Top 5 Best Nose Hair Trimmers for Unsightly Nose Whiskers

Welcome to our best nose hair trimmer review. If you've developed a nose hair "problem" or just prefer to keep those pesky hairs tidy, we've found 5 trimmers that'll get the job done.

While most nose hair trimmers are flimsy and frail we made sure you have a list of quality products that won't break your budget.​ Before you begin trimming, we encourage you to read the full article to learn about the crucial functions your nose hairs perform.

The Importance of Nose Hairs

Your nose hair may be more important then you think. These little hairs are your bodies first line of defense against the germs in the air you breathe. There's all sorts of germs, fungus, and spores floating in the air waiting to make you sick. Nose hair blocks these from entering your body and turn into the boogers you blow out.

It's not the most elegant process of the human body, but it's definitely a necessary one.​

The secondary function of your nose hairs is to provide additional humidity to inhaled air. As air passes through your nasal passage, the mucus and hair provide heat and moisture.​

As you can see these hairs provide functions that benefit the body. It's still alright to trim them when they're to long, but avoid waxing them or removing them completely.​

Why are nose hairs so thick?​

Your nose hairs are thicker than body hair because they're a filter. It all falls back onto stopping the bad things in our air from entering into the body. Just imagine if you were to breathe in air unfiltered.

All the smoke from vehicles and dust in the air would make it straight to your lungs. It would be more solid impurities and much more of them.

Nose hair won't filter out everything, but I much rather have as much of my air filtered as possible.​

What does white nose hair mean?​

It just means you're getting old! Jokes aside and a more scientific reason for why your nose hairs are turning white, is due to a lack of a pigment called "melanin". This pigment is responsible for hair color & skin color.

The reason your hairs eventually go white is that over time the cells in the follicles start to lose their ability to produce melanin.​ This typically begins as you start to age. If you're experiencing white hairs when you're young it could be from lack of sun exposure.

Since nose hairs aren't ever in the sunlight your body doesn't produce much melanin there. This can eventually result in nose hairs turning white before the hair on your head.​

The Danger Triangle

face danger triangle

The danger triangle starts at the two corners of your mouth and connect above the nose. This area can be considered dangerous because the way blood flows to the nose is special.

It's possible for infections to spread directly to the brain from a cut, scratch, or popped pimple in this area. While it's possible this could happen its also not likely to happen. It's a very rare occurrence, but since we're on the topic of nose hair we felt it should be brought up.

This is one of the reasons we don't recommend you pluck your nose hairs. We'll discuss more about the issue with plucking hairs later, but plucking can lead to an open wound that's vulnerable to infection in the triangle.​

When Nose Hairs Become a Problem

Nose hairs only become a problem when they protrude from your nose. The best way to maintain them is with a nose hair trimmer. Like we mentioned earlier always avoid plucking them.

This usually becomes more of an issue as you get older. Without proper maintenance you'll end up looking like the man with long ear and nose hairs you see at the store. You know which guy I'm talking about, we've all seen him!

Don't become that guy!​

Plucking Vs Trimming Nose Hair​

While plucking your nose hairs can at times seem more convenient, its actually more painful and dangerous. We talked a little about the danger triangle and that's what makes plucking dangerous. Overall it's unlikely something bad would occur, but it is possible.

Plucking nose hairs can leave a small open wound that's prone to infection. It can cause nose bleeding, discomfort, and scratching if you're using tweezers.​

Instead find yourself the best nose hair trimmers and use them on your nose hairs. It only takes very little time once or twice a week. In the long run it's much safer, more convenient, and less painful.​

How to Trim Nose Hair​

Trimming your nose hair is a simple process. A nose hair trimmer makes it even easier. You quite simply place the electric nose hair trimmer in your nose and let it do its job. There's little movement needed but small circle motions help move things along.

You'll need to trim your nose hairs once or twice a week depending on how quickly your hairs grow. You'll figure out how often you need to perform maintenance for yourself as time passes.​

If you decide one of the best nose hair trimmers just isn't for you then you can always use scissors. Make sure to use proper grooming scissors that are smaller and more acute. I personally find the thought of sticking scissors in my nose unappealing.​

Picking the Best Nose Hair Trimmer

how to trim nose hair

In order to find the right trimmer for you, you'll need to find what on the market fits your own personal preferences. You'll have to keep an open mind, because the nose hair trimmer market isn't very broad.

Most nose hair trimmers double up as an ear hair trimmer. Some also include attachments for trimming the eyebrows. Depending on your grooming needs you may want the additional attachments, but I recommend a dedicated nose & ear trimmer for most people.

