What’s The Best Floss For The Year 2019? Top 5 Revealed

There are many key products in the world of mouth care, but floss is one of the most important. Not only does it work to promote daily healthcare by pulling gunk out of your gums, but it also actively reduces the risk of diseases like gingivitis.

Even so, good floss is not easy to find. The market is filled with various brands and styles, all of which come with their own branding and attributes.

The endless choices make it easy to assume all floss is the same. However, certain types are much more effective than others.

Breaking down the best floss is an involved process, but it is easy to separate the good from the bad once you know what makes certain brands shine.

Rating the Best Floss Around

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Each of the best floss options outlined in this article were put through a vigorous test. Though they each share common properties, they all have a few choice attributes that put them above and beyond the competition.

It is not that they share the same premium qualities, but rather that they each have a few special traits in addition to a strong base. Niche uses, broad features, premium quality, and extended value were all taken into account.

Such attributes were then taken alongside user and professional reviews to ensure each pick gives great results.

  1. Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Comfort

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We kick off this list of the best floss with one of the most reliable and well-known brands on the current market. The Oral-B Pro-Health Comfort pack (which gives you two packages for one low price) is a floss for everyone.

As mentioned, high-quality floss typically has special uses. What makes Oral-B Health Comfort different is that everyone, regardless of their tooth situation, can use it to great effect.

This floss, as you would expect, effectively removes plaque from between your teeth. However, where it truly shines in comparison to other brands is the way it manages to do that.

Unlike other floss types, which often come with extra pain or unnecessary complications, the Oral-B Pro Health is specifically made to be soft on your teeth and gums.

That feature is especially important for people who have a hard time flossing because of pain or sensitive teeth.

A Tough and Thorough Clean

To go with that soft feel, the Pro Health gets all the way down to the gum line and beyond. That deep clean ensures all plaque is effectively and efficiently removed. In that way, it promotes oral hygiene more effectively than similar options.

The deep-working floss also stimulates your gums, which then strengthens them over time. That does away with issues like bleeding or pain while flossing, and it also actively prevents gingivitis.

It is rare to find floss that works so well without causing any discomfort, and that is why the Pro Health shines. If plaque build-up is a large issue for you, this is the way to go.

One last feature to note is the Pro Health’s natural wax. That not only enables the floss to easily slide between your gums, but it also gives you a better grip as you clean.

Some floss can be tricky to use, which then makes it less effective. You’ll have no such issue here.

  1. Reach Dentotape Waxed Dental Floss

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Next on our list is Reach Dentotape. This floss is a bit more no-nonsense than others on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. It is unflavored, waxed, and extra-wide. Though it may not be as fun as something like Oral B, it provides great results.

The Reach is easily one of the best floss options around. Not only does it offer a deep clean that some other brands are not able to hit, but it comes with a special, 12m extra-wide cleaning surface.

That surface area ensures the brand works through all of the spaces in your gums to get any and all particles.

That extra wide surface is a boon for people with widely spaced teeth. Those with more gaps or open areas may find it tricky to use regular floss. The Reach easily overcomes that issue with no problems.

A Lot for a Little

Another bonus of this floss is that there is a lot of it. That refers to, not just the wide cleaning surface, but also to the fact that there is a lot of line in each pack.

This floss is available in both 55- and 100-yard options, which means you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Floss may not be the most expensive item in the world, but saving money is never a bad thing. In addition, purchasing a lot of floss at once ensures you won’t quickly run out and have to go get more.

Though this long-lasting brand may not be the best choice for those with tightly-spaced teeth, if you have a lot of gaps or a wide-set mouth, this is one of the best options.

  1. Plackers Micro Mint Flossers

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Let’s face it, floss isn’t for everyone. Though some people can easily work string between their teeth, others might not be able to handle it with ease due to large hands or a small mouth. If that is the case for you (or if you simply find string fussy) there are the Plackers Dental Flossers.

These small plastic devices have a C-shape top and an easy-to-grip handle that enables you to floss without the strain of maneuvering string around your mouth. Rather, you hold them by the end and then slide the small half-moon head between your gums like you would with normal floss.

From there, you pull them back out, rinse them off, and repeat the process on the next tooth. This method may seem odd at first, but it is an extremely effective option for those who want it.

