Top 5 Best Nail Clippers for Immaculate Hands

Welcome to our best nail clippers review. If you're like us you're tired of fumbling through a lot of the same products to just find out which ones are the very best. That's why we do these reviews, to help narrow it down to only 5 options to sift through. It just makes life a whole lot easier and we know you'll be able to get the best nail clippers for you out of these here.

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A Couple Things to Know About Nail Clippers

We've all used nail clippers and we think we're rather familiar with them, but there's are a few things to know that will help you pick the best set. I'm a firm believer in researching any item before making a purchase and I'm happy to see you may be somewhat the same. Here's some of what we recommend you know before you spend some cash.

Professional Vs Average Nail Clippers

Sure, it's easy to go to your local store and pick up some average clippers. You'll have them for a little while and then you'll break them, lose them, and just forget about them and have to come back to the same store to buy another set.

Why not instead get a high quality nail clipper & grooming kit that's going to last you a long time? My favorite nail clipper set comes from Zamberg. Their nail clippers are made of German stainless steel and they're the best nail clippers I've ever had the pleasure of trying.​

As the video above covers the grooming kit from Zamberg is perfect for giving yourself a much needed MANicure. They come with their own special carrying case and much more than only nail clippers. You're getting an amazing kit that you won't need to replace for a long long time.

With kits like this you get a lot more. You get fingernail & toenail clippers, dedicated metal file, ​hangnail clipper, tweezers, and 2 pairs of special cutting scissors. All of which are high grade German steel. These kits can last you a lifetime.

What attributes to look for in nail clippers.

Make sure you're getting nail clippers made of quality metal. Unfortunately not all nail clippers are made of a strong stainless steel and you want to avoid those.

​I tend to look for precision curving on the nail clipper heads. A good pair will have designed curved head to better suit fingernails vs toenails. This actually makes a bigger performance change than one might expect.

​A newer feature I've grown accustom to is the curved clipper heads. You typically won't find these and I landed mine by accident, but after using a curved head nail clippers I now prefer them vs the norm.

If you've never owned a high end grooming kit then you should consider that as your 1st option. They'll literally last you a lifetime if cared for properly. Once I received my kit from Zamberg I don't think I would ever want to use a $10 pair from the store next door.​

Look at what people are saying.

Once you know the attributes you want to look for it makes choosing the best nail clippers a much easier process. I like to take those attributes and then break down my options by customer reviews.

I find going by real customer reviews a great way to make sure you're getting a quality product. To research it right however does take a little time. You'll need to research multiple places across the web and if you can find a forum detailing your product it can be an excellent source of information.​

With a winning combination of attributes and reviews you'll be on your way to getting the best product you're looking for, in this case nail clippers.​

Germs Love Your Nails

Germs love to hide out right under your nails. Don't give them the opportunity to stay. Even if you don't need to clip your nails you may still want to clean under them. I clean under my nails every single day, it has become habit forming and I find myself doing it without really noticing.

​Avoid biting your nails. While your nails will actually have less germs from biting them it's only because you're ingesting the germs instead. It's definitely something you want to try and avoid. The good news is if you've been a nail biter for a while studies claim you may have a stronger immune system.

Introducing the Top 5 Best Nail Clippers

Zamberg Imantado XL

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The Zamberg Imantado XL nail clipper grooming kit is our most recommended set. Everything about this kit screams high quality and you can see it in its design. These clippers are made of high grade German steel that if treated right will last a lifetime.

​Coming with this kit is a leather carrying case, nail file, toenail and fingernail clippers, hangnail clipper, tweezers, and two unique grooming scissors. With these 8 core grooming tools you're completely covered in all aspects of your hand & foot nail grooming.

The downside on this product is its pricing. It's an expensive grooming kit and that might be a major turn off for some people. Just remember that you won't need to go re-purchase these over & over like with a normal pair of nail clippers. This set is intended to last you a lifetime.​

Topinox Travel Grooming Set

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The Topinox Travel Grooming Set isn't just great for travel, but for home. It's a high quality grooming kit, but around a third the price of the Imantado XL we discuss above.

This set comes with grooming scissors, tweezers, nail file, and nail clippers. All fitting perfectly a nice leather carrying case. You get a few less items in this kit, but these items are also made with high quality German steel.

Like the other kit this one can also last you a lifetime if treated right. Always make sure to clean and sanitize your grooming kits after each use. You can save money in the long run by taking care of a quality set like this.

Your cons here are you're not getting the other grooming scissors which have an acute cutting end which is great for cuticles. You're also only getting one pair of clippers for both fingernails & toenails.

Takumi No Waza 6-piece Grooming Kit

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The Takumi 6 piece grooming kit is what I would call the budget version of the Zamberg grooming kit. Don't let me calling it a budget version throw you off though. This is quality grooming kit from Japan, but doesn't have the acute grooming scissors.

It's high rated among its customers at around 4.5/5 stars.​ Even the reviews from other customers are recommending this as a kit you would be able to pass down to grandchildren. I don't know if they'll want to use grandpas nail clippers though.

Either way it just goes to show you the level of confidence customers have in this kit. It's really some of the best nail clippers around and comes in a full zipper carrying case.​

The con's I see discussed about this set are rarely someone will get this kit and it will have a different set of scissors inside. The comment comes up maybe twice in about 500 reviews, but if you use Amazon they'll fix that immediately.​

Seki Edge Takumi 2 Piece Kit

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This Seki Edge Takumi 2 piece kit has a special place for those that want quality, but not all the other grooming kit equipment. This kit comes with only a pair of fingernail and toenail clippers.

​It gives you exactly what you're looking for without any equipment your not. These Takumi clippers are made of quality stainless steel by a Japanese manufacturer. They come in a nice leather carrying case.

I think a nice set like this makes for a great gift.​ Since you're getting the 2 essential clippers and nothing else you can get high quality clippers at a very affordable price.

The cons with this package is that you're only getting 2 nail clippers. There's a lot of other grooming equipment out there needed to best take care of your nails. So, see where you fall in terms of needing the other items to make sure this is your best option.​

Three Swords 8 Piece Grooming Kit

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The Three Swords 8 Piece Grooming Kit is the most affordable set on our list that still retains a level of quality. You're getting pretty much everything you can think of in this kit including a cuticle pusher.

Consider the price to quality ratio for this product. The level of quality you're getting is rather good for a set this low priced. That doesn't mean it's going to hold up to a Zamberg set because in all honesty it won't.

You'll likely have to re-purchase a kit like this every so often. It's the trade off you make when you go for lower budget items, but I felt like this would be your best option for those that want the budget set.​

The cons here are the issue of having to re-purchase and quality. Customers state having to buy a set every year compared to a Zamberg set of only having to purchase it once ever. It really falls down to your budget and what you think is best.​

Which Do We Think is #1?

The real winner here is the Takumi 6 Piece Grooming Kit. It's the perfect combination of grooming tools, quality, and pricing. It's honestly got the best nail clippers!

When looking at this kit compared to your other options you're getting the best of both worlds. Who doesn't like a quality product at an awesome price? This kit will last you a lifetime just as the Zamberg set and it costs less than half the price.​

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