What’s the Best Shave Gel for Electric Razors?

Looking for the best shave gel for your electric razor? You've probably tried using some sort of shaving cream with your electric razor and it was suppose to be able to wet shave, right? It's the trap a lot of men fall into when they buy a razor that advertises dry or wet shaving.

Let me be the first to tell you that you're not the only one who was let down when they tried wet shaving. The cream or gel tends to just get in the way of the shave and you end up not getting a great shave out of it.

Allow me to point you in the right direction...

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Which Shave Gel Should You Use?

There are two options I typically recommend. You can use either Lectric shave pre-shave oil or the EZ Blade Shave Gel on Amazon. Both are fairly cheap so you may want to get both and see which one you prefer the best.

Because here's the thing...

When you're wet shaving with an electric razor it's way different than shaving with your cartridge razor. You need to use a lot less shave gel or shave product when wetting your whiskers.

Your key to success here is "less is more" and you should be only apply small amounts of gel. You can always go back to add more if you find it needed but when you've started off with to much it can make the entire shave session bad.

First, let me point out that the EZ Blade Shave Gel is actually made for straight razor or safety razor shaving. It's a shave lather and if you want to be successful using it make sure you're applying a super thin layer.

Lectric shave pre-shave oil is more of a liquid product so you can simply rub it onto your cheeks. It's designed to help your whiskers stand up and allow your electric razor to cut them a little easier.

Different Types of Pre-Shave Products

The main types of pre-shave available are lotions, splashes, gels, and powder. Each type works a little differently and each one has their own pro's and cons. I wouldn't crown one better than all the others because it takes a more personal preference to know what you'll like best.

Powder or Talc

A good talc excels at lubricating the skin enough for your shaver to glide across effortlessly. This product tends to be better for someone with very oily skin because it'll dry up other moisture.

Talc also is a non-alcohol based product. It isn't going to dry out your skin and this makes it more suitable for someone with sensitive skin. If you have acne you may actually want to used an alcohol based pre-shave as it can tighten the skin and reduce acne.

The one drawback of talc is it can be slightly messy. When you compare it to the other options like a splash that goes on quickly and rinses off even quicker. Talc can sometimes require a scrub down with a rag afterwards.

Personally, I recommend a good warm towel scrub down before a shave and after anyhow.

Splashes, Gels, & Lotions

I've grouped these together because as a pre-shave product they're quite similar. With each of these your goal is to apply a thin layer for shaving. Each one typically comes in a plastic bottle that you can squeeze the product onto your hands and then onto your face.

The difference is the consistency of the product. Splashes will all be a liquid base, Gels will be a thicker creamy base, and Lotions have a softer squishy base. You likely already know the difference in texture of each product like this.

So it comes more down to deciding which you enjoy using more. Splashes tend to be the easiest to clean up, Gels tend to apply slightly thicker, and Lotions go on thin and usually have added moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Alternative Pre-Shave Options

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There's a couple other products out there you can use in place of your shave gel. One option which you probably never heard of using is just basic soft soap. The type of liquid soap you use to wash your hands.

Using liquid soft soap is also great for other areas like shaving your testicles. Just apply a thin layer to shave with and you'll be golden. I wouldn't substitute liquid soft soap as a permanent option however because in the long run it'll dry out your skin. However, it works great if you find yourself in a pinch.

The more suitable alternatives...

Remington Face Saver - This is a pre-shave talc stick. It's one of the highest rated options among electric razor shavers. You rub the talc on your skin before shaving and it allows your shaver to glide across smoothly and comfortable.

The one downside to this product is that it's a little more expensive than the other options. If you're looking for a sure thing to work and don't want to spend time testing out cheaper options then you'll likely get the results you're looking for the first time with this.

On the upside you're getting 6 talc sticks in this one package. So it will end up lasting you quite a long time before needed to buy more. Overall, I highly recommend this product.

Afta Pre-Electric Shave Lotion - This is very similar to the Lectric shave pre-shave oil. I find these two to be nearly interchangeable. The main different is one is a lotion based product and the other oil based.

If you're worried about the lotion leaving your face feeling greasy it won't. This pre-shave lotion is designed to be oil free non-greasy. It applies quite easily in the right amount to use a thin layer for shaving. Overall, I like this option for its quality and pricing.

Before You Go!

You came here looking for the best shave gel for electric razor and I hope I was able to help you find it. There's some excellent alternative options to a gel based pre-shave and I hope you'll consider giving them a try. You'll likely enjoy them more than what you were using before.

If you have any tips or suggestions for pre-electric shave products please leave it in a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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desi_turk Reply

I would highly recommend the Art of Shaving Set of products especially their Ocean Kelp range for use with an Electric Razor. I have been using the Art of Shaving products (Pre-Shave oil, Shaving Cream and After Shave) for ~5 years and really can’t complain. I use a Phillips Norelco 9000 series rotary shaver


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