What’s the Best Hair Loss Shampoo for Men? Top 4 Revealed

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There’s not much more humiliating to a man when it comes to physical appearance than a thinning or receding hairline. It’s a cruel reminder that full on baldness is most likely somewhere around the corner just waiting for its chance to strike. Luckily, huge strides in the science of hair restoration shampoos that are able to hijack the balding process, and in some cases—leading to a reversal of the hair loss mechanisms altogether.

If you are one of the countless men starting to see some hints of hair loss, do not worry. There are several options that you can take in the form of hair loss shampoos that will allow you to take back what is rightfully yours.

Product Name



Maple Holistics Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth and Volume

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge with Caffeine

Honeydew Hair Loss Shampoo with DHT Blocker

Nourish Beaute Hair Growth Shampoo

The Physiology of Hair Loss

Before getting into the best shampoos that can stop the hair loss process, it’s important to learn why exactly happens in the first place.

What may seem like a cruel joke played on your scalp has some very simple and basic mechanisms of action all centered around your dear friend testosterone. The hormone, testosterone, is responsible for most of the characteristics that make you a man. It is the primary male sex hormone that governs several crucial processes of the body such as muscle and bone mass increases and body hair growth.

Unfortunately, at a certain point in many men’s lives, this hormone starts to lose its efficacy. What’s even more is that the hormone undergoes some key changes that start to alter the androgen’s function entirely. One of these changes has to deal with hair loss and occurs when testosterone starts to convert chemically into a completely new hormone known as dihydrotestosterone.

This chemical shift occurs specifically within each of your hair follicles thanks to a regional oil gland enzyme known as 5a-reductase. This enzyme converts active testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Once there is enough DHT built up, it will begin to shrink the follicle and strangle the hair follicle until it loses its connection to nutrients and slowly but surely dies off.

Luckily, this testosterone to DHT conversion process is very slow and can even be reversed in some cases. There are several shampoos out there that can help stop the conversion and even limit the functionality of DHT to expand your hair follicles back to their original form and allow the hair to thrive once more. The following are the very best hair loss shampoos for men.

How We Chose Our Ratings

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Customer reviews and testimonials are a crucial component in our rating system of the best hair loss shampoos for men. Also taken into consideration is the ratio of price versus quality and overall reputation of the company responsible for each of the following products.

Best Hair Loss Shampoo for Men: Top 4 Revealed

The following are the 4 best hair loss shampoos that are extremely effective at reversing the effects of DHT on the hair follicles. The price points on each of these products are vastly different and as in most cases, you get what you pay for. Luckily for you, the consumer, the cheapest option is still extremely effective and will provide you with a great idea of just how helpful any of these shampoos can be.

Maple Holistics Biotin Shampoo for Hair Growth and Volume

This highly effective and affordable shampoo is the best hair loss shampoo on the market. Maple Holistics uses biotin, a B vitamin derivative—to promote hair growth. Biotin is able to strengthen and fortify existing hair, while simultaneously waking up the hair follicle to lead to improved circulation and increased growing potential.

This biotin doesn’t act as a DHT blocker, as its main function is to strengthen the hair that has not yet succumbed to the stranglehold of the relative of testosterone.

Its DHT blocking prowess rests in an all-natural blend of botanicals that work to clear out lingering DHT amounts found within the follicle. This 11-botanical blend includes natural DHT blockers suck as green tea extract, coconut oil, zinc, and jojoba. This blend’s individual components work in different ways to prevent the effects of dihydrotestosterone.

Some will work to flush out the hormone from the source, while others will deactivate the hormone, rendering it useless in terms of its ability to strangle your hair follicles. This amazing blend is also loaded with antioxidants that will work to protect and fortify the collagen of your hair to increase its strength and prevent breakage.

Everything that Maple Holistics provides is 100% GMO-free. It is also free from damaging sulfates, silicone, and parabens that are found in several hair restoration shampoos and can actually do much more harm than good to your beloved locks.

Maple Holistics stand by their products so much that they offer a 100% money back guarantee on everything that they provide. This guarantee will provide you with peace of mind that your purchase is not in vain and will allow you to focus on all of the great results it can provide to you and your hair.

To use this hair loss shampoo, rinse your hair sufficiently with water and apply liberally to your entire scalp. Once a lather has accumulated within the origin of your hair follicles, work in the lather to the rest of the body of the hair to completely cover everything. Once fully saturated, allow the formula to work its magic within your hair for a total of 2-3 minutes before rinsing it out with warm water.


You can purchase this offering from Maple Holistics right now on Amazon.com for a very affordable $$ for a 16-ounce bottle.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, The D, says, “My friends can not believe how much fuller my hair is! It is truly amazing! I would highly recommend this shampoo for thinning hair!”

