The Best Rotary Shaver Under $100 for Men

The best rotary shaver under 100 dollars will not only give you an amazing shave, leave you with no skin irritation, and last you a very long time but, it will become your absolute most favorable rotary shaver.

Best Rotary Shaver Under 100

rotary shaver under 100

The Philips Norelco Shaver 6800 is our #1 pick for best rotary shaver. After using this shaver for quite some time we can easily say it’s our favorite.

The 5 length trimmer attachment is a nice bonus. It’s an extra that comes with this shaver and it comes in handy. I like to use the trimmer for some harder to reach spots and areas other than my face. So it’s a joy they provide this attachment in this same purchase.

After using this rotary shaver for a while I’ts definitely the closest shave I’ve gotten with one. Other rotary shavers have done a decent job and some of which are rather comparable but, I got to give the #1 recommendation to this one. It’s slightly better in closeness than some of the others.

Not only was it a close shave but, it was a smooth shave. This rotary shaver tackled the stubble very well and it didn’t leave me with an itchy face. I typically use a moisturizer afterwards anyways, and I recommend most guys do the same.

Why Trust Us?

You can trust and believe in our reviews because we actually own and use the products we review. There’s multiple people we use for testing and we take their personal experiences with the shaver for a period of time and compare them to other experiences we find.

We conduct very thorough research into each and every product. We scour the internet for all the reviews from a multitude of resources. We then produce the results in an excel sheet to compare the overall good vs bad reviews. This helps us pinpoint the causes of any pro’s and con’s of each product.

Most of all we want the very best for our readers or anyone who comes to this page. You can’t trust Amazon reviews alone and we want to make sure you’re getting the very best bang for your buck. So you can rest assured we’ve done the leg work for you and you’re getting a great product.

Our 4 Runner Ups

The four best rotary shavers under 100 dollars in the above chart are all great choices. They’re not placed in any order of greatness. The one on top doesn’t mean it’s way better than the three below it.

While these four rotary shavers didn’t make our #1 choice they are still great options. Some of which may be better for you based on specific needs such as easy to travel with etc.

The Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100 is often selected based on its compliments towards those with sensitive skin. While we didn’t experience any additional benefits with this rotary shaver over others in this department it remains a fact among other consumers. For most that’s the main reason of choosing this rotary shaver over others. So, if you’re skin is very sensitive you might want to give it a shot.

The Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 is an easy to grip rotary shaver that comes with a small trimmer attachment for sideburns or your mustache. We like this rotary shaver for wet shaving. We had a better experience in that department overall with this shaver alone. You can fully wet shave with shaving cream and all and be completely satisfied. If you prefer wet shaving then you should definitely give this one a go.

The Philips Norelco Shaver 6500 is very similar to our #1 pick. It’s a little cheaper on the pocket book as it’s the previous model. All the rotary shavers we’re talking about are under $100 but this model is closer to around $75. So if you’re one of those that don’t need the latest and greatest this is a good pick. Very comparable to it’s newer version still and it’ll save a couple bucks.

The Philips Norelco 2100 is the smallest rotary shaver in our list. It’s a great rotary shaver that’s ideal for traveling. It’s a highly picked shaver among consumers and falls way below the $100 mark. You can pick one of these up for around $35. While it isn’t as good quality as some of the others it’s an ideal travel or guest shaver that will leave you with a very good clean shave.

Need something a little more on the professional side? Check out these Andis clippers.

Rotary Shaver Technique

It’s important to note that the shaving technique for a rotary shaver is a little different. You don’t use the same methods you would if using a foil shaver or other type of shaver. The rotary shaver requires small circular movements to get the best shave. Instead of going into deep details here I thought a nice demonstration video would do the job better. Take a quick look and you’ll have the process down in no time.

Great Tips for Your Rotary Shaver

Always clean regularly since rotary shavers tend to collect more hairs than other shavers. The design of a rotary shaver is to slide the hairs into the circular blades which makes them prone to catching and collecting the hair as well. Simply rinse after every shave to keep your electric shaver in pristine condition.

Use a different one for travel. If you’re going to be traveling or maybe just staying at a friends and are going to need your shaver then use a different one. This isn’t absolutely necessary but, its saved me a couple times where I’ve broken it in my bags or forgot a shaver in a hotel. I always keep a cheaper model around when on the go.

Master the technique of rotary shaving. Just as if you were shaving with a safety razor you have to learn the technique for the device. Now it doesn’t take to long to master but, it’s something to pay attention to and make sure you are doing right. If you haven’t already… watch the short YouTube video above.

Don’t share with others. I know this goes against what your mother taught you but, you really don’t want to share even an electric shaver with others. There’s all kinda of icky dead skin in there and you’re begging for skin irritation if you do this. At an extreme you can even catch diseases by doing this. It’s just all around best practice to not share any sort of shaving device.

Give it a full first time charge. Don’t use your rotary shaver as soon as you get it. I know it’s tempting but, you don’t want to do harm to the battery. Most shavers come with instructions to charge for so long before use. I recommend just charging a full 24 hours the first time you charge it. I’ve been doing this and I don’t run into bad battery issues like I see others claim.

Rotary Shavers are best if…

best rotary shaver under 100Lets describe the guys who will do best with a rotary shaver. While the foil shaver is best for those who shave everyday, have fine hair, and hairs grows more straight the rotary is for the counterpart. Now any guy can use any shaver but, we’re talking about the best match for you.

If you shave infrequently a rotary shaver might be better for you. If you’re the guy who goes the weekend without shaving and want a clean shave come Monday than grab the best rotary shaver under 100 dollars.

Do you have thick or coarse hair? If you’re the lucky one that can grow a very thick beard but, prefer a clean shave then rotary shavers are your best course of action. They’ll mow through that great facial hair and give you the baby face you’re looking for.

Do you have wildly facial hair? If your facial hair grows in many directions and just refuses to grow straight than rotary will be like your little magic hand held machine. It’ll do wonders for your facial hair and make getting a clean shave easier.

Another thing is if you forget to clean your shaver time to time than that’s OK. Since a rotary shaver doesn’t shave as much you require less cleaning. Something to keep in mind… A con to the rotary shaver, while it gives a really good shave, it doesn’t out perform a foil shaver in how close of a shave you can get.

That’s usually not a big issue for the guy who rotary shaves. He doesn’t typically shave everyday so have a very close shave isn’t top priority. A bonus though it’s easier to obtain that stubble look! Thanks to Remington for providing us with these facts on rotary shavers.


While the best rotary shaver under 100 dollars is amazing that doesn’t mean there’s some very comparable models available. Take it consideration each model and their unique bonuses or benefits to decide what’s best for you. Also don’t forget if you prefer a wet shave that rotary shavers do work better than foil.

If you’d like to leave a suggestion or your thoughts please write a comment below. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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