What’s the Best Shaving Cream? Top 7 Revealed

Most men are interested in getting the best shave possible. Whether their intent is to protect their skin, showcase a well-kept beard, or simply to look as good as they can, great facial grooming begins with a great shaving cream.

Maybe you’ve used a certain brand or simply have no preference, but like anything else, some shaving creams are better than others. They have better, more natural ingredients, and do more to protect and nourish the skin and face.

This article will help readers find a great shaving cream for their personal needs, as well as run down some of the best products and accessories available today. Read on to learn more.

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What Goes in the Best Shaving Cream?

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Most men have probably noticed that there are a variety of shaving creams, gels, and lotions available. Each type of shaving cream or gel has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, and your skin type might do better with one type versus another.

The best shaving products include a list of natural ingredients and do not use artificial ingredients that damage or dry out the skin such as alcohol.

While you can get a great shave with a heavy lather or a thinly-coated lotion, personal preference, of course, comes into play.

Many of the best products are intended to provide tremendous glide and skin protection, but some are soapy and full in the interest of traditionalism.

How We Choose Our Ratings

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Our intention in selecting our ratings is to focus on accuracy, with an emphasis on full transparency. We examine customer reviews, testimonials, research studies on key product ingredients, and the reputation of the brand or product on the whole.

We carefully examine all facets of a product before rating the product on a 5-star scale, with 5 stars being the best and 1 star being below average.

The 4 Best Shaving Cream Products for 2019

In addition to ranking the overall best shaving cream products for 2019, we will also review a few specialty products that deserve extra consideration.

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What exactly makes this the top shaving cream choice for 2019? 

To start, the product is an Amazon’s Choice winner, with over 300 positive customer reviews and an aggregate ranking just below five stars.

This foamless cream provides superior protection, creating a “hydroplane” effect as the name implies. It features a 3-in-1 system that also moisturizes and conditions the skin, eliminating the need for multiple products while improving shave quality.

The product contains no alcohol or any other abrasive, unnatural ingredients, and works well with sensitive skin. It contains natural oils that nourish the skin while also lifting and softening facial hairs.

Billy Jealousy’s Hydroplane Shave Cream has a wonderful fragrance, with hints of bergamot, ginger, grapefruit, orange, peppermint, and lime. These oils pair particularly well with the natural oils that our skin produces, creating a hydrating effect and leaving an aroma that most people love.

Lastly, the product has no unnatural additives and is both environmentally and socially conscious. It is made with no additional colorings and the product testing is safe and cruelty-free.

Once shavers get accustomed to the lotion-like feel of the product, most prefer it greatly to traditional creams or gels. Available for $ USD with free shipping, the cost is more than palatable, given the value of the added moisturizing and conditioning effects.

Put it all together, and the Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream is the top product for 2019, in our modest opinion.

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If you put a premium on natural ingredients, then look no further than the Jack Black Beard Lube. This very highly-rated product contains no synthetic or abrasive ingredients and is very affordable compared to most of the other best shaving cream products on the market.

Much like the Billy Jealousy Hydroplane product, the Jack Black Beard Lube is a 3-in-1, serving as a pre-shave, shave lubricant, and skin protectant. In the same way as the Billy Jealousy product, this 3-in-1 ease and effect build in a lot of value for $ USD.

The signature trait of the formula is that it contains phospholipids. These phospholipids are essential fatty acids that are critical to cell membrane function. By feeding the skin these phospholipids, the Jack Black Beard Lube strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and binds moisture to the skin surface.

In holding moisture to the face, the product also prepares your beard or stubble by softening facial fairs and allows frictionless shaving glide. The conditioning aspect greatly reduces razor burn and makes shaving as smooth as possible.

As noted above, this is very possibly the most natural shaving cream product on the market. It is tested by dermatologists by cruelty-free methods, vegan-friendly, and contains no harsh additives or alcohol. It is fragrance-free.

The product is extremely light and translucent, allowing the shaver to see exactly what he is doing. The light nature of the product leads to minimal blade-clogging.

Some of the all-natural ingredients include eucalyptus, peppermint, macadamia nut oil, peppermint, jojoba oil, and glycerin. All of these serve to improve skin quality and lock moisture onto the face, resulting in a premium shave with no abrasion or effects from synthetic ingredients.

Made in Texas, The Jack Black Beard Lube may be the best product overall for 2018. While it was not quite as well-reviewed by customers as the Billy Jealousy Hydroplane product, the Beard Lube has a throng of dedicated users and sells very well.

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If you shave your head, we believe the best shaving cream for your money is the Cremo “Astonishingly Superior” Coconut Mango Moisturizing Shave Cream.

While this product primarily targets women, a significant number of male users reported that this was the absolute best product for head shaving, as the ultra-sensitive formula does a phenomenal job limiting nicks and cuts.