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge with Caffeine

You read right. This extremely effective hair loss shampoo utilizes caffeine to help stimulate hair growth. Just like caffeine can be consumed orally to help wake you up in the morning and give you the vigor needed to take on your day, when applied topically to your hair follicles, it can wake them up and promote healthy hair growth.

When added to a hair follicle, caffeine not only extends the life of the hair, but also allows it to reach its full potential in terms of growth. A great one-two lunch for someone looking to get the very most out of his shampoo.

This Ultrax Labs offering also comes complete with ketoconazole, a critical compound that will not only work to reduce dandruff and possible fungal outbreaks but has also recently been shown to promote healthy hair growth.

While the previous two ingredients do their best to promote healthy hair growth and vitality, the key additive to this incredibly unique blend is saw palmetto, a key extract taken from the fruit of a small palm tree. Saw palmetto has been shown to be effective in blocking the 5a-reductase enzyme responsible for converting testosterone to DHT.

Without viable 5a-reductase, DHT will never be able to congregate in amounts large enough to put a stranglehold on your hair follicle, leaving it with a full supply of oxygen and nutrients needed to stay alive and thriving.

To use this amazing blend, lather into wet hair and cover every portion of each follicle from the base to the end. Leave on for at least 2 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes. For optimal results, use the shampoo 5 times per week.


This incredibly unique hair loss shampoo from Ultrax Labs offers a product currently unmatched by the completion in terms of the approaches it takes to prevent hair loss. The price may seem a little steep at first at $$ on Amazon.com for an 8-ounce bottle, but even before your first order is used up, you will start to see a difference. Also, if you’re unsatisfied in any way, Ultrax Labs offers a 100% money back guarantee, providing you with much needed peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, Guzman Simpson, says, “I’ve saved more using Ultrax hair growth product then ever going for a hair transplant.”

Honeydew Hair Loss Shampoo with DHT Blocker

This great offering from Honeydew incorporates biotin to help unclog your hair follicles while strengthening the existing hair at the same time. The B vitamin allows each and every one of your living hair follicles to maintain its hair and allow it to hold onto the nutrients it needs to thrive.

A combination blend of coconut and jojoba oil mixed with zinc increases blood and oxygen flow to the follicle. This allows the follicle to receive an optimal amount of vitamins and minerals it needs to help curtail the effects of existing levels of DHT.

Added phytokeratin works to strengthen all existing hairs, allowing them to stay strong and prevent breakage of the hairs not yet affected by dihydrotestosterone. This keratin along with the added essential oil blend work tirelessly to remove DHT build up, allowing your hairs to once again grow without the restrictions and suffocation cause by the hormone.


You will be happy to know that this awesome offering from Honeydew uses only high quality natural and herbal components and is 100% paraben and sulfate free. You can now purchase this great product from Amazon.com at the incredibly affordable price of $ for a 236-milliliter bottle.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, Mike Tingen, says, “After a few days I noticed a nice boost in volume, a much more comfortable scalp and fewer hairs falling out throughout the day.”

Nourish Beaute Hair Growth Shampoo

This unique blend developed in Europe contains an herbal DHT blocker called Procapil that works to stimulate hair growth by a whopping 121%. What’s more, it reduces hair loss by 46% and works to keep each hair follicle in the growth phase. This unique blend also works to help anchor the hair within the follicle to keep it in your head, where it should be.

Added biotin works alongside Procapil to strengthen each viable hair follicle. Added castor and coconut oil and other beneficial botanicals work to increase circulation to each follicle. This leads to health and happy hair that will have the tools necessary to remain in your head.


Nourish Beaute stands by their product so much so that they offer a 100% money back guarantee. Each purchase will also provide you with built-in savings in the form of coupons for future purchases. This company wants so much for you to keep your hair, that they will also provide you with a guide full of tips and tricks to increase the effectiveness of their already powerful formula. You can currently purchase a 2-month supply of this great hair loss shampoo for just $$.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, Deniz, says, “Have recently started using this amazing shampoo product. Currently 2-3 months into use and I could not be happier with the results.”

Buyer’s Guide

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Any of these 4 hair loss shampoos will provide you with great, long-lasting results. These 4 companies believe so much in their products that they all offer 100% money back guarantees, giving you much needed peace of mind.

Hair loss in itself is extremely stressful and all of these companies know that. They each want to make the experience easier on you by reducing the detrimental effects of DHT.

Any of these best hair loss shampoos will provide you with noticeable results after just the first bottle. As with anything though, don’t expect a magic bullet. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to hair restoration, and you’ll be happy to take the time necessary to see some great hair loss prevention.

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