The Best Moustache Wax Review and Ultimate Guide

The best moustache wax review! There are different types of moustache waxes that have different purposes. If you’re a beginner you might not have known this.

There’s waxes for daily use, medium holds, and extra strength holds. Every day is different so if you’re having a not so good moustache day then you might need a different level of hold. If you’re new to using moustache waxes then the every day and medium holds are most likely going to suit you the best.

In a rush? Here’s our top 5 recommendations:

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The Difference in Moustache Wax Holds

There are 3 main types of holds that you’ll see in most of the best mustache waxes. We mentioned these a little earlier, but they are your everyday use, medium, and strong holds. If you’re just now trying out a mustache wax, try a everyday or medium use.

Typically the everyday & medium wax holds is going to be perfect for almost everyone. If you have a larger mustache that’s when you may want to look into a strong hold wax. Your strong wax is also great for beard competitions.

The Primary & Secondary Mustache Wax Set we feature above has been a big winner. I’ve never seen one wax satisfy so many people and come in a duo hold set at that price point. The creators of this one really have out done themselves and created an amazing product.

The Benefits of Using Moustache Wax

A lot of us start using moustache wax for a different reason. My personal reasoning for using moustache wax, along with my friends, is because we always end up chomping on the stache.

After a certain length it seems to never fail to get my moustache in my mouth when eating. I found it quite embarrassing to have to struggle with my moustache at dinner. Continuously having to move it out of the way — styling it to the side and hoping no one would notice the 30 different times I have to do it.

Some might say I could have trimmed my moustache, but that’s just out of the question for this face. A trimmed moustache doesn’t do me any justice and natural look is way better.

I’m sure a lot of you have experienced the same or similar issue. Using our best moustache wax review you should be able to find a wax that’s going to be a great solution for you.

How to Use Moustache Wax


The video above from BeardBrand gives a nice visual representation of how you should be using mustache wax. We’ll go over in some more details below the process the video is covering.

Step 1: Using the top side of your thumbnail, scoop out a small dab of wax.

Step 2: Warm the wax between your two fingertips. The wax consistency should be tacky or a “smooth sticky” feeling.

Step 3: Apply the wax into the roots of your mustache. Shaping it how you see fit.

Most guys will prefer the natural look that’s being styled in the video. It’s quite simple to style. Simply brush from the center outwards to the tips of your mustache.

Continue going over the stache with wax in it until it has a desired shape. Heating the wax with a hair dryer will help mold the wax and keep it in place. Side note… it’s also good for styling your goatee.

Top 5 Best Moustache Wax Review

Our top pick the Primary & Secondary Moustache Wac Set is the ultimate combination of everyday usage & mild hold. You get waxes of different strengths at a great price. We hear more positive feedback from this product than all the others. This wax set is made 100% in the USA. Includes all premium ingredients that are safe, natural, no petroleum, and nothing hidden. The best part is if you have an issue with their product you can give them a call and a real human will pick up, but I doubt you would ever need to call.

Another super great pick is the Smooth Viking Beard Balm with Shea Butter.A lot of credit on this moustache wax is how long it lasts. The hold you get from this product is very long and you won’t have to worry about “re-upping” your wax. Yes, we know it’s labeled as a beard balm. However customers have been using this exact product for their moustaches and have had great results. This product is also designed to make your facial hair look and feel thicker. If some additional facial hair thickness would help you — try this one.

The Beardsmen Premium Mustache Wax comes in a great woodsy scent. Made with Jojoba and three additional essential oils. This 2oz can falls somewhere between mild strength and the everyday use. The Beardsmen product line has always done well and been great with their customers. It’s a brand you can trust to deliver quality facial hair products. If you’re looking for a lot of value or bang for your buck this can is 3 times larger than many of their competitors best moustache waxes.

The Honest Amish Beard Wax is also a great product for your moustache. Also made 100% in the USA. This wax helps to soften and condition your facial hairs. I think a great way to describe it is as a facial hair trainer. Honest Amish is what a lot of people say “started it all”. However I’m not exactly sure if they were really the first company to begin selling waxes and other facial hair products.

A modern look to moustache waxing is Wild Willie’s Mustache Wax. This mustache wax combined 7 natural ingredients including a core Shea Butter.

This can is however a bit smaller at only .5oz. So it isn’t as price friendly as some of the other waxes. Then again thousands of customers seem not to mind and love Wild Willie’s.

Our Review Process

In order to get the absolute best waxes for you we go through several steps to insure quality. We first search all around the internet finding the absolute best “proclaimed” waxes. We try and narrow it down to 10, but it often ends up being more.

We then do thorough research and look for any and all bad experiences or reviews we can find on these products. This usually knocks a couple off our list. With our new narrowed list we contact each company to see who’s willing to send a sample product for us to test personally.

Most companies don’t mind sending a sample product due to the amount of visitors we get. By being able to test the best moustache wax in person it allows us to give a much more precise list to recommend.

We’ve often found that testing the product in person with multiple people is the best practice to give an accurate review. If you’re a company or have a product you want us to review you can contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Some final thoughts…

There’s a lot of waxes out there and I’m sure there are some great options out there we missed. Either way I’m very satisfied with our top 5 best moustahe wax review.

Doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to moustache waxing or have been doing it for years. These are some very high quality products you’ll be happy to own. If you however run into any issues with one of these we would like to know. So make sure to leave a comment.

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