved complexion. It’s a little bit more expensive than other selections from this list, but the price is worth the effects.

Let’s talk about Vitamin C. It can’t actually be produced by our bodies, so we have to take supplements to gain its benefits. TruSkin provides a facial moisturizer that directly infuses your face with this vitamin, reinforcing the health of your skin directly. Coupled with that includes added Vitamin B5 and various antioxidants to provide further benefits.

Beyond the infusion of vitamins, you won’t need to worry about dryness, treating your skin while providing anti-aging support. With habitual use, this moisturizer will shrink pores and repair every aspect of acne, including scarring, presence, and against future breakouts. The use of Vitamin C is intended to clear up dark spots improve overall complexion quality. Basically, your skin will be glowing.

Lather & Wood Shaving Co. may not provide all the same benefits that other best face moisturizers for men do, but it certainly looks the part. Contained in a gorgeous dark amber bottle, this moisturizer’s sole purpose is to make your face as soft as possible. As a high-quality product, you’ll be able to comfortably apply its contents without worrying about oil, grease, or unpleasant fragrance.

Created using only natural ingredients, this moisturizer goes a long way toward repairing a worn and diminished complexion. Designed to repair, exfoliate, and hydrate dead skin, dry and oily skin will soon become smooth, soft, and healthy. That is, it will with consistent use. Though it may not focus on infusing your skin with all sorts of vitamins or minerals, it delivers on what you need: a healthy complexion.

Jumping back on the multi-use capabilities of these products, Neutrogena supplies one of the best face moisturizers for men on the market. Starting off, not only will this moisturizer soften and revitalize your face, it’s combined with an SPF of 15 to provide further protections. Not intended for beach use, the provided UV protection assists in negating some of the harmful effects the sun may cause, like wrinkles and dark spots.

Beyond its sun protection and facial hydration abilities, this moisturizer actively acts against wrinkles, lines, and dry, flaky skin. The concoction includes Vitamin A and retinol, both important ingredients in ensuring your long-standing skin health. With consistent use, especially before heading out for the day, Neutrogena face moisturizer will help restore and reinforce your healthy complexion.

While a bit of a mouthful of a company name, BIG BOY delivers on providing a quality product dedicated to ensuring your face’s health. The best part of applying the best face moisturizers for men is the clean, fresh feeling it brings to your skin. While some moisturizers leave you with an oily or greasy feeling, this product doesn’t deal with that pitfall.

Best for oily and dry skin, this moisturizer is designed to be anti-aging. This means that it focuses on repairing skin cells and promoting healthy growth. Furthermore, it improves elasticity, collagen production, and balances out facial lines and wrinkles. Not only will you feel refreshed with consistent use, but your complexion will also steadily improve and bolster your self-confidence.

If we’re talking about getting the most out of your face moisturizer, then Jack Black delivers on that. Besides beings an excellent face moisturizer, it even comes with an SPF rating to protect your against UV rays. While it won’t make for an adequate sunscreen if you plan on taking a beach trip, you’ll be preserving your skin’s health and well-being on an average day.

Besides hydrating your face and protecting it from the sun, this face moisturizer is made from all-natural ingredients, infusing essential vitamins into your skin. With daily use, you’ll be removing dirt, oil, and dead skin to promote an improved complexion. The longer you use it, the longer lasting the effects will be, overall promoting a healthy, attractive lifestyle.

There are all sorts of skin types that might call for the use of a good moisturizer. Whatever skin type, whether it be dry, damaged, or oily, the Rocky Mountain Barber Company has a moisturizer for you. Dealing with acne or dry skin is no fun for anyone. With daily use, this moisturizer is designed to fortify your skin while removing dirt, oil, and dead skin cells.

Meant to combat aging and damaged skin, the all-natural ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin to quickly begin work. After hydrating and repairing damaged skin, you’ll soon see a reduction in wrinkles, lines, and dark spots. It’s easily applied, and as a completely scentless product, you won’t need to worry about offending odors disrupting your use.

While you probably won’t find much multi-use benefits from this moisturizer, Lubriderm provides an affordable selection to help repair your skin.

Designed as a fragrance-free lotion able to be applied across any part of your body, it’s an effective soothing agent post-shave and intended to smooth out your complexion. Rougher hands, as well as dry and oily skin, can be addressed with this lotion to promote healthier skin.

If all you’re interested in is a healthier, hydrated face, then NIVEA may be the most affordable option for you. It doesn’t have much in the way of extra benefits, like Vitamin C or various minerals, but it’s perfect for soothing rough, dry skin with consistent use. A single use provides smooth, healthy skin for a full day.

The aloe vera-based concoction is designed to be quickly absorbed, immediately benefiting your complexion.

Buyer’s Guide in Finding the Best Face Moisturizer for Men

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Purchasing the best face moisturizer for men involves a lot of consideration for what you’re looking for. If you want something more than just some smooth skin, then you’ll find plenty of products that’ll infuse your skin with vitamins and minerals.

However, those usually end up being a little pricier. If you just want hydrated skin, then you’ll be interested in something cheaper.Regardless, you’ll always want to make sure that whatever you’re looking for contain a few key qualities to ensure they’re a quality product.

  • Effectiveness
  • Multi-work
  • Pricing

So long as the moisturizer fits what you’re looking for, you should end up with a perfect selection for you.

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