The Cremo products work by lathering as one thin, frictionless layer that concentrates against the skin. The product becomes extremely slick when mixed with water, producing unmatched glide and consistency.

Cremo uses a number of natural, moisturizing ingredients such as aloe and papaya extract, leaving any skin surface incredibly smooth and touchable.

The company makes a very affordable, available men’s product, but one of the more surprising findings on our research was how many male users preferred the women’s product for its superior protection.

When compiling this list of the best shaving cream products, we sought to uncover the best information possible and pass it along to readers.

While some may be skeptical, our research revealed that the best product for head-shaving – and one of the best shaving cream products overall – was the Cremo Astonishingly Superior Shave Cream line.

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One of the more commercially-available best shaving cream products is the Nivefor Men Sensitive Shaving Gel, which is available at most major retail outlets and outperformed other products in its class.

Available for $ USD or less online and at a number of stores, this product compared very favorably to the other specialty creams and lotions on this list.

The gel yields an extra-thick lather and includes a host of skin-friendly ingredients such as chamomile and Vitamin E. These ingredients work to enhance skin quality and reduce razor burn.

The lather does not include any type of dye, and many reviews reported that the gel was exceptionally gentle on the skin. Reviewers also reported that the Nivea for Men Sensitive formula also produced a surprisingly-close, fresh shave.

The product does include a few artificial ingredients, but the stigma that a mass-produced product such as the Nivea for Men Sensitive shave gel can’t compete with specialty products is completely untrue.

The product sells very well, and more importantly, customers are extremely pleased with how gentle the product is on their skin. This Nivea formula is proof that you don’t need to purchase a specialty product for $ or more to get a superior shave.

Given the cost and the availability, the Nivea for Men Sensitive shave gel ranks as one of the best shaving cream products you can pick up for 2019.

Best Shaving Cream Specialty Products

Below are a few additional products worth mentioning. Though these products cater to niche markets, and we feel that they deserve inclusion on our list of the best shaving cream products for 2018.

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Using a traditional cream bowl, the old-style lather works exceptionally well with standard safety razors. The lather is elegant and rich, with delicate notes including amber, lavender, and rosemary. The scent is amazing but masculine, and many users absolutely love it.

The product is best stored at room temperature and after lathering works into a creamy consistency. It also moisturizes and protects the face.

While some prefer the convenience of an aluminum can, we also love the Sandalwood shaving bowl. It allows the shaver to work up a superb lather, and the thick coverage leads to great safety razor shaves.

At just under $ USD, the product is quite affordable, but the one drawback to the product is that the 5.3-ounce container does not have a high yield. People who need to shave frequently may do better with a more cost-effective product.

But otherwise, if you have the time and space and prefer safety razors, we believe that your best bet is the Taylor of Old Bond Street cream bowl.

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Straight-razor shaving requires great finesse, and in most cases, a standard shaving cream from a retail store won’t due.

A product that was frequently mentioned as excellent for straight-razor shaving is the Art of Shaving Cream. Made with Sandalwood essential oil, users can lather up with or without a brush, making the product quite versatile.

Because the product works up to such a perfect lather – perhaps doubly so with the use of a shaving brush – it’s outstanding for those who prefer to take their time with a shave, as straight-razor shavers often do.

The scent is rich and masculine, and like most of the products on this list, the Art of Shaving Cream both
=protects and moisturizes the skin surface, minimizing the nicks and cuts that tend to go with straight-razor shaving.

Though a bit pricey at $ USD, the quality of the Art of Shaving Cream is indisputably high and will likely work very well if you prefer to shave with a straight razor.

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Women tend to have very sensitive skin, and the best shaving cream products for women will need to nourish and moisturize as well as protect skin from razor burn.

A product that is very well-reviewed by women is the EOS Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin.

Many users reported that this product was wonderfully skin-friendly, with a 24-hour protection window. The EOS Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin features a cocktail of natural ingredients meant to enrich skin quality, including Vitamins C and E and shea butter.

Like the Cremo line, the EOS cream rates very highly for limiting nicks and cuts, serving as both a powerful lubricant and protectant.

Buyer’s Guide

In deciding how to rank the products on this list, we sifted through a large number of consumer and professional reviews. Other deciding factors included availability, brand reputation, value, and the quality of the ingredients.

If you are trying to decide which of these products will potentially work best for you, we recommend that you also focus on the factors listed above.

Finding the Best Shaving Cream for Your Personal Needs
It’s our belief that the products on this list represent the best shaving cream lotions and gels available for 2019.

While all of these products are terrific in our opinion, some have facets that certain shavers may prefer or prioritize when selecting their shaving cream.

But the common thread connecting these products is exceptionally high quality. Consumers almost can’t go wrong picking up one of the products on this list. Try one for yourself, and see the difference that one of the best shaving cream products can make for you.

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