The first trait to really keep an eye out for is the battery life of your device. Mostly every nose hair trimmer operates on batteries. If it doesn't have decent battery usage you're going to be running through more AA batteries.

Next you'll want to find one with a decent trimming motor. We've taken precaution in our review to find the best options, so you're safe with our top 5.  If you get a nose trimmer with a weak motor you'll experience a lot of hair pulling and discomfort. Make sure the motor is strong for a smooth comfortable cut. Plus your device life span will be much longer.

Do you travel much? If you're a frequent traveler you'll be taking a nose hair trimmer like this with you. Look for an option with a travel case. If you can't find one there's alternative cases on the market that will suit your grooming supplies. We highly recommend a case for these devices since they're more fragile than hair clippers.

At last you'll want to make sure you're getting a good price. There's a lot of options out there and the cheapest price doesn't mean the best price. We like to go by a price to quality ratio that we'll talk more about soon. It's the best way to make sure you're getting a quality product.

The 5 Best Nose Hair Trimmers

The best nose hair trimmer is all about performance and being comfortable. Our review is built around a "price to quality ratio" and the above two metrics.

Our price to quality ratio is a common concept we use in all of our reviews. We at iManscape want you to get the very best product at the very best price (i.e. a high quality product priced lower than expected).

We're going to break down each product into a description of its performance, men's review, and overall quality.

Panasonic ER430K Nose Hair Trimmer

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer ER430K, Vacuum Cleaning System , Men's, Wet/Dry,...
  • Innovative Dual Edge Blades: Panasonic nose hair trimmer for men comfortably removes nose, ear and unwanted facial hair plus details beards and eyebrows with dual edge blades
  • Clean and Precision Trimming: Curved, hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades match the contour of your nostrils to trim the hair safely and precisely, without irritating skin or pulling hairs
  • Wet/Dry Convenience: Fully waterproof men's personal groomer is made for nose and ear trimming convenience, safely use dry anytime or in the shower; 100 percentage washable for easy cleaning in...
  • Smart Vacuum Cleaning System: The advanced micro vacuum system designed to quickly collect and deposit trimmed hair particles into a chamber, and keep the ears and nose free of debris
  • Cordless and Battery Operated: Panasonic trimmer is fully powered by one AA size battery (not included); A travel pouch and cleaning brush are included

The Panasonic ER430K deserves our number one spot for the best nose hair trimmer. It's super high quality with a modern ergonomic design. Complete with stainless steel blades on its attachable head trimmer.


These are the best performing nose hair trimmers we've come across. They provide a safe clean cut without irritation or pulling hairs. On top of that they have a built in vacuum system to suck up the cut hairs.

Overall Value​

You're really getting a complete package from this nose hair trimmer. They're made in good quality and won't break down easily. They perform great and are super comfortable. They absolutely fall into our price to quality ratio.

Fancii Nose Hair Trimmer

Fancii Professional Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer with LED Light, Water Resistant, Stainless Steel Blades,...
  • Professional quality precision cut stainless steel blades comfortably trim unwanted nose and ear hair
  • Advanced vacuum system whisks away residues for easy wet or dry cleaning. Simply rinse the head under the sink after use
  • Improved dual-edge blades use cyclone blade action for quick and efficient trimming - No Pain or Pulling Sensation!
  • Bright LED light helps to find those hard to reach hairs. Cordless with stand, and powered by 1 AA battery
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed | Backed by a 18 months replacement warranty

The Fancii nose hair trimmer comes complete with stainless steel blades and built in vacuum. These are high quality nose hair trimmers backed by a lifetime replacement warranty. They're very affordable and very comfortable.


You won't experience any pulling or discomfort with these trimmers. The blades are designed in a cyclone shape for higher performance. They'll cut right through those nose whiskers and vacuum them out at the same time.

Overall Value​

These are very affordable, depending on the major retailer you can find them around $15 - $20. They fit in our price to quality ratio. In fact they may be the best in price to quality out of all the nose hair trimmers.

Philips 3200 Nose Trimmer

Philips Norelco Nose trimmer Series 3200, nose and eyebrows, 1 eyebrow comb, NT3345/49
  • Easily and comfortably trim unwanted nose, ear and eyebrow hair
  • Ideally angled to reach inside nose and ears
  • One eyebrow comb (3 mm) is included, so you can evenly trim eyebrow hair to any length you want
  • The trimmer is water-resistant for easy cleaning. For long lasting performance, simply wash the trimmer under the sink after use
  • The built-in ProtecTube technology prevents pulls, nicks, and cuts as you trim. Lithium AA battery included.

The Philips nose hair trimmer is our favorite budget product. It's on the low end pricing spectrum and to be so affordable may surprise you in its quality. You'll also get additional attachments such as an eyebrow trimmer.


These nose hair trimmers do a good job, but we're not in love with the needle nose design. It makes it more difficult to trim nose hairs. However, if you can benefit from the eyebrow trimmers as well it might be worth putting up with.

Overall Value​

These nose trimmers are lower quality in design, but they're very affordable. Depending where you buy you can find them just above $10. They perform alright to be priced so low. They're made cheaper so don't hold high expectations for them to last forever.

Customer reviews lean heavily on the positive side. If you're looking for a super budget friendly option these are worth giving a shot.

Touch Beauty Nose Hair Trimmers

TOUCHBeauty Nose Hair Trimmer for Men Painless Hair Remover with with Low battery Reminder,...
  • UNIQUE HUMANIZING DESIGN & LONG-LASTING : Unique 30degree Angled Curved Trimmer Heads easier to reach inside nose and ears; 5Mins Auto-Timer Trimmer help to save more energy; Stand-up Designed idea...
  • 100% PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL: features a unique Low Battery Reminder to aviod nose hair trimmer pulling or tugging hairs under low battery working. While come with 6000rpm high-speed motor and...
  • EASY TO CLEAN: the heldhand trimmer can be used wet/dry for ultimate trimming convenience. IPX6 waterproof level allow you use it safely even in the shower or bathing. Washable and removable cutter...
  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE TRIMMING: the personal groomer is equipped with ultra-sharp and durable dual-edge stainless steel blades of outstanding strength and speed that softly and easily cut unwanted nose...
  • Quality Guarantee: 30day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and 12-MONTH WARRANTY, FREE to exchanged an new one within 1 year warranty if any problem of quality

The Touch Beauty nose hair trimmers are another budget pair of trimmers. These come in the favorable design and cyclone blade cutting system. They come apart easy for cleaning and include a cleaning brush and protective lid.


The touch beauty nose hair trimmers are very comfortable. The trimmer itself is very quite and doesn't pull any hairs. You won't need to worry about these pulling your hairs and making your eyes water up.

Overall Value​

We like these clippers being a cyclone cut and being very affordable. The manufacturer quality is decent, but could be better. At this price point we like the level of performance these nose hair trimmers provide.

Panasonic ERGN30K Nose Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Ear Hair Trimmer
  • Innovative Dual Edge Blades: Panasonic nose hair trimmer for men comfortably removes nose, ear and unwanted facial hair plus details beards and eyebrows with dual edge blades
  • Clean and Precision Trimming: Curved, hypoallergenic, stainless steel blades match the contour of your nostrils to trim the hair safely and precisely, without irritating skin or pulling hairs
  • Wet/Dry Convenience: Fully waterproof men's personal groomer is made for nose and ear trimming convenience, safely use dry anytime or in the shower
  • Smart Vortex Cleaning System: Vortex Cleaning System draws in faucet water from all sides and spins it through the nose hair clipper for easy cleaning in seconds
  • Cordless and Battery Operated: Panasonic trimmer is fully powered by one AA size battery (not included); A protective nose clipper cap and cleaning brush are included

This Panasonic nose hair trimmer has 90 minutes of shave time on 1 AA battery. That's a whole lot of shave time for a nose hair trimmer. It's water proof and the nose hair bay is easily rinsed cleaned.


The Panasonic ERGN30K delivers a smooth trimming experience. We really like the way it performs while in the shower. If you're someone who gets a lot of their grooming done in the shower these nose hair trimmers will suit you well.

Overall Value​

These most definitely deserve a spot on our best nose hair trimmer list. The long usage on a single battery and the performance in the shower are notable features we like. They're priced very reasonable and are made with high quality. Overall a very good option.

Other Options to Trim Nose Hair

Groom Mate XL Mentioned in Video

If you're not completely happy with the idea of using an electric nose hair trimmer, there are other options out there. Electric nose hair trimmers are our personal favorite, but here's your other options if you want to consider them.

Waxing: Yes, you can actually have your nose hair waxed. They basically stick warm wax up your nose with a stick and yank the hairs out. This goes against our plucking recommendation, but it's an effective way to remove nose hair. It'll cost you around $15 per visit though.

Manual: The manual nose hair trimmer like the one mentioned in the video are a viable option. You can simply place it inside your nose  and give it a twist. There is a small learning curve with using these, but you'll never have to worry about running out of batteries.

Scissors: Not just any scissors! You can use scissors designed for trimming nose hair. The key is the tip of the scissors have a rounded end. This prevents you from doing damage to yourself. Plus once you have them they'll be around without needing new batteries. The downside is they don't get as close as the best nose hair trimmer.

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