Multi-Use, Multi-Functional

Even people who use one of the other best floss options on this list can take advantage of Plackers when working in the back or hard-to-reach areas of their mouth. You can use traditional floss on the front, and then employ the flossers for where you can’t quite reach in the back.

There are a few flossers to choose from in today’s world, but Plackers makes it onto the best floss list because they are hardy, durable, and come with a handy tartar pick that folds away when you’re done using it.

The C-shape and soft floss works quickly to save you time at the sink, and the pick helps ensure your mouth ends up as clean as possible. The folding mechanism is particularly helpful because you never have to worry about poking your hand while your work.

Such features, combined with the namesake mint flavor, leaves your mouth fresh and happy every time you floss.

  1. Listerine Gentle Gum Care Interdental Floss

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Listerine is one of the biggest names in mouth care. Though they are best known for their minty-fresh mouthwash, they also make fantastic floss. An example of that quality is their Gentle Gum Interdental Floss.

This brand, formerly known as “Reach,” earns its spot among the best floss because it is soft and incredibly easy on the teeth. The line is specially woven in a way that provides a soft cleaning surface for all users.

That softness, while great for everyone, makes the Gentle Gum Care the perfect choice for those with sensitive mouths. Sensitive teeth or sensitive gums can make flossing a pain. This floss cuts back on that annoyance and ensures you can clean your mouth without worry.

Easy Going and Minty Fresh

Another bonus of the Listerine floss is the soft line works deep into your gums without causing discomfort. This is one of the most important attributes of the best floss options because it ensures you are able to work deep through all parts of your mouth.

Floss is only effective if you can use it well. Even if the floss is tried and true, if it hurts your mouth you are only going to dig so deep. Gentle Gum Care gets around that by enabling you to fully clean all parts around your mouth.

That reason alone pushes this onto the list of the best floss options on the market. However, it is all of the features around that great care that keep it here.

As an added bonus, the cinnamon or mint flavors (depending on your preference) work to keep your mouth incredibly fresh after each floss. Listerine is known for their ability to leave your mouth feeling clean, and their floss does that on two different levels.

  1. Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss

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The final best floss option on this list is a natural one.

Dr. Tung’s Smart Floss is unique in a range of different ways, starting with its special cardamom flavor that permeates throughout your mouth when you’re finished cleaning. That taste, while alien to some, leaves your mouth with a great feeling after each use.

As you would expect from any premium floss, Dr. Tung’s also offers a great, pain-free experience. You can easily work the floss through all parts of your mouth without any long-lasting discomfort. Reducing pain is a primary feature of all great floss brands, and this hits that mark with ease.

Furthering the natural theme, this brand also has an ever so light coating of natural beeswax. That makes the line slick, which then helps it move around your mouth. This is a small-but-important feature that enables Dr. Tung’s to get into the tight crevices some other models may not be able to reach.

Soft on Gums, Hard on Plaque

To complement all of the above features, this floss is also woven. While that choice does make the line a bit thicker than traditional options, it also makes it much, much softer on your gums than string.

In addition, the woven strands are easy to handle. All you have to do is put extra pressure on the string and it will expand out and fill any crevice.

That then increases surface areas as noted in some of the above options and helps ensure you get a deep and thorough cleaning every single time you use the floss.

This is one of the reasons to choose Dr. Tung’s. The surface area is truly unmatched.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Floss

The above floss options are the top of the market. However, that does not mean they are the only choices you have available. If you want to do your own search for the best floss, there are some key attributes you always want to pay attention to.

For example, make sure that the floss is comfortable and causes little pain. That goes a long way down the line. It is best to search out a brand that is easy to handle and maneuver as well.

Though it can be easy to skim past, always pay special attention to the flavor of the floss.

Plain is perfect for people who don’t want any extra taste, but if you want a certain feel or smell, look for it. Not every brand offers every flavor.

Taking Care of Your Mouth

Floss is one of the most overlooked bathroom items. However, it is one of the most important when it comes to proper mouth care.

For that reason, it is important to avoid purchasing the first floss you find. Not only could it give subpar results, but it may also not be right for your mouth or routine.

Everyone is different, and that means it is important to take your time in the search for the best floss. All of the top brands have something unique to offer that sets them apart. It is up to you to find out which one you enjoy.

Remember, you are not simply searching for the best all-around brand, you’re searching for the brand that best fits your life.

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