Top 5 Best Open Comb Safety Razors for Close Shaves

So you're ready to find the best open comb safety razor. It's time to step up your game and take your wet shaving to the next level. If you're looking for an open comb safety razor you're probably a seasoned wet shaver.

We've covered 5 open comb safety razors in our review. You'll find complete details on each razor further down in this post. Make sure to check out the overall value section of each one.

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What is an Open Comb Safety Razor?

What's the difference between an open comb safety razor and your typical straight edge safety razor? Make sure you know the difference before making your choice. If this is your first experience with safety razors we recommend a straight edge like some of the ones in this article.

Open comb safety razors rake in a lot of hair between its teeth for a smooth cut. They're less gentle compared to the other styles and don't work as well for people with sensitive skin. Open comb razors are ideal for someone with extremely tough, thick, and fast growing facial hair.

Straight edge safety razors were the evolution in design for these razors. Since then they have become the most popular style of razor. The safety bar gives additional protection against nicks by helping keep the skin taut between the bar and blade.​

If you're new to this type of shaving go with the straight edge design. That being said, once you have the basics down anyone could move over to the open comb. By design they're meant to cut quickly resulting in a very close and smooth shave. Certain brands of open comb tend to be more aggressive than others, but we'll cover that in more detail later.

Are Open Comb Razors More Aggressive?

In essence the open comb safety razor is more aggressive. By default the style cuts more hair and exposes more of the blade. Also requiring a more experienced wet shaver to wield these types of razors or at least have the basics down well.

The main reason to move to an open comb safety razor is to "step it up" when it comes to your shave game. Plus if you've tried aggressive straight edge safety razors and think you still require something stronger, the open comb might be what you need.​

If you're unsure if you should use an open comb safety razor, take a moment to read this.

Top 5 Open Comb Safety Razors

Since the open comb safety razor is largely about aggression, we decided to focus our reviews on just that. Our overall judgement in the razor is based on how well it performs an aggressive shave. The other factors we've taken into consideration are: quality, how it feels, general reviews, and the overall value.

If you frequent iManscape review's you'll know we love to have a good "quality to price ratio". This boils down to making sure you're getting a good product at a good price. If the item is amazing at the price they're asking it would pass our review.​

Merkur 25C Open Comb Safety Razor

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The Merkur 25C is a long handled safety razor. This open comb long handle beast looks amazing. It uses double edged blades in an open comb tooth design to give a close shave. The chrome plate looks great and the extra handle length is ideal for large hands.

In Your Hands

The long handle is immediately noticeable. I like the long handles and I don't have very large hands, so don't think having large hands is some kind of requirement. The handle is also textured in a small diamond shaped pattern which feels nice to grip. 

How it Shaves

This 25C model is actually a softer version of the open comb shave. While open comb design is more aggressive this razor falls into the softer side of the open comb brand. We still recommend you get the basics of wet shaving down before using open comb.

Overall Value

The Merkur 25C is made in quality. The Merkur brand is rather popular and they produce razors that aren't going to break down easily. They're quality razors and the 25C open comb delivers a really good shave. We think the price to quality ratio is really good here.

Parker 26C Open Comb 3 Piece Razor

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The Parker 26C looks like the old school Gillette Super Adjustable. It's a solid brass frame with an elegant black handle that's 4" inches long. The razor weights in at 3.3oz which is a little heavier than the standard 2.5oz. You'll also receive 5 free blades with this razor.

In Your Hands

This razor feels really good in your hands. The extra weight is the first thing you'll notice. The handle lacks chrome plating like similar competitor razors, but it doesn't take away from the grip. The handle is long and overall the razor feels well balanced.

How it Shaves

This open comb safety razor is more aggressive than the Merkur 25C. It delivers a super close shave with no complaints of nicks or cuts.

Overall Value

The Parker 26C is decent quality, but I would really like to see it in all stainless steel. At it's price point though it's hard to argue for more. It's very affordable and you're getting a solid razor at a solid deal.

Schone Italian Open Comb Safety Razor

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This Schone razor is handmade in Italy. It's weighted to provide an extra smooth and very comfortable shave. This open comb safety razor has a beautiful nickel finish with fine engraving.

In Your Hands

It's a heavier razor, but you'll first notice the pillar design handle. It's truly a quality designed safety razor that's pleasant to the eye. The nickel finish really sets this razor's style apart from the crowd.

How it Shaves

We compare the way this Shone razor shaves to the Parker 26C. It's level of aggression is just right for an open comb safety razor.

Overall Value

This handmade razor is slightly cheaper than the above two options. That doesn't mean it's lacking in quality though. The craftsmanship behind this razor is great and the design is beautiful. Overall it's a good quality razor that we're happy to recommend.

Anvil Stainless Steel Open Comb

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This is a stainless steel handle open comb safety razor by a company you might not have heard of. The Handlebar Shaving Company isn't widely known, but they make a good open comb safety razor. We really love the design on this handle!

In Your Hands

The handle on this razor is the best grip we've experienced. We credit the handle design for this razors style, grip, and eye appeal. It's a 3 5/8" inch handle that's solid stainless steel. You won't have to worry about dropping this bad boy even with wet hands.

How it Shaves

For an open comb safety razor this would be considered a mild shave. There's more aggressive open comb options on the market, but compared to your normal straight edge this would be considered very aggressive.

Overall Value

This safety razor is geared towards the modern design on an old school shaving method. Fortunately that doesn't make this razor more expensive and it's competitively priced. With the stainless steel handle and great design and price you're getting an awesome overall value.

Muhle R41 Open Comb Razor

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The Muhle open comb safety razor is made in Germany. It comes with a short instruction pamphlet and single razor blade. It's a well designed razor with an extremely fine engraved finish.

In Your Hands

This is a standard length safety razor with a chrome finish. It's handle is textured to be easier to grip and there's no added weight. The razor weighs in around 2.5oz.

How it Shaves

The short handle provides more control over your shaving. Helping you twist and turn the razor with ease compared to a long handled version. It's a rather aggressive shave even for an open comb razor. There's a lot more blade exposure so make sure you're an experienced shaver before taking this one on.

Overall Value

This razor is a little more pricey than the others, but if you have an experienced wet shaving friends this razor would make an excellent gift. I would stay away from this razor if you're not well versed in this style of shaving. As for the quality and price of this razor, we don't mind it. However we could give it a better recommendation if it were maybe $10 cheaper.

Before Using The Open Comb

If you're new to shaving with a safety razor we don't recommend open comb as your first choice. There's a couple basic principles to know before moving on to an open comb design.

​The first thing and probably the most important thing to have mastered is the angle you shave at with a safety razor. It should be muscle memory by now without a need to constantly adjust yourself.

If you're having to correct yourself with a normal straight edge safety razor, you'll probably nick yourself with an open comb. There's a lot more blade expose in the open comb design that you'll want to make sure you're used to.​

The second thing you want to be comfortable with is replacing your blades. Get used to making sure the blade is angled correctly and straight. This isn't very difficult in most razors, but some of the 3 piece designs take a little practice.​

Once you're good with these two things, then you may be ready to use an open comb. They're more aggressive and just a great quick shave when you get used to it. You'll definitely enjoy it if more aggression is what you seek.​

Don't Leave Us Yet

We hope we were able to help you find the best open comb safety razor in our review. Going to an open comb style razor is the next level of aggression a lot of wet shavers go for. Just take your time and ease into any new razor you use. It's the best way to prevent nicking yourself.

Take a moment to leave us a comment of your experience with open comb safety razors. Is there a razor you think should have made our list? Thanks for reading!